Golden Retriever

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Collina's Liz

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Collina's Liz (AKC S541434 (6/1955))
Golden Rust Hanklovitch (AKC S334925 (1/1950))
Jezebel Lee (AKC S255972 (02/49))
Sunny's Golden Boy (AKC S265990 (3/49))
Almour's Golden Nuggett (AKC S246411 (1/1949))
Fairhaven Rusty (AKC S148826 (1/1948))
Fairhaven Sandy (AKC A747291 (7/1944))
Fairhaven Rip (AKC S235628 (11/48))
Can. CH. Gilnockie Bingo (AKC A241936 (6/1938))
Gilnockie Coquette OD (AKC A241931 (6/1938))
Gilnockie Annabelle (AKC A241930 (6/1938))
Gilnockie Beppo (AKC A241937 (6/1938))
Can. CH. Gilnockie Patience (AKC A241933 (6/1938))
Gilnockie Annette (AKC A241929 (6/1938))
Gilnockie Margie (AKC A241932 (6/1938))
Gilnockie Roberta (AKC A241934 (6/1938))
Gilnockie Virginia (AKC A241935 (6/1938))
Sally Ann of Roedare
Duchess of Roedare (AKC A927102 (2/1946))
Rip's Golden Sunbeam *** (AKC A-874380)
Fort Knox (AKC A817351 (6/1945))
Michael Of Goldie-Land (AKC A707940 (1/1944))
Mueller's Sandy K (AKC A771794 (11/1944))
Mueller's Sir George ** (AKC A824875 (7/1945))
Tops Of Happy Acres (AKC A789328 (2/1945))
Mueller's Golden Echo (AKC A833969 (8/1945))
Sonny Boy (A838080) (AKC A838080 (8/1945))
Beavertail Gip ** (AKC A543938 (2/1942))
Beavertail Sandy (A529408) (AKC A529408 (12/1941))
Beavertail Susie (AKC A-862469)
Beavertail Daniel Boone (AKC A520463 (11/1941))
Beavertail Niobe (AKC A520462 (11/1941))
Beavertail Sir Haw Chumbley (AKC A520464 (11/1941))
Beavertail Bonnie
Glittering Gold's Bright (AKC A419645 (9/1940))
Twenty Karat (AKC A448863 (1/1941))
Glittering Gold's Queen (AKC A470077 (4/1941))
Hampton's Goldielocks (AKC A481405 (5/1941))
Lady Candice (AKC S220084)

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