Golden Retriever

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Oliver Twist Of Tuckluck

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Oliver Twist Of Tuckluck
Bill Mack
Grand Oaks Wing Of Gold
Allimikup Of Roehampton
Star De Oro
FC AFC Rocky Mack FDHF
Iggie Of Tender Achers
Simba Mack
Roselee (S579813)
FC AFC Oakcreek's Sir Dorchester OS FDHF
Oakcreek's Golden Duke
Oakcreek's Golden Mu
Oakcreek's Grand Mu
Oakcreek's Omicron
Oakcreek's Iota
Toby of Yelme OS
Spar of Yelme
Later of Yelme
Ready of Yelme
Quip of Yelme
Grace of Yelme
Smudge of Yelme
Oakcreek's Lady Amber OD
Lenclar Glamazon Girl
Oakcreek's Celestial Queen
Beavertail Nugget
Lenclar Dynamite
Mueller's Golden Girl Kay
Beavertail Sally
Suds Of Mattapan CD
Mueller's Rusty Boy
Oakcreek's Nitro Tuck
Butler's Beauty
Lenclar Penny
Mueller's Gold
Pigeon River Mike
Beavertail Speedwell
Oakcreek's Eastlane Belle
Oakcreek's Golden Sunshine II
Oakcreek's Golden Russet
Oakcreek's Bess
Oakcreek's Piorett
Oakcreek's Beth
Oakcreek's Captain
Oakcreek's General
Oakcreek's Jean Of Taramar
Oakcreek's Lieutenant
Oakcreek's Lieutenant II
Oakcreek's Sergeant
Oakcreek's Golden Michael
Oakcreek's Golden Pluto
Oakcreek's Golden Tuck
Victorious of Roedare OS
FC Golden Beauty Of Roedare OD
FC Patricia of Roedare
Diana of Roedare
Judy of Tuckluck ***
Mae Of Lynnwood
Jerry Of Tuckluck
Bloomer Girl
Patricia Of Stonegate
Peter Of Stonegate
Sherry Of Stonegate
Tula Kotikov Of Tuckluck
Sue of Vegas
Boulder Of Vegas
Oakcreek's St. Reeve
Oakcreek's St Carey
Oakcreek's St Donovan
Oakcreek's St Glen
Oakcreek's St Powell
Oakcreek's Golden Storm
Roedare's Goldwood Tuck
Lady of Loch Wood
Almarie's Wing Belle
Queenie of Lochwood
Dawn From Lakeline
Topper Of Loch Wood
Flame Of The Pines
Cutie Of Loch Wood
Dixie Bell Of Barker's Bend
Tiny Of Loch Wood
Golden Lady XVI
Taffy O'Dee Graham
Dixie Belle Of Barker's Bend
Oakcreek's Marie
Oakcreeks Candy CDX
Oakcreek's Comet
Oakcreek's Binns
Oakcreek's Boyer
Oakcreek's Brewster
Oakcreek's Ethon
Oakcreek's Gill
Oakcreek's Kirwan
Oakcreek's Myra
Oakcreek's Jupiter
Oakcreek's Jupiter II
Oakcreek's Pilot
Vegas Lady
Honey Ripple
Amber II Of Rancho Viejo
Laddie Vegas
Toby of Yelme OS
Spar of Yelme
Later of Yelme
Ready of Yelme
Quip of Yelme
Grace of Yelme
Smudge of Yelme
Lassie Vegas
Whitecap O'Brien
Rusty Ripple
Oro De Cuervo

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