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Teamoldcastle B

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Teamoldcastle B
Young Spirit Keen Curtiz
Young Spirit Keen Lova
Young Spirit Keen Nox
Young Spirit Keen Ronja
Big Bones vom Ebrachtal
Baronessa Beretta vom Ebrachtal
Baron DaVinci vom Ebrachtal
BRIGHT BELE vom Ebrachtal
BROWN BISCUIT vom Ebrachtal
BELLA BRANKA vom Ebrachtal
King Fields Dark Puma
Djini Little Princess vom Sahnbachtal
Young Spirit Gentle Fine
Young Spirit Gentle Porter
Young Spirit Gentle Able
Young Spirit Gentle Mojo
Young Spirit Gentle Lucy
Young Spirit Gentle Hope
Young Spirit Gentle Ella
Young Spirit Gentle Hazel
Young Spirit Gentle Mind Velvet
FTW Garronpoint Fitty
Garronpoint Clair
Garronpoint Meadie
Garronpoint Fada Of Saxaphone
Garronpoint Bishop
Garronpoint Castle
Blackthorn Tjara
Blackthorn Thrilling India
Blackthorn Teo
Blacktorn Tico
Blackthorn Timba
Blackthorn Todd's
Blackthorn Tess
Blackthorn Taurus
Blackthorn Tom
Young Spirit Funny Berta
Young Spirit Funny Cody
Young Spirit Funny Mio
Young Spirit Funny Feena
Young Spirit Funny Mia
Young Spirit Funny K?the
Young Spirit Funny Frieda
Young Spirit Funny Abby
Gundog's Choice Cosmo
Gundog's Choice Champ
Gundog's Choice Coke
Gundog's Choice Cracker
Gundog's Choice Chelsea
Gundog's Choice Chaya
Gundog's Choice Callie
Gundog's Choice Chance Loyal
FTCh Waterford Ganton
Waterford Gairloch
Waterford Gem
Waterford Gusto
Waterford Ghillie of Wendearose
FTCh Waterford Galahad of Tasco
Waterford Gamble of Dipplelodge
FTW Lakedown Stoats Tail
Lakedown Grannom of Astraglen
Lakedown Charlie Barley
Lakedown Sandy Snatcher
Lakedown Midgie Modger
Lakedown Cinnamon At Treranch
Lakedown Ginger Quill
Lakedown Knotted Midge
Duck Enticer's Autumn Leaf
Duck Enticer's Angelwing
Duck Enticer's Azure Sapphire
Duck Enticer's Arctic Skipper
Duck Enticer's Assam Flash
Duck Enticer's Admiral Magic
FTCh Bierspool Blackbill of Lakedown
Bierspool Blackbull
Bierspool Blackjack
Bierspool Blackbart
Bierspool Blackbess
Bierspool Blackpearl
Bierspool Blackberry
Conneywarren Lena
Conneywarren Lexus
Conneywarren Geri
Conneywarren Suzy
Conneywarren Rosie
Conneywarren Brooklin
Conneywarren Lane

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