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Swingshot King Cobra

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Swingshot King Cobra
Swingshot Tiger Snake
Swingshot Black Adder
Swingshot Rattle Snake
Swingshot Black Mamba
Swingshot Python
Swingshot Anaconda
Swingshot Viper
Swingshot Sky
Swingshot Star
Swingshot Lava
Swingshot Lightning
Swingshot Mountain
Swingshot Tornado
Swingshot Thunderstorm
Swingshot Fire
Blackthorn Booster
Blackthorn Bijou
DK FTCh Blackthorn Bruce
Blackthorn Brave Vitus
DK FTCH DK TM Jobeshill Olof
Jobeshill Alrik
OFTW Jobeshill Valfrid of Avonford
FTW Jobeshill Magnus
Jobeshill Magnild at Hawkslow
FTCh Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch
Jobeshill Gustav of Bedgebrook
FTCh Jobeshill Lotta of Stauntonvale
NORD JCH FTCH Tasco Brimstone
Tasco Gold Swift
FT Ch Tasco Saxon MHR
FTW Collaroybanks Willow
Collaroybanks Mulberry
Collaroybanks Laurel
Collaroybanks Juniper
Collaroybanks Ash
Collaroybank Cedar
Collaroybank Guelder Rose
Collaroybank Oak
Collaroybanks Hazel
Collaroybanks Holly
I.FTCH Drakeshead Vogue
Drakeshead Varona of Lamazing
Drakeshead Vanda
FTW Drakeshead Virgo
Drakeshead Vespa
FTCh Drakeshead Vodka
Drakeshead Vaun
Drakeshead Vern
OFTW Drakeshead Vince
Drakeshead Volvo
Drakeshead Violet Of Grouseland
Drakeshead Vine
FTCh Dipplelodge Raven of Riversway
FTW Dipplelodge Rossetti
Dipplelodge Bronte
Dipplelodge Shelley
Dipplelodge Trollope
Dipplelodge Milton
FTCh Levenghyl Silvercloud Of Drakeshead
Int FTCH Levenghyl Mountain
FT Ch Levenghyl Lionheart
FT Ch Levenghyl Sun Dancer
Levenghyl Topnotch
Levenghyl River of Chrisbrook
Levenghyl Sky Walker
Levenghyl Shooting Star
Levenghyl Rising Star of Ffynongain
Levenghyl Brenna of Chisbrook
Sasawot Alida Teal
Sasawot Andras Boycie
Dutch FTCH Sasawot Aranka Sterre
Sasawot Agotha L?ny
Sasawot Arpad Bogd?n
Sasawot Agoston Splinter
Sasawot Antal Laszlo
Sasawot Aranyu Sinne
Sasawot Agotha Lany
Int. FTCH Garagill Pike at Blackthorn
Garagill Paris
Garagill Pixie Of Beaconway
Garagill Pilot
FTCh Calderhey Adder
Calderhey Allie
Calderhey Ace of Gunnerdale
Calderhey Archie
Calderhey Ash
Calderhey Abby
Calderhey Amy
FTCH Kilpen Jazz of Garagill
Kilpen Juggler
Kilpen Jupiter
Kilpen Jade
Kilpen Jay of Greyhill
Kilpen Jenny
Kilpen Jock
FTCh Kyara Of The Charmed Angel
Kinse Of The Charmed Angel
FTCh Starcreek Gust
Starcreek Game
Starcreek Google
Starcreek Gundog Kane
FTCH Starcreek Ginger
Starcreek Glenlivet
Firefly Of The Charmed Angel
Int.FTCH Fellow of the Charmed Angel
Freebooter of the Charmed Angel

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