Golden Retriever

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Sandy Of Maple Grove

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Sandy Of Maple Grove (AKC SA447012 (5/1967))
Golden Hanki Panki (AKC SA460963 (10-71))
Rex King Oliver (AKC SA324096 (3/66))
Ted-a-Bar (AKC SA016567 (3/61))
Fibber's Golden Duke (AKC S727677 (6/59))
Gypsy's Golden Jewel (AKC S837992 (8/1958))
Gypsy's Golden Betsy (AKC S905055 (12/58))
Pat's Penelope Sue (AKC S881770 (6/59))
Ginger Rae (AKC SA157008 (2/63))
Penny's Buff (AKC S816744 (2/59))
Ginger Rae (AKC SA157008 (2/63))
Penny's Buff (AKC S816744 (2/59))
Pat's Penelope Sue (AKC S881770 (6/59))
Buff II (AKC S418836 (1/51))
Golden Prince Caleb (AKC S456359 (7-51))
Rival (S418837) (AKC S418837 (1/51))
Rex III (AKC S470723 (10/51))
Rusty XX (S465675) (AKC S465675 (9/51))
Golden Kip (AKC S444164 (5/51))
Kraft King (AKC S480446 (11/51))
Penny's Patricia Ann (AKC S807133 (10/56))
Stilrovin Haidee Smith (AKC SA141849 (3/66))
Stilrovin Hiyu O'Brien (AKC SA151468 (1/68))
Stilrovin Rex Reilly * (AKC SA207550 (8/1964))
Kurth's Super-Jet (AKC SA191390 9/63,11/74)
Stilrovin Target Of Goldwood *** (AKC SA156468 (6/65))
Stilrovin Field Colonel UDT (AKC SA-139157)
Stilrovin Cinch Rafferty (AKC SA134005)
Driver's King-Go-Rex * (AKC S-957247 (12-61))
Stilrovin The Duke (AKC S650349 (4/1957))
Stilrovin Spray O'Hara (AKC S571552 (3/1968))
Stilrovin Lynx Ginger (AKC S545412 (12/1953))
Stilrovin Colonel Corkrin (AKC S569982 (4/1956))
Stilrovin Ermine ** (AKC S584037)
Rusty Of Marinoka (AKC S937732 (12/58))
Stilrovin Delta Index (AKC S998198 05-62)
Stilrovin Kathy-K OD *** (AKC S924591 (12-61))
Stilrovin Slip McCabe *** (AKC SA036377 (6/63))
FC AFC FTCH Stilrovin Tuppee Tee FDHF (AKC S978112 (3/1962))
FC AFC Stilrovin Luke Adew FDHF (AKC S0951922 (6/1961))
FC AFC Stilrovin Savannah Gay FDHF (AKC SA-44248)
Stilrovin Far Daw WC (AKC SA069714 (3/63))
Stilrovin Whitey Barker (AKC SA057620 (5/64))
Stilrovin Jersey Brown ** (AKC SA-045808 (10/63))
Stilrovin Hody Hall (AKC SA036378 (3/67))
Stilrovin Shantytown (AKC S-929090)
Stilrovin Doristown (AKC S926920 (4/61))
Stilrovin Bearcat OS (AKC S857475 (8-58))
Pink Lady of Audlon ** OD (AKC S571001 (12/1953))
Nilo Nathaniel (AKC S520555 (8/55))
Rushmore's Golden Arrow *** (AKC S499378 (3/1952))
Flip Of Audlon (AKC S487061 (1/1952))
Hot Chili Of Audlon (AKC S487011 (1/1952))

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