Golden Retriever

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Greenmeadow's Over The Limit

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Greenmeadow's Over The Limit
Maxhaven's Captain Kate JH WC
Greenmeadows Capt N Jack
Autumn's Artist Rafael
Topper's Maximillion
SHR Captain Samual To The Max JH, CGC
Shake 'N Jake Steele
Modica's Luigi
Sidekick Sadie The Hunting Lady
SHR Crimson Zest To The Max
Rogers Bodhi
Spicey Red Hot Cimmaron Zoe
Herringer's Maggie May
Nelson's Ruby JH
Maxhaven Golden Tess
Mac McGrane
Ellie Hosek
Maxhaven's General Jackson **
Maxhaven's Daddy Warbucks
Maxi's Dixieland Delight
Maxhaven Red October
Maxhaven's Untouchable Drake
Maxhaven's Mellow Golden Brie
Maxhaven's Captain Kidd
Tiger in the Woods
Mackie (SR29069306)
Counterpoints Captain MH WCX OS CGC
C-Point's Callback Cheela Am MH Can WCX JH
Counterpoint Full O'Blarney JH, WCX
Erinhills Fly The Bunker CanSH Am**
CFTCH Erinhills Rug Cutter *** FDHF
Erinhills Sidewinder **
Erinhills Copper of Goldendale
Erinhill's Abbey Road
FC AFC Tangelo's Side Kick OS FDHF
FTCH AFTCH Erinhills Nellie O'Sky **
Jaybar's Unsinkable MH ***
Topbrass Cooper Smith UDX JH NA NAJ WC
Jaybar Golden Cassie
Huntrails Tuffy
Hi-Hope's Ginger Brandy CD WCX *** OD
Hi-Hopes Showboat Dancer CanCD
Topbrass Take It To The Max JH CGC
Topbrass Teal II SH
Topbrass Acadian Summer
Ram River Palomine Can ***
FTCH AFTCH RamRiver's Big Country Flyer Can. WCX MH FDHF
Ram River Alberta Rose CanWC
Ram River Ossa
Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS
Sky Hi Cotton Sage
Ronakers Cotton Candy WCX ***
Peanut Brittle V Am/Can *** OD
SR Topbrass Toast To Emma JH WCX
Topbrass Rita D Riot MH ** OD
Topbrass Cotton's Rocket SH
Topbrass Double Bock CDX JH NAJ OA
FC FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond Brasdor Skywalker OS Can. FDHF
Cedarpond Alberta Bound Can ***
Cedarpond Gabriel ***
Cedarpond's Fairway Legend **
FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond's R.V. Am *** OS Can. FDHF
Cedarpond Ninja Red *** OS
FTCH Cedarpond's Nike *** Can FDHF
GMHR Cedarpond RockErin Always Redy
FTCH GMHR Cedarpond Rockerin Beabhin *** OD
Tigathoe's Cut of Cedarpond Can ***
Cedarpond Wrassl Tassl Can ***
Cedarpond's Goldenboy Talia
Cedarpond Dash To Ambertrail
Cedarpond's Makwa II Can*** WCX
Cedarpond Blaine Splash Of Gold
Cedarpond Topbrass Canuck WCX JH
Cedarpond's First Power
Cedarpond Midas Dazzling Diana SH, WCX
Cedarpond's Brunswick Mist
Cedarpond Am I Tuff Enuff CanWCX
Hillviews Ready To Smoke OD

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