Golden Retriever

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Neversink's Road To Belvedere MH RN, CCA Am/Can *** , TA,VCX OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Neversink's Road To Belvedere MH RN, CCA Am/Can *** , TA,VCX OS (OFA GR-95833G36M-VPI)
Dodger Blue Of Belvedere
Isabella Of Belvedere
Casey Lou Of Belvedere JH
Annabelle Of Belvedere
Pine Run's Top Gun CD MH WCX *** OS (OFA GR-40885G25M-T)
Pine Run's Some Buddy MH ** (OFA Mod HD 25 mos)
Pine Run's Jester UD (OFA GR-41238G26F)
Pine Run's Rebel Gage CD JH WC (OFA Moderate HD 25 mos)
Pine Run Smart Alec CD JH WCX (OFA GR-42373F30M)
Pine Run's Lovin' Feeling
Pine Run's Magical Merlin (Mild HD 43 mos (right hip))
Pine Run's Intimidator (OFA GR-46494G42M)
Pine Run Great Balls O'Fire
Pine Run's Mother Goose (OFA Moderate HD 25 mos)
J P Shamus UD SH WCX ** (OFA GR 17140)
Golden Toby's Fletcher
Sundance Of Megan
Rusty Barrs' Delight
Pine Run Brandywine Cooler WC OD (OFA GR-32538G46F)
Pine Run Kayaker's Companion CDX JH WC (OFA GR33282G48M)
Pine Run's End of the Rainbow CD JH WCX (OFA GR-27970G26M-T)
Pine Run Cracklin Kiowa Storm CDX JH WCX (OFA GR 25340F31M)
Pine Run's Jesse
Pine Run Cracklin Cheyenne CD (OFA GR-23817G24F)
Pine Run's Golden Sunrise
Pine Run's Golden Snapper
Pine Run's Cracklin' Sundown
Pine Run Cracklin Sun Spirit (OFA Mild dys-25mos)
Pine Run's Prestidigitation (OFA GR-18356-T Good)
Pine Run's Coppertone CD WC (OFA GR20977 Good)
Pine Run's Golden Rugby (OFA GR18652 Good)
Pine Run's Lord Chesterfield
Pine Run's Kaley
Pine Run's Margot
Pine Run's Second Sight Digger (OFA GR-18317 Good)
Amber's Gemstone of Belvedere JH (OFA GR-74215F24F-NOPI)
Belvedere's Duke Of Braden MH (OFA GR-77622G35M-PI)
Belvedere's Go The Distance
Belvedere's Triple Threat *** MH WCX OS (OFA GR-67793G25M-T)
Belvedere Everready and Abel WC OS
Belvedere Forever Raisn'cain *** OS (OFA GR-52740G26M)
Kiss Me Kate of Belvedere CD OA
Belvedere's Rosemary
Belvedere's Lady Diana SH
Belvedere Encore of Rocky-Vue *** (OFA GR-62795E48F-T)
Belvedere Bravo of Rocky Vue *** (OFA GR-65292E46M)
Kyrie Belvedere Gale Wind JH (OFA GR-50643F30F)
U-AGI Belvedere Morning Wood Kyrie NA NAP NAJ OJP TDI
UKC Ch. Kyrie Tycho Belvedere (OFA GR-56441G34F-T)
Kyrie Mumiah of Belvedere JH (OFA GR52766G24F)
Kyrie Belvedere All Aboard UD, MX, OAJ
Belvedere's Windstorm O'Kyrie WC
Kyrie Belvedere A'Trillium TD
Kyrie Belvedere A Capella
Kyrie Belvedere A'Bien
Kyrie-Belvedere Ard Rowan (OFA GR-50978G32M)
Kyrie Belvedere Aberdeen (OFA GR-50979G32F)
Belvedere Kyrie Cibola's Ben
Belvedere's Absolute MH WCX ** OD (OFA GR-62041G27F)
Golden Loch Belvedere Bracken ** MH WCX OS (OFA GR-70915G54M-PI)
Belvedere's Back to Basics (OFA GR-61048F24M)
Sky-Lab Argus of Belvedere *** OS (OFA GR-8792)
Skylab Special Edition ***
Falcon Lake Golden Skywalker
Sky-Lab's Kate Kan-Do CD, WC (OFA GR-8978-T)
Sky-Lab Chip UD WCX (OFA GR-12999)
Terraqua's Skylab Sally Forth WCX (OFA GR-9165)
Skylab's Angel Cloudfeather (OFA GR-12998)
Sky-Lab Solitaire (OFA GR-15809)
Splashdown Sky-Lab Starfire (OFA GR-11678)
Barty's Golden Dancer ***
Sky Lab Sully (OFA GR-15673)
Splashdown Sky-Lab Syndicate *** (OFA GR-8785)
Sky-Lab Belvedere's Baby Doll *** OD (OFA GR-10500-T)
Belvedere's Choralette *** MH WCX OD (OFA GR-33206G25F)
Belvedere's Ring Of Fire MH

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