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Zomarick Lady Heart of Roses in Adirondac CGN, JH

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Zomarick Lady Heart of Roses in Adirondac CGN, JH
Adirondac Princess Firefly CD SH WCX CCA
Adirondac Cedar Chest of Gold CD RN JH WCX CGC
Adirondac Bulleit Bourbon Whisky SH
Adirondac Artemis SH WCX CGC
MHR HRCH Adirondac Bustd at the Bordr UD MH AXP AJP WCX OS CCA VCX CL3 PK2 PD1
Adirondac Gold Standard CD MH WCX CCA CGC VC OD
Bodhi Sattva Adirondac
Adirondac Prince H.R.H. Charley
Pes Poppyjohn N'Altair
Java Bean Of Adirondac On Howlett Hill Rd
FTCH AFTCH Ritchie's Toronto Bust Am. *** OS CanFDHF
Ritchies Through Grass For Paw MH ***
Ritchie's Quickstart Can MH
Ritchie's Stonehearth Fire
FC FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond Brasdor Skywalker OS Can. FDHF
Cedarpond Alberta Bound Can ***
Cedarpond Gabriel ***
Cedarpond's Fairway Legend **
FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond's R.V. Am *** OS Can. FDHF
Cedarpond Ninja Red *** OS
FTCH Cedarpond's Nike *** Can FDHF
GMHR Cedarpond RockErin Always Redy
FTCH GMHR Cedarpond Rockerin Beabhin *** OD
Tigathoe's Cut of Cedarpond Can ***
Cedarpond Wrassl Tassl Can ***
Cedarpond's Goldenboy Talia
Cedarpond Dash To Ambertrail
Cedarpond's Makwa II Can*** WCX
Cedarpond Blaine Splash Of Gold
Cedarpond Topbrass Canuck WCX JH
Cedarpond's First Power
Cedarpond Midas Dazzling Diana SH, WCX
Cedarpond's Brunswick Mist
Cedarpond Am I Tuff Enuff CanWCX
Gamekeeper's Stormy Emma Can. WCX
Ritchie's Amazing Swamp Collie Can WCX SH
Adirondac Patent Pending CD MH WCX OD
Adirondac Amber Aspengrove CDX MH WCX Can WCI
Adirondac Tahawus Tait CD SH CGC WCX Can WC
Adirondac Mckenzie JH WC CGC
Adirondac Misha'nnock
Duffy Cooper Cunningham
Adirondac Search And Destroy
Adirondac Amber
Adirondac Sunset
FTCH AFTCH Shurmark's Split Decision Am. MH *** OS Can. FDHF
Shurmark's Camelle
Shurmark's Knockem Dead Kid ***
Adirondac Poke-O-Moonshine CDX SH WCX OD
Adirondac Foxfire CDX SH WCX OD
Adirondac Reddog Ruger UD RAE2 SH WCX
Adirondac Taylor Sandy
Adirondac Mountain Magnolia
Adirondac MT Earthquake
All That Adirondac Jazz JH
Adirondac BJ Schroeder CD
SR Highland Hoya MH WCX OS
Highland Kiowa Shooting Star MH *** OD
Highland Takes My Fancy MH WCX ***
Highland Rip Rorin Sooner CD JH WCX
Highland Paper Moon MH WCX **
Highland's Zack Attack
Highland Titian Triton
Highlands Little Miss Zoe
Highland Magistri
Highland Chance Of Flurries CD, NA
MHR Kiowa Kaelan Of Golden Pond MH WCX OS
Kiowa Red Clay RC ***
Kiowa's Gone Again Finnegan
Kiowa's Chickasaw Trace
Kiowa's Bittersweet Bitte
Kiowa's Friday Nite Special
Kiowa's Sadie
Kiowa's Breeze Of Chickasaw MH**
Highland Sunfire Rip Rorin CDX MH WCX OD Can CD WCX
Highland Sunfire Dusty Rose CD
Highland Sunfire Tigger UD JH WCX
WR Adirondac Reddog Juneau CDX MH WCX OD
Porjay's Sydney CDX MH WCX OD
Adirondac Ginger Brandi
Bertram Hunter
FTCH AFTCH Shurmark's Split Decision Am. MH *** OS Can. FDHF
Shurmark's Camelle
Shurmark's Knockem Dead Kid ***
SR Tigathoes Omega CDX JH WC OD
Adirondac Ruby Gold Can CD

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