Golden Retriever

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Am. CH. Miss Liberty O'Lark Hill OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH. Miss Liberty O'Lark Hill OD (AKC SA567699 (3/71))
Miss Muffet Of Rokado (AKC SA516819 (12/69))
Beaver's Buff (AKC SA279877 (1/68))
Andromeda Of Dandenong (AKC SA372570 (2/1968))
Finderne Busy Hills Ginger (AKC SA468996 (6/70))
Am. CH. Finderne Square Shadows Fury CD * OS (AKC SA073628 (9-63))
Am. CH. Finderne Bit O' Square Shadows CD (AKC SA074280 (7/63))
Squire Tim of Signal Hill UDT (AKC SA-95924)
Am. CH. Nerrissida's Finderne Folly II OS SDHF (AKC S664722 (10-57))
Am. CH. Prince Oberon Of Nerrissida (AKC S465615 (9/51))
Am. CH. Golden Sunset Of Nerrissida (AKC S607082 (6-58))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Robber (AKC S514588 (5/52))
Am. CH. Virgil Of Nerrissida SDHF (AKC S827751 (12/59))
Am. CH. Stormy Weather Of Nerrissida (AKC S594396 (2/58))
Elizabeth Of Nerrissida /Elizabeth Of Nerissida (AKC S818682 (10/1959))
Jackie-Boy Nerrissida (AKC S623675 (3/1954))
Red Devil Of Nerrissida (AKC S470711 (10/51))
Nerissida's Finderne Folly (AKC S481164 (11/51))
Whiskey Sauer (AKC S513969 (5/52))
Buff of Square Shadows OD (AKC S950659 (3/61))
Sidramidas (S948009) (AKC S948009 (10/61))
Busy Hill's Beavers Taffy (AKC SA210159 (12/1964))
Busy Hill's Beavers Andrew (AKC SA168325 (12/1964))
Am. CH. Missy's Eager Beaver SDHF (AKC S999825 (5/62))
Blueberry Of Westfield (AKC SA055728 (4/1961))
Am. CH. Trader Of Finderne (AKC S-989514)
Robbin (S993651) (AKC S993651 (9/1961))
Busy Hill's Honey Chile (AKC SA103275 (11/62))
Copper Of Westfield (AKC SA074939 (2/1963))
Sandy's Sheli O'Westhaven (AKC SA496139 (1/68))
Princess Oriana (AKC SA415422 (11/68))
Hilltop's Rusty (SA450014) (AKC SA450014 (6/71))
Sunburst Rigel (AKC SA243812 (9/1966))
Golden Rust Of Sunburst CDX WC OS (AKC SA255013 (11/1964))
Sunburst Echo (AKC SA219766 (5/1966))
Am. CH. Sunburst Miss Polaris WC DDHF *** (AKC SA196995 (5/1967))
Am. CH. Rip of Wildwood (AKC SA-109876-8/63)
Jennifer Of Wildwood (AKC SA247773 (9/64))
Am. CH. Golden Dipper CDX (AKC SA055691 (8/63))
Gold Dust Lady (SA229916) (AKC SA229916 (9/1966))
Amber Of Saint Albans (AKC SA160158 (8/1968))
Shadow Of Indian Hill (AKC SA247521 (10/64))
Duke Of Flanders (AKC SA038564 (6/1962))
David Copperfield (AKC SA037732 (1/1963))
Lady Beth Of Malibu (AKC SA045095 (6/62))
Golden Nub Of Tower Grove (AKC SA024873 (6/1962))
Beau Frere Of Tower Grove (AKC SA106112 (5/68))
Covina Hills Julie (AKC SA348963 (4/70))
Tallulah (SA430061) (AKC SA430061 (11/68))
Rodis Golden Nugget (AKC SA105567 (2-71))

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