Golden Retriever

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BALT JCH, BALT CH, LT Club Junior Winner 2022, LT Club Winner 24 Eik Sniegui Tirpstant Balta Letena

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

BALT JCH, BALT CH, LT Club Junior Winner 2022, LT Club Winner 24 Eik Sniegui Tirpstant Balta Letena
Eik Lapams Gelstant Balta Letena
Eik Rasota Pieva Balta Letena
Eik Rytui Bundant Balta Letena
Eik Lyjant Balta Letena
Eik Dienai Nutylant Balta Letena
Eik Saulei Kylant Balta Letena
Eik Dobilams Raustant Balta Letena
Eik Liepoms Kvepiant Balta Letena
Eik Obuoliams Salstant Balta Letena
LT JCH, LT CH OPA PA ! Mr. BLUE Prima Santolina
O Lia Lia Panelė Prima Santolina
O Lia Lia ?irlė Prima Santolina
O Pa Pa! Arūzėlis Prima Santolina
O Lia Lia Aguona Prima Santolina
LT JCH, LT,EST,PL CH O Lia Lia Vasara Prima Santolina
ShCh (UK), C.I.E (IntCh), NLCh, DKCh(U), PLCh, LTCh, ESTCh World JR Winner'18 European Winner'22 Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold DRCJCh, VDHJCh,NLJCh, PlJCh., Amsterdam Winner'18
Eng Sh Ch Haydengold Keepa Secret with Garvin JW
Haydengold Kandy Kisses JW
PL Ch, PL JCH Maybe Forever Canto De Amor
CH Maybe Forever Chiquita Piconera QC-15
Maybe Forever Cante Hondo
Maybe Forever En La Ribera
Maybe Forever Conjuro
Maybe Forever Samaritana
BALT JCH, BALT CH Rivera Kiss Prima Santolina
Ravenna Kiss Prima Santolina
CIE,BALT,PL,FIN,NO,DK,RUS,LTClub Ch Milbu Twister to Nenuoramos LT Club W'12'15,LVW'13,NordW'13,BaltW'14,ESTW'19
LV JCH LV CH LV VCH Milbu Zodiac
LT LV EST BALT PL Ch Milbu Zoom Delight for Nenuoramos 3 x CACIB, BALT W'14
LV, LT JCH, LV CH Milbu Zachariah Charming Zachary
InterCh.,LT, LV, EST, PL, BALT CH Eleven's Didi By Prima Santolina
Eleven's Verona By Prima Santolina
LT JCH, LT, LV CH Saga Balta Letena
Sumo Balta Letena
Sula Balta Letena
Sambo Balta Letena
Salto Balta Letena
Solo Balta Letena
Est & LT & LTU & Balt JCH, LT & LV & EST & BALT CH, Balt JW'13, Tln JW'13 Golden Tunes Rocket Man (Crufts CQ)
DKJV13 Golden Tunes Royal Mighty
Golden Tunes Rock My World
DK CH (U) Summeramba Last Orders
Summeramba Top It Up
CanCH Summeramba One For The Road WC CD RA CGN
Xanthos Dynah Might
Xanthos Slipstream
Xanthos Sooth Sayer At Flaxengold
Xanthos Copacabanna
Xantos Daisychain
Xanthos Dawn Chorus
Eng. Ch. Xanthos Debbie Does Dallas
Xanthos Diamond
Xanthos Dizzy
Xanthos Doh Ray Me
Xanthos Doolittle
Xanthos Drumbeat
Xanthos Dune
Xanthos Drop Dead Gorgeous
Xanthos Dita von Teese for Sandseers
Xanthos Zinq with Gaytonwood
Xanthos Zabadabadoo at Rikita
Xanthos Zamora
Xanthos Zaragoza
Xanthos Zatapek
Xanthos Zest at Catnnels
Xanthos Zoccarello
Xanthos Zondervann
Xanthos Zorra
Ger.J.Ch, Ger.VDH Ch., German CH mit arbeidsprung Xanthos Carissima
Xanthos Swansong
SE U(U)CH, DK UCH Xanthos Conquistador
LT, LV, EST, BALT CH Miss Rumba Balta Letena
Mr Bolero Balta Letena
Mr Lindy Hop Balta Letena
Mr Tango Balta Letena
Mr Flamenco Balta Letena
C.I.B. C.I.E. FI & SE(u) & EE & LV & LT & BALT CH, FIW-10 HeW-14 LtW-14 LvW-15 FiVW-15 FiVW-16 Terra Antyda Sani New Princ Of Heart
Iím Terra antyda new prince of heart
Terra Antyda Sani Nupper Nups
Terra Antyda Sani Nantes
Terra Antyda Sani Nebraska
Terra Antyda Sani Nevada
FI CH Terra Antyda Sani New Princess Of Heart
Terra Antyda Sani Nora
C.I.B, C.I.E, FIN, BALT, PL CH, BALT JCH Bora Balta Letena
Burta Balta Letena
Bingo Balta Letena
Brasta Balta Letena
Bravo Balta Letena
Bruno Balta Letena

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