Golden Retriever

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HRCH Rippling Run GoodGolly Molly MH UD WCX OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

HRCH Rippling Run GoodGolly Molly MH UD WCX OD (OFA GR-73337G27F-PI)
MHR HRCH UH Merrymeeting Allium CD MH
Rippling Run Honey's Rowdy SH WCX (OFA GR-72566F24F-PI)
Rippling Run Moon Rock AX AXJ
HRCH UH Rippling Run Sweetwater Riley
Rowdy too
Rippling Run Feather Finder (OFA GR-81083F53F-PI)
Rippling Run's Rowdy
Emberain Better Believe It MH *** WCX OS (OFA GR-50437F88M)
Emberain Pine Run's Phoenix WC (OFA GR 33927G28F-T)
Tangelo's Golden Boy Emberain ***
Emberain Autumn Kunung'unika JH (OFA GR-32819E24F)
Emberain Windjam'n Agassiz CD (OFA GR-29371F25F)
Emberain Golden Shane (OFA GR-30352G28F)
Emberain Quackers At Dawn CD (OFA GR-28862F24F)
Perseverance Of Emberain (OFA GR-29771F54F)
FC AFC Tangelo's Side Kick OS FDHF (OFA GR 15144)
Sungold Sand Kicker *** (OFA GR 6206)
Sungold Sand Pebbles (OFA GR-8483)
Sun Gold of Fox Creek (OFA GR-6469)
Troymar Shasta Spring WCX (OFA GR 9633)
Caernac's Troymar Blair Galen CD *** (OFA GR-9749-T)
Caernac's Troymar Trang *** WCX (OFA GR-7769)
Troymar Goldrush Molly CD WCX ** (OFA GR-6984)
Splashdown Emberain Aubrey UD MH WC *** OD (OFA GR 9425)
Splashdown High Sierra
Splashdown Roman Emperor UD WCX
FC AFC Tigathoe's Kiowa II OS FDHF (OFA GR-1832G29M)
Dual CH AFC Tigathoe's Funky Farquar OS DDHF FDHF (OFA GR-1877)
Tigathoe's Tonka ** (OFA GR1355)
FC AFC Tigathoe's Tonga FDHF (OFA GR-1668)
FC AFC Tigathoe's Magic Marker OD FDHF
Tigathoes Chippewa (OFA GR 1953)
Tigathoe's Jicarilla ***
Tigathoe's Kiowa (F)
Tigathoe's Misty Morning ***
Spindrif's Mississippi Wind WC OD (OFA GR 3342)
Spindrif Golden Yoke Nutmeg (OFA GR-4197G34F)
Am CH Spindrif's Splashdown Ariel * (OFA GR-3688)
Am CH Spindrif's Pekay Penny CDX
HRCH GMHR Honey Run Bonnie MH WCX OD (OFA GR-51896G24F)
Sungold Shaboom (OFA GR-54820E34M)
Sungold Goodness Gracious OD (OFA GR-65380E28F-T)
Sungold Shaboom II (OFA GR-57458E33F)
Jolar's Jauncie Of Honey Run
Sungold Shilo SH OS (OFA GR-20562)
Tali's Nugget Of The Yukon OD (OFA GR-17449)
Sungold Shining OD (OFA GR-20563)
Sungold Lad's Talisman Orion
Sungold Lad Of Golden Glen
Wild Dally's Blue Yonder
FC AFC Sungold Lad's Talisman OS FDHF (OFA GR-2480)
Nutmeg's Harvest Gold Heather ** (OFA GR-6295 Normal)
Geordie's Golden Gibson Girl *** (OFA GR 1196)
Martdaugh *** OS (OFA GR-1249)
Wyngates Tuff Enuf **
Royalridge Tule Lass CDX **
Mello Gold Of Panther Creek
Lad's Schoen Cayenne
Sungold Trieven Widgeon
Tigathoe's Kiowa Coup ** (OFA GR-6083)
Kiowa's Satucket Sioux *** (OFA GR-7493)
Satucket Mis-Chief (OFA GR-6251)
Honey Run's Double Dip OD (OFA GR-41005G29F)
Honey Run's Kodiak (OFA GR-41696G32M)
FC AFC Tangelo's Side Kick OS FDHF (OFA GR 15144)
Tigathoe's My Kinda Music (OFA GR-23944G24F)
Shan-Rys Lacey-J Belle (OFA GR-24996F54F)
Tigathoes Hulla Ballou ** (OFA GR-18424-T)
Shan-Ry's Winged Amber (OFA GR-24037G24F)
Shan-Ry's High Rollin'red **
Shan-Ry's High Flyin' Button **
Shan-Ry's Flaming Brandy **

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