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Yankee Fluff ***

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Yankee Fluff *** (AKC SB761655 (6-78))
Teddy XVIII *** (AKC SB-894515)
Yankee Royal
AFC Holway Barty OS (AKC SB147050 (9/73))
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Barrister
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Jollity
Holway Joyful *** OD (AKC SA798077 (6/1975))
Int. CH. Holway Joker
Holway Barber
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Westhyde Zeus (Other KCSB3032AZ)
Eng. FT. CH. Westhyde Zurka
Eng. FT. CH. Westhyde Zenith
Westhyde Zest
Westhyde Zana (CKC 721959 (1967))
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Zest (Other KCSB 2110AQ)
Westhyde Merry Lass (Other KCSB 2446AW)
Westhyde Merry Lute (KCSB 1915AU)
Westhyde Merry Lind
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Flush of Yeo < Flush Of Yeo (Other KCSB 1949AU (1962))
Fashion Of Yeo (Other KCSB 1825AU (1962))
Ambassador Of Yeo WC (AKC SA053494 (5/63))
Eng. FT. CH. Mazurka of Wynford (Other KCSB 1834AM)
Holway Melodymaker Of Wynford (KCSB 1760AN)
Mastersinger Of Wynford
Westhyde Maestro Of Wynford
Minstrel of Wynford
Picture of Yeo
Star Babe Of Handjem (AKC SA914127)
Yankee Rebel *** (AKC SA970703 (7-75))
Flambeau Ray of Handjem *** (AKC SA922554)
FC AFC Chief Sands OS FDHF (AKC SA438222 (2-69))
Schneiders Sloe Gin (AKC SA457603 (10/1972))
Chief Oshkosh of Stilrovin ** (AKC SA245961 (2/67))
Shenandoah of Stilrovin CD *** OD (AKC SA237713 (5/66))
Sabe Lo Todo Of Stilrovin *** (AKC SA273256 (11/1968))
Can.FTCH,AFTCH Angus Of Stilrovin Am*** (AKC SA275874)
Stilrovin Bolt-Away
Jet Express Of Stilrovin WC (AKC SA295921 (9/68))
Kathy's Rebel of Stilrovin *** (AKC SA282617 (1/1969))
Heeneekis of Stilrovin *** (AKC SA263182 (7/1966))
Olaita Of Stilrovin *** (AKC SA238705 (6/1967))
Shawnee Of Stilrovin (AKC SA272317 (5/1970))
Wiota Of Stilrovin (AKC SA306083 (4/1967))
Bonnie Belle Of Stilrovin (AKC SA279624 (7-68))
Honor Brite Of Stilrovin (AKC SA375052 (12/69))
Echo of Sands *** (AKC SA210124 (2/67))
Lady Of Melrose Park (AKC SA208544 (10/1969))
Golden Belle Of Chel-Mar (AKC SA222173 (3/67))
Lady Tam Of Handjem (AKC SA340664 (7/71))
Tigathoe's Hot Tamale WC (AKC SA347227 (8/1967))
Lord Boswell Of Handjem (AKC SA386604 (10/1968))
Combahee's Beau Zipper (AKC SA347224 (6/1967))
Tigathoe's Hot Spur (AKC SA336145 (11/1966))
Handjem's Molly Brown (AKC SA338114 (12/1967))
Tigathoes Nickotee ** (AKC SA168596 (7/64))
Tigathoe's Teetotaler *** (AKC SA131935 (4/67))
Can. FTCH Tigathoe's Pekoe Tea Am** (AKC SA131934)
Tigathoe's Miss Tee (AKC SA168597 (4/1964))
Tigathoe's Mint Tea (AKC SA138160 (8/1964))
CH Torch of Handjem *** (AKC SA013407 (1/1962))
Am. CH. J's Teeko Of Tigathoe *** (AKC SA012754 (12/62))
Tiger Of Handjem ** (AKC SA-24515)
Princess Tammy Of Handjem (AKC SA012902 (6/1966))
Apollo of Handjem (AKC SA001586 (8/1964))

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