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Casanova Journey

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Casanova Journey
Furfeathers Loves Leap of Faith (OFA GR-EL47525M25-VPI)
IntCh Seasons Golden Celestial Crusade (OFA GR-EL39629M24-VPI)
Seasons Golden Fine Mia Gem (OFA GR-EL39630F24-VPI)
Seasons Golden Galore (OFA GR-EL39600F24-VPI)
CH Aurora's Nalyns Truth or Dare (OFA GR-EL31224M24-VPI)
Nalyn's Gumsprings Gigllebutt Happy Girl (OFA GR-EL39913F63-VPI)
Aurora's Nalyns The Girl On Fire (OFA GR-EL31316F24-VPI)
Aurora Nalyns Dogwood Pinkity (OFA GR-EL31280F24-VPI)
Aurora's Nalyns Dogwood Common Sense (OFA GR-EL31255M24-VPI)
Int Ch Seasons Golden Fine Finesse (OFA GR-EL32425F24-VPI)
Int'l CH Seasons Golden Ambience (OFA GR-EL32424F24-VPI)
Glaciers Summer In The City (OFA GR-EL37379M46-VPI)
Glacier Summer Raine (OFA GR-EL33282F29-VPI)
Glaciers Summer Romance
Int. Ch Copperfield's In High Command
Kor CH Glaciers Heroine In The Titanic
CanCH Glaciers-Millstones Pride, Honor & Dignity (OFA GR-EL32524M24-VPI)
Seasons Golden Seafoam Cahoots (OFA GR-EL29738F24_VPI)
McGinnis' Springtime Surprise
Copperfield's Life Of The Party
Can. CH. Millstones Bad To The Bone (OFA GR-EL31811M24-VPI)
Millstones The Cat Did It
Copperfield's Covered in Confetti (OFA GR-EL27933F26-VPI)
Seasons Golden Woodwind Delillah (OFA GR-EL27807F25-VPI)
Furfeathers Circle of Life
Colebrook Wild at Heart
Seasons Golden Lucky Shamrock
UKC CH IntCH Eagleridge Seasons Golden Patron (OFA GR-EL33052M24-VPI)
Eagleridge's La Bella Vita
Eagleridge Lance's Ring Side Gossip
CN CH Eagleridge Superduper Cooper
Eagleridge's Goddess Of Love
Eagleridge's Like a Wrecking Ball
CT Eagleridge's Marching To His Own Drum CD RA NAJ NAP OJP NFP CGC
EagleRidge's God of the Sky (OFA GR-EL33028M24-VPI)
Eagleridge Gonna Make Em Go Oh Oh Oh
Eagleridge Leave Em All In Aw Aw Awe
GCH CH Eagleridge's Alli Gator (OFA GR-EL28081F28-VPI)
Seasons Golden Cinder Ellie
Seasons Golden Charisma
Can CH Gold-Rush Caught Ya Looken (OFA GR-EL10533M24-PI)
Gold Rush Oughta Win
Gold-Rush Thats The Way I Like It
Gold-Rush Steal Your Heart (OFA GR-EL10965F26-PI)
Gold Rush Hombre Del Momento
Gold-Rush Power Puff
Gold-Rush Betty Boop
GoldRocks GoldRush Tradition
GoldRocks GoldRush Lidstrom
Seasons Golden Fiesta (OFA GR-EL25216F26-VPI)
Seasons Golden Carnival (OFA GR-EL25215F26-VPI)
Copperfields Been Havin A Ball!

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