Golden Retriever

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dazzle x think twice zeroes

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

dazzle x think twice zeroes
Galant Gatekeeper Of Eager Spirit
Royal Ringlet Of Eager Spirit
Marvelous Monarch Of Eager Spirit
Courteous Clipper Of Eager Spirit
Cheerful Copper Of Eager Spirit
Whirling Wizard Of Eager Spirit
Pretty Peacock Of Eager Spirit
Sweet Swallowtail Of Eager Spirit
Think Twice Zeroes
Think Twice Zinger
GB FTch Think Twice Zero To Hero
Think Twice Ziguli
Think Twice Zero Option
Think Twice Zealous
Think Twice Zulu
Think Twice Zero in Condotta
FTAW Kaliture Finn
FTW Kaliture Cuinn By Ashmhorgold
Kaliture Cathmor
Kaliture Fire Cracker At Hartleyjean
Kaliture Fires Of Alamo
Kaliture Forget Me Not
ITFTCH Kaliture Gra Go Deo
Kaliture Is Mise Mor
Kaliture Mystique
Kaliture Rooster
Kaliture Thats Jazz
Kaliture Will Scarlet
Kaliture Ruby Wishes
Kaliture Mo Anam Cara of Auchencloch
Kaliture Deep Secret
FTW Echobrook Fergus Mhor of Ashmhorgold
Echobrook Amber Lace
FTAW Kaliture Kiche
Kaliture Donoma
Kaliture Almika
Kaliture Chaska Of Hennemarsh
Kaliture Intina
Kaliture Magena
Kaliture Pamuya
Kaliture Shoteka
Kaliture Tadewi
Kaliture Wicapiwakan
IntFtCh ItFtCh ITChampionshipWinner Think Twice Go Get It
Think Twice George Gershwin
TrFr Think Twice Ginger Tam's Bella Coola
Souter Fennel
Souter Red Hot Chilli At Roughbeat
FTW Souter Tabasco at Roughbeat
FtCh Pixie Dixie and Jinks the Cat
Think Twice Amarcord
Think Twice Absolute Beginners
Vice ICC2014 Winner, INT FT CH, IT FT CH The Road Runner
Perils of penelope pitstop
Sparkling Sapphire Of Eager Spirit
Groovy Garnet Of Eager Spirit
Stunning Spinel Of Eager Spirit
Jolly Jade Of Eager Spirit
Happymover Gene-Floyd
Happymover Grace Indira
Happymover Gromit
Happymover Gem Geordy
Happymover Grande Basquiat
Happymover Gypsy
Abnalls Roland
Abnalls Benjamin of Marshflight
Abnalls Barley of Deadcraft
Abnalls Rachelle of Deadcraft
Abnalls Beau Brummel of Tauvechan
Abnalls Rodney af Go Wild
Abnalls Rory
Happymover Delphin
Happymover Divus
Happymover Dip Tulip
Happymover Don Abado
Happymover Da-Yu
Happymover Domino
Happymover Diamont Jessy
Happymover Dajan
Happymover Dana Tabasco
Head Over Heels Ruby Of Eager Spirit
As Keen As Mustard Of Eager Spirit
The Full Monty Of Eager Spirit
Get-up-and-Go Of Eager Spirit
Bright and Breezy Of Eager Spirit
As Sharp as a Tack Of Eager Spirit
Greased Lightning Of Eager Spirit
Fair and Square Of Eager Spirit
Summercarr Beaumont Boy
Summercarr Beauchamp
FTW Gleen Mhor's Faya
Gleen Mhor's Jack The Ripper
DKBRCH. NOjCH Gleen Mhor's Niko
Gleen Mhor's Oskar
Gleen Mhor's Sidney
Gleen Mhor's Sigurd
Gleen Mhor's Juventus
Gleen Mhor's Mandy
Gleen Mhor's Nele
Gleen Mhor's Rocket
Gleen Mhor's Jason Joker
Gleen Mhor's Louis
Gleen Mhor's Michel
Gleen Mhor's Peder
Gleen Mhor's Marnus
Gleen Mhor's Loke
DKWTCH Gleen Mhor's Mia
Gleen Mhor's Jule
Gleen Mhor's Line
Gleen Mhor's Brandon
Gleen Mhor's Paul
Gleen Mhor's Zaki
Gleen Mhor's Islay
Gleen Mhor's Paige
Gleen Mhor's Pipilotta

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