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Laurell's Fallen Angel OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Laurell's Fallen Angel OD (AKC SM98712302)
Am/Can CH Laurell's Man For All Angels OS (AKC SM987123/03)
Am. CH. Laurell's Walks Like A Angel SDHF (AKC SM98712301)
BIS Am. CH Laurell's Los Angel Ease OS SDHF (AKC SM987123/05)
CH Laurell's Angel On My Mind (AKC SM987123/08)
CH Laurell Til Hells Frozen Over CD MH WCX VCX (AKC SN12919004)
Am. CH. Laurell's Frozen Image (AKC SN12919002)
CH Laurell's Frozen Yogurt (AKC SN12919003 (12-97))
Am. CH. Laurell's Michael Angel-O (AKC SM98712307)
Am CH. Laurell's Cause For Applause OS SDHF (AKC SE770248 (12/88))
Laurell With Banners Waving UD AX (AKC SE952273)
Laurell's Rave Review (AKC SE-770246)
Am. Ch. Laurell's Three Cheers (AKC SE733255)
Am. Ch. Laurell's With A Victory Yell (AKC SE966969)
Laurell's With A Hearty Cheer (AKC SE-966971)
Laurell's With Ablaze Of Glory (AKC SF-035314)
Laurell's With Oliver's Song (AKC SE-950580)
Laurells With Flying Colors (AKC SE-974457)
Laurell's Celebration Heart (AKC SF-044171)
Am/Can CH. Freedom's Celebration OS (AKC SD317027 (4-83))
AmCH Freedom's Celebrity Cowboy (AKC SD349246 (9-85))
Freedom's Cream O' The Crop UD (AKC SD-246265)
Am. CH Freedom's Cimaron Sage (AKC SD-382610)
Freedom's Coriolanus (AKC SD325328)
BIS Am. CH Gold Coast Here Comes The Sun CD OS SDHF (AKC SB981196 (4/78))
Gold Coast's Golden Sandstorm CD (Am. ptd.) (AKC SC020147)
Gold Coast's Morning Mist
Am. CH Laurell's Xpectations OD (AKC SC386946 (11/81))
Laurell Xmas Joy To Shamonoff CDX WCX (AKC SC365327 (11-80))
Laurell's Xquisite Contender Am./Can. CD (AKC SC339724)
Laurells Xclusively Caroman (AKC SC313295)
Am. CH. Laurell's Scarlett O'Beara OD SDHF (AKC SD317831 (8/1984))
Laurell's Amelia Bearhart CD (AKC SD257807 (7-83))
Laurell's Bad News Bear (AKC SD-125427)
Laurell's Amiable Bear (AKC SD-284067)
Laurell's Hobson Flying Bear (AKC SD-574435)
Laurell's Yats-A-Bear Of JJ (AKC SD-077932)
Am CH Goldwing True Bear OS SDHF (AKC SC407652 (8/79))
Am. CH. Goldwing Blues Boy UD WC VCX OS SDHF (AKC SC995325 (1/82))
Am CH Goldwing Gold-Rush Dream We'vr (AKC SC968428 (12-82))
Am Can Bah CH Goldwing Le Cordon Bleu CD WCX SDHF (AKC SC845260 (7-82))
Am CH Goldwing True Blue CD TD WC (AKC SC418223)
Am CH Goldwing Blue's Serenade (AKC SC980197)
Goldwing's Copper Lee Anne (AKC SC869961)
Goldwing's Mellow Yellow (AKC SD468560)
AM CH Goldwing Ruf Ryder of Sarrin TD (AKC SC930739)
Am Ch Laurell Yats Of Luck OD (AKC SC483831 (1/80))
Am. CH Laurell's Yellow Jacket OD (AKC SC517104)
Can/Am CH Laurell's York OS (AKC SC450576 (12-79))
AM CH Laurell's Yasmine Of Jenesi (AKC SC405383)
AM CH Laurell's Yolanda CD (AKC SC483830)
Am CH Laurell's Yours Truly (AKC SC513567)
Laurell's Yankee Doodle (AKC SC-415820)
Laurell's Y Not Gamble (AKC SC-337707)
Laurell's Yosemite (AKC SC-368527)
Laurell's Tambora (AKC SD144009 (1/83))
Am CH Laurell's Popocatepetl TD (AKC SC904324)
Laurell's Hill Top Krakatola UD (AKC SC890745)
Am CH Aspenglo Angel Fire OD SDHF (AKC SF135911)
Am. CH. Aspenglo Telluride OS SDHF (AKC SF135692 (3-90))
Am. CH Aspenglo Denali (AKC SF700280)
Am. CH Aspenslo Yellow Stone CD (AKC SF759341)
Am. CH Aspenglo Deer Valley UD (AKC SF164691)
Am. CH Aspenglo Beech Comber (AKC SF156028)
Am. CH Aspenglo Sunlite Summit (AKC SF-188009)
Am. CH Aspenglo Prevailing Wind SDHF (AKC SF190809)
Aspenglo Hunter Mountain (AKC SF213272)
Jap?CH Aspenglo Everglades (AKC SF720061)
BISS Am CH Asterling Go Getm Gangbuster OS SDHF (AKC SE219851 (5/87))
Am CH Asterling's Buster Keaton OS (AKC SE372337 (11/86))
Am CH Asterlings Stardust Buster OD (AKC SE241705)
Am CH Asterling's Just Buster Loose CD OD (AKC SE237198 (12/87))
Am./Can. CH. Asterlings Ghostbuster (AKC SE227965)
Am. CH Asterling's Trust Buster CD (AKC SE-239985)
Am. CH Asterlings Filly Buster (AKC SE-325955)
Am CH Birnam Wood's Mountin' Ash OS (AKC SD301349 (5/83))
Am Ch. Birnam Wood's Douglas Furr OS (AKC SD391402 (4-83))
Am. CH Birnam Wood Keweenaw Sequoia (AKC SD302228)
Birnam Wood's Liquid Amber (AKC SD-278481)
Birnam Wood Buckthorn Banner (AKC SD304624)
BIS BISS Am Can CH Amberac's Asterling Aruba OD SDHF (AKC SC823175 (9/81))
Amberac's Solidago Jake CDX TD (AKC SC-742568)
Amberac Charles Golden Amber UD (AKC SC-743277)
Amberac Cody Of Willow Acres (AKC SC752173 (01-81))
Am Ch Aspenglo's Coors Lite Delite OD SDHF (AKC SE322181 (6-88))
Am CH Aspenglo's Guiness Stout Lad (AKC SE-443300)
Aspenglo's Anheuser-Bushwack (AKC SE322182)
Aspenglo's St Pauli Girl (AKC SE527545)
CH Aspenglo's Sir Buddy Weizer (AKC SE360967 (4-88))
Am. CH. Laurell's Brodie Mountain (AKC SD679267 (3-85))
Laurell's Winterset (AKC SD668872 (12/85))
Laurell Jayba's Cascade (AKC SD651136 (4-85))
Laurell's Tamarron CD (AKC SD666639 (6/86))
Am Ch Sutter Creek Laurell Ruffian CD OD SDHF (AKC SC926827)
Am. CH. Laurell's Golden Oaks Nashua CD WCX (AKC SC796939 (3-81))
Am/Can CH Laurell's Secretariat (AKC SC868309)
Laurell's Riva Ridge (AKC SC868308)
Am CH Laurell's Whirlaway (AKC SC868311)
Am CH Laurell's Seattle Slew (AKC SC868310)
Laurell's Tim Tam Brandywood (AKC SC769411)

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