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Tanbark Tejas Tasmanian Devl OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Tanbark Tejas Tasmanian Devl OD (AKC SM797902/02)
OTCH Tanbark's Solar Eclipse UDX8 JH WC OBHF OS Can. CD (AKC SF-962421)
Tanbark's Fiesty Zack CD (AKC SM797902/01)
Tanbark's Bristol Brandywine CDX TD (AKC SG032513)
Tanbark's Eastern DC-Ten Jet CDX (AKC SF990338)
Tanbarks Legacy of Taliesin CDX (AKC SF996045)
Tanbark's Sixty Six CDX (AKC SF994436)
Tanbark's Punkin of Selfaire (AKC SF983400)
OTCH Shoreland's Big Harry Deal ** OS (AKC SC917586 (8-82))
Shorelands Brandy Wine (AKC SC918614)
Angelic Honey Bear of Marina CD (AKC SC794835)
Shoreland's Beau (AKC SC794470)
Chances R Cool Hand Luke CDX MH OS *** (AKC SC203461 (4-80))
Sun Fire's Dyno Of Chances R OD (AKC SC762099)
Lake Tahoe's Princess OD (AKC SD113312)
Chances R Wizard Of Wonders UD WCX (AKC SC840631)
Bonnie Brook's Mortimer ** (AKC SB607773 (8-75))
Mioak's Ginger *** OD (AKC SB992950)
Bonnie Brook's Kaloni *** (AKC SC264663 (10/1980))
Bonnie Brook's Sam *** (AKC SB413424)
Bonnie Brook's Bojangles *** (AKC SB414588 (9-77))
Bonnie Brook's Bold Charlie (AKC SB712920 03-78)
Bonnie Brook's Archibald (AKC SB836681)
BonnieBrooks Homer ***
Chances R Milady (AKC SB652030)
Shoreland's Somday Shahasta (AKC SC542121 (4-80))
Somday's Rising Sun Fire (AKC SC586402 (6-80))
Somday's Mike
Somday's Tally-O-Tawny UD (AKC SC513269)
FC AFC Tigathoe's Kiowa II OS FDHF (AKC SB045105 (2/74))
Dual CH AFC Tigathoe's Funky Farquar OS DDHF FDHF (AKC SB170187 (6/74))
Tigathoe's Tonka ** (AKC SB017244 (8/1972))
FC AFC Tigathoe's Tonga FDHF (AKC SA928990 (3/75))
FC AFC Tigathoe's Magic Marker OD FDHF (AKC SA916015)
Tigathoes Chippewa (AKC SB151426)
Tigathoe's Jicarilla *** (AKC SB041008)
Tigathoe's Kiowa (F) (AKC SA760338 (10/72))
Tigathoe's Misty Morning *** (AKC SB030200 (6/1979))
Somday's Flyaway Flair WC (AKC SB873519 (12-78))
AFC Wild Fire Of Riverview CDX WCX OS FDHF (AKC SB847272 (2-80))
Riverviews Cockleburr (AKC SB936971 (3-79))
Tanbarks Frisbee Fetcher OD (AKC SE-542288)
OTCH Tanbarks Bristol Creme UDX OBHF (AKC SE531453)
Tanbark's Ante Up Calypso CD TD (AKC SE907766)
OTCH Shoreland's Five Card Draw (AKC SD884639)
Shorelands PDQ OD (AKC SE751729)
Shoreland's A Touch of Class (AKC SD843313)
Shoreland's Top Bar Shannah (AKC SD981272)
OTCH Topbrass Ric O Shay Barty Can CD WCX OS OBHF (AKC SC000913 (11-81))
NAFC FC AFC Topbrass Cotton OS FDHF (AKC SC525135 (12/80))
FC AFC Topbrass Mandy OD FDHF (AKC SC152486 (2/1979))
Topbrass Malcairn's Zephyr UD ** WCX (AKC SC501375)
Topbrass Butter Up (AKC SC707359 (6/1981))
Topbrass Entropy (AKC SD178458)
Topbrass Floating Kelp Bed ** (AKC SC682336)
Topbrass Misdemeanor CD TD (AKC SC028552 (10/79))
Topbrass Markin Masterpiece *** (AKC SB979889)
Topbrass Sugar and Spice UD TDX (AKC SC685463)
Topbrass Custer ** (AKC SB981631)
Topbrass Patriot CDX TDX (AKC SC513919)
Topbrass KC Frontrunner (AKC SC687134)
Topbrass Kinetic Kelly (AKC SB977915 (12-82))
Topbrass Sammamish Slew OD (AKC SC589823)
Topbrass Apple Of My Eye CD (AKC SC714840)
Topbrass Taco Belle (AKC SC933339)
Topbrass War Cloud (AKC SC677490)
Topbrass Yogi Bear CD (AKC SC709172)
Topbrass Tahi Choki (AKC SC982096 (9/1982))
Topbrass Win Of Fox Creek WC (AKC SC491620 (6-81))
Topbrass Katy (AKC SD312145 (6-82))
Topbrass Blazen Baron ** (AKC SC683726)
Shoreland's Xanadu CD (AKC SD192417)
Vans Dixie III (AKC SD002620 10-83)
Lady Casandra of Shoreland (AKC SD069666)
OTCH Duster's Amber Starburst OD OBHF (AKC SD700367)
Ballintra's Four On The Floor CDX OD (AKC SD612595)
OTCH A Case of Love OBHF (AKC SD-890855)
Duster's Little Dust Buster UD (AKC SD640812)
CH OTCH Meadowpond Dust Commander OBHF OS (AKC SB926716 (5/79))
Karagolds Gandy Dancer CDX (AKC SB807164 (4/1979))
OTCH Karagold's Magic Marker (AKC SC523374 (5/1981))
Am./Can. CH. Rusty Of Golden Shores (AKC SB-167891)
Brigadoon's Highland Heather CD (AKC SB-155513)
Karagold's T'Kalis Star (AKC SC243215)
Meadowpond's Goldnugget UD (AKC SB791674 (12/77))
Tobias of Karagold (AKC SB773687 (12-82))
Lake Tahoe's Princess OD (AKC SD113312)
Chances R Cool Hand Luke CDX MH OS *** (AKC SC203461 (4-80))
Sun Fire's Dyno Of Chances R OD (AKC SC762099)
Chances R Wizard Of Wonders UD WCX (AKC SC840631)

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