Golden Retriever

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Princess Pat Of Los Altos OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Princess Pat Of Los Altos OD (AKC S710032 (2/58))
Queen Ann's Golden Ruff (AKC S710028 (4/58))
Jupe's California Pappy (AKC S710026 (12/56))
Golden Ballerina Of Los Altos (AKC S710031 (6/1958))
Queen Ann's Golden Buff (AKC S710028 (4/58))
Am. CH. Oakwin Junior OS (AKC S570750 (9/1953))
Eng. CH. Oakwin Gentle Maid
Oakwin Jennifer (Other KCSB 784AK)
Oakwin King Lassie
Oakwin Jason
Major Rusty
Oakwin Major (2228AF)
Gorsewood Crofter
Torrdale Annabell
Oakwin Bess
Rossbourne Quicksilver (222AFX)
Rossbourne Unique (m)
Palatyne Leo
Quicksilver (dau of Stubbings Golden Chilperic)
Queen Ann II (AKC S672500 (6/1955))
Turkey Burke Hanna (AKC S677697 (8/56))
Queen Aran II (AKC S672500 (6/55))
Shur Shot's Good As Gold (AKC S439424 (5/1951))
Am. CH. Shur Shot's Lassie OD (AKC S439422 (5/51))
Am. CH. Shur Shot's Heart Of Gold UD (AKC S439420 (5/51))
Shur Shot's Hi Caliber CDX (AKC S439435 (5/51))
Flare's Camino Oro (AKC S456389 (7/1951))
Shur Shot's Lady Pamela (AKC S439423 (5/1951))
Flare's Captain Oakes (AKC S439425 (5/51))
Flare's Golden Rocket (AKC S439421 (5/51))
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Shur Shot CD OS SDHF (AKC S230864 (11/48))
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Lady Belle (AKC S230868 (11/48))
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Ballerina CD OD (AKC S-239866)
Golden Knoll's Flyer (AKC S230863 (11/48))
Stonybank Pat (AKC S240050 (12/1948))
Golden Knoll's Suzanne (AKC S230867 (11/1948))
Golden Knoll's Roxie (AKC S230865 (11/1948))
Golden Knoll's Defender (AKC S230861 (11/48))
Golden Knoll Lady Rickey (AKC S230869 (11/48))
Stonybank Mike (AKC S240049 (12/1948))
AmCH Des Lac Lassie II OD (AKC S137859 (11/1947))
Des Lacs Lassie's Sugar Plum (AKC S573227 (3/1953))
Des Lac's Carat ** (AKC S536511 (12/54))
AmCH Des Lacs Goldie CD ** OD (AKC S137860 (11/1947))
Des Lacs Fancheon (AKC S509682)
AmCH Des Lacs Golden Babe (AKC S137861 (11/1947))
AmCH Des Lacs Golden Fire (AKC S137864 (11/1947))
AmCH Des Lacs Golden Flame (AKC S137865 (11/1947))
AmCH Des Lacs Golden Flyer (AKC S137866 (11/1947))
Des Lacs Deuce of Mermaid (AKC S544481 (8/1955))
Des Lacs Golden Sally (AKC S509681 (5/52))
Des Lacs Lassie's Angel (AKC S573226 (6/1955))
Des Lacs Ace Of Mermaid (AKC S544480 (6/1953))
Des Lacs Golden Dawn
Des Lacs Golden Streak (AKC S137863 (11/47))
Des Lacs Rex (AKC S137857 (11/47))
Des Lacs Sunny Boy (AKC S137858 (11/47))
Des Lacs Judge Of Kingswere (AKC S509342 (5/52))
Golden Knoll's Tanya (AKC S452508 (7/1951))
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Tonka CD (AKC S452501 (7/1951))
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Sir Echo (AKC S452504 (7/1951))
Am. CH. Golden Knoll's Echo (AKC S452507 (7/1951))
Golden Knoll's Sunbeau (AKC S452506 (7/1951))
Golden Knoll's Alicia (AKC S452509 (7/1951))
Golden Knoll's Bronze Bing (AKC S452502 (7/1951))
Golden Knoll's Carla (AKC S452510 (7/1951))
Golden Knoll's Cindy (AKC S452512 (7/1951))
Golden Knoll's Goldmark (AKC S452505 (7/1951))
Golden Knoll's Jennifer (AKC S452511 (7/1951))
Golden Knoll's King George II (AKC S452503 (7/1951))
Am. CH. Tonkahof Kelly (AKC S093976 (6/47))
Tonkahof Kilroy (AKC S-093977)
Tonkahof Electra (AKC A793601 (2/1945))
Am. Dual CH. Tonkahof Esther Belle (AKC A793606 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Gail ** (AKC S012429 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Empress (AKC A793603 (2/1945))
Tonkahof General (AKC S012426 (7/1046))
Tonkahof Ginger CD (AKC S012430 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Go Bang (AKC S012427 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Golden Boy (AKC S012428 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Golden Girl (AKC S012425 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Goldilocks (AKC S012431 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Echo (AKC A793600 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Emblem (AKC A793602 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Encore (AKC A793604 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Ensign (AKC A793605 (2/1945))
Am. CH. R. R. Echo V OD (AKC S075685 (4/1947))
R R Ginger II (AKC S075686 (4/1947))
RR Pal (AKC A980129 (4/46))
RR Buccaneer (AKC A980128 (4/46))
RR Comet (AKC A980133 (4/46))
RR Kay (AKC A980134 (4/46))
RR Laddie (AKC A980130 (4/46))
RR Penny II (AKC A980131 (4/46))
RR Skipper (AKC A980132 (4/46))
R.R. Boots III (AKC S075683 (4/1947))
R. R. Dixie II (AKC S075684 (4/1947))
R. R. Kay II (AKC S075687 (4/1947))
R. R. Nip II (AKC S075688 (4/1947))
R. R. Nugget III (AKC S075689 (4/1947))
R. R. Rival V (AKC S075690 (4/1947))
R. R. Stardust IV (AKC S075691 (4/1947))
R. R. Tuck (AKC S075692 (4/1947))

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