Golden Retriever

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Lucy III

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Lucy III (AKC SA932238 (11/71))
Lopp's Golden Rusty (AKC SA569838 (11/70))
Jilrovin's Kimberly Ann (AKC SA683894 (12/69))
Holst's Big Shot (AKC SA435138 (9/67))
Miss Midge (AKC SA393907 (1/68))
Cashadew (SA241742) (AKC SA241742 (6/1966))
Jill's Jill-A-Dew (AKC SA271658 (12/64))
FC AFC Stilrovin Luke Adew FDHF (AKC S0951922 (6/1961))
Stilrovin Kathy-K OD *** (AKC S924591 (12-61))
Stilrovin Slip McCabe *** (AKC SA036377 (6/63))
FC AFC FTCH Stilrovin Tuppee Tee FDHF (AKC S978112 (3/1962))
FC AFC Stilrovin Savannah Gay FDHF (AKC SA-44248)
Stilrovin Far Daw WC (AKC SA069714 (3/63))
Stilrovin Whitey Barker (AKC SA057620 (5/64))
Stilrovin Jersey Brown ** (AKC SA-045808 (10/63))
Stilrovin Delta Index (AKC S998198 05-62)
Stilrovin Hody Hall (AKC SA036378 (3/67))
Stilrovin Shantytown (AKC S-929090)
Stilrovin Doristown (AKC S926920 (4/61))
Aalii Golden Memory (AKC S828372 (2/1958))
Aalii Topper CDX (AKC S800390 (2/1961))
Lucky Ike (AKC S816613 (2/58))
Holst's Golden Tammy (AKC SA194423 (12/1963))
Kim Of Black Springs (AKC SA243962 (9/1965))
Barbos Lady Buff (AKC SA261824 (1/1966))
Stoney the Nipper (AKC SA194707 (10/1965))
The Golden Sea Mist (AKC SA342736 (1/67))
Jacqueline Golden Bird (AKC SA138939 (4/64))
Eric Douglas Bird (AKC S992209 (9/61))
Golden Blossom (AKC SA037665 (4/1963))
Dusty Lady Of Sky-Blue Waters (AKC S919783 (5/1961))
Al-Fran's Goldi-Floss (AKC S919784 (5/1960))
Kid Of Peter Pan (AKC S922135 (8/59))
Provencal Brandy ** (AKC SA186815)
The Golden Nipper (AKC SA072577 07-62)
Holst's Golden Floss (AKC SA057429 (1/1961))
Am. CH. Stormy Little Hawk CD (AKC SA049014 (10-63))
Golden Hawkeye Lady (AKC SA085901 (9-61))
Lucre's Happy Hawk (AKC SA034407 (1/61))
Lucre The Hawk ** (AKC S805129 (12/1959))
Hawkeye Nugget (AKC S754899 (8/56))
Lady of Roedare II (AKC S459260 (8/51))
Dyna-Mike (AKC S396449 (10/1950))
Red Mike Of Bryn Mawr (AKC S393636 (9/1950))
Jeffrey's Pride (S396879) (AKC S396879 (10/50))
Silver Creek Ginger (AKC S396878 (10/50))
Ginger Dare (S403927) (AKC S403927 (11/50))
Roedare Clipper (AKC S406488 (11/50))
Gingie Barger (AKC S452652 (7/51))
Clipper Roedare (AKC S487983 (1/52))
Aalii Golden Memory (AKC S828372 (2/1958))
Aalii Topper CDX (AKC S800390 (2/1961))
Lucky Ike (AKC S816613 (2/58))
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Highlight CD (AKC S-567135 (8/1956))
Aalii Carlita (AKC S697222 (8/1956))
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Trail Blazer CD (AKC S-697221)
Golden Acres Peter Pan
Golden Acres Amber Lassie (AKC S732833)
Golden Acres Theodore **

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