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NFC King Midas of Woodend FDHF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

NFC King Midas of Woodend FDHF (AKC A-207518 - 2/1938)
Glittering Gold's Bob (AKC A289893 - 1/1939)
Fox Of Barrington ** (AKC A239474 (6/1938))
Sandy Joe (AKC A224975 - 4/1938)
Gloria Of Woodend (AKC A207519 - 2/1938)
Betty (A414018) (AKC A414018 (8/1940))
Rockhaven Tuck ** OS (AKC A-020613 - 11/1935)
Can. CH. Rockhaven Maiha (AKC A560043 (4/1942))
Can. CH. Rockhaven Russet (AKC 894,292 (10/1933))
Am./Can. CH. Rockhaven Harold (AKC 839659 (9/1932))
Rockhaven Beau Brummel Can ***
Can. CH. Rockhaven Lempi (AKC 839656 (9/1932))
Rockhaven Zazu
Rockhaven Dinah (AKC 994,686 - 6/1935)
Rockhaven Rival
Rockhaven Michael Of Moreton (AKC A47137 (3/1936))
Rockhaven Dan (AKC 796932 (10/1931))
Rockhaven Rover (AKC 795593 (10/1931))
Am./Can. CH. Speedwell Pluto SDHF OS (AKC 839660 (9/1932))
Eng. CH. Kelso of Aldgrove < Speedwell Kelso (Other 1343LL KCSB)
Speedwell Barley (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1929)
Eng. CH. Michael Of Moreton (Other 1392GG)
Eng. CH. Noble Of Quinton (Other 1897FF)
Eng. SH. CH. Speedwell Emerald
Wherstead Gilt Edge (Other KCSB 399JJ)
Speedwell Lucifer (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1927)
Sugar Candy (son of Cornelius)
Bess of Claydon
Saffron Chipmonk
Saffron Penelope
Can. CH. Saffron Peter Boy
Saffron Prince (AKC 847487 (11/1932))
Eng. CH. Haulstone Dan (Other 1653DD)
Onaway (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1923)
Amber Dimple
Haulstone Rusty (Other KC Reg. Nov. 1923)
Balcombe Pride (Other 1788JJ)
Sunshine (1925) (Other KC Reg. Nov 1925)
Failand Saucy Sue (Other KC Reg. Nov. 1925)
Dan Hill Judy (AKC 490686 (11/1925))
Dan Hall Judy (AKC 490686)
Can. CH. Dame Daphne
Guiding Joe
Guiding Ginger
Guiding Jupiter
Glittering Gold OD (AKC A089912 (9/1936))
Gerten Major (AKC 963,835 (12/1934))
Goldendale Nero (AKC 964,441 - 1/1935)
Milburn Peter (AKC A87,021 (8/1936))
Milburn Wendy (AKC A87,022 (8/1936))
Stubbings Golden Goblet (AKC 921375 (4/1934))
Eng. CH. Davie Of Yelme (Other KCSB 481PP)
Stubbings Golden Glitter
Eng. CH. Tickencote Jennie (Other KC Reg. 446QQ)
Inkberrow Symon
Gilder (KCSB 2017LL) (Other KCSB 2017LL)
Eng. CH. Colthill Dan (Other KC Reg. June 1934)
Brilliantine (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1931)
Perryway David
Sundawn Dinah
Eng. SH. CH. Sewardstone Tess
Mouse (1893EE) (KC 1893EE (August 1924)
Sewardstone Flash
Abbots Dinah < Sewardstone Sunray (Other KC Reg. Nov. 1925)
Oliver's Melody (KC 423GG)
Stubbings Golden Anchor (AKC 921,376 (4/1934))
Stubbings Golden Queen
Speedwell Andrew of Stubbings < Speedwell Andrew (Other KC Reg. May 1931)
Denwall Scamp (Other KC Reg. Oct. 1931)
Chameford Lollywillow
Speedwell Tangerine
Speedwell Luchia
Stubbings Golden Lass
Towerwood Pride

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