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West Coast Tollers Coco

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

West Coast Tollers Coco
Tuldahl's Pumpkin
Red Hot Chilli's Right On Time
ChPL, JChPL Red Hot Chilli's Road To My Heart
Red Hot Chilli's Rock This Town
Red Hot Chilli's Ready For Love
CHPL, JCHPL Red Hot Chilli's Rise Like The Sun
C.I.E., RO Ch, EST Ch, PL Ch, PL JCh, TLNW-17, PL JCW-14 Red Hot Chilli's Right Side of Life
Shaggy Toller's White Banjo Boy
C.I.E., Ch SRB, VCh PL, Ch PL, JCh PL, CW, Poland Winner ILKA od Brendy z Serbinowa
INKA od Brendy z Serbinowa
IDA od Brendy z Serbinowa
Tuldahl's Tourmaline
NORD UCH DKCH NUCH SEU(u)CH Tuldahl's Morgan
N UCH SU(u)CH NORD UCH Lauvstuas Bluestar Shanty
Lauvstuas Blue Bayaz Sicho
Lauvstuas Bluebell Shakira
Lauvstuas Bluemoon Scottie
Lauvstuas Bluenose Sheik
Happy Trail's Frieda Jenten
Happy Trail's Kato Gutten
Happy Trail's Nora Jenten
Happy Trail's Sigge Gutten
Happy Trail's Terje Gutten
Happy Trail's Tilde Jenten
LP1 LP2 LP3 Happy Trail's Miss Wendy
Happy Trail's Sergent Andrew
West Coast Tollers Coco
SE VCH LD STARTKLASS RLD N RLD F West Coast Tollers Bounty
West Coast Tollers Bless
West Coast Tollers Crisp
SE U(u)CH SE VCH Riverbreeze Blaze Of Fire
Riverbreeze Blaze Of Thunder
SE VCH Riverbreeze Blaze Of Beauty
Riverbreeze Blaze Of Grace
SE VCH Riverbreeze Blaze Of Joy
SE U(u)CH SE RallyCh SE VCH RLD-N RLD-F RLD-A AgD 1 SAgHD 1 Riverbreeze Blaze Of Glory
SE U(u)CH SE VCH NO VCH Riverbreeze Key of Victory
Riverbreeze Key Of Magic
LPI LPII Riverbreeze Key of Mystery
Riverbreeze Key Of Spirit
Riverbreeze Key Of Energy
Riverbreeze Key Of Power
Riverbreeze Key Of Fantasy
Riverbreeze Key Of Destiny
Acka Vikings Hermione
SE U(u)Ch NO UCh DK UCh NORD UCh, SE VCH, EUW J-15, NORD JV-15 West Coast Tollers Geisha
RLD N West Coast Tollers Calippo
SE VCH West Coast Tollers Cornetto
West Coast Tollers Daim
LP1 LP2 West Coast Tollers Piggelin
SE VCH West Coast Tollers Solero
LP1 LP2 SE VCH SE U(U)CH Hummelviksgårdens Golden Theodor
Hummelviksgardens Goda Festis
Hummelviksgardens Gallax Gibson
Hummelviksgardens Gobo Sprocket
LP1 SE VCH Hummelviksgardens Gioia af Aaron
LP1 LP2 LP3 SE UCH SE VCH Hummelviksgårdens Golden Texas
LP2 TJH (RDH) Hummelviksgardens Good Kipper
RTK1 Hummelviksgardens Grimhildr Kiira
RLDN FI CH SE UCH Hummelviksgardens Gin and Tonic
SE VCH LP1 West Coast Tollers Loca
West Coast Tollers Rapido
SE VCH West Coast Tollers Latino

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