Golden Retriever

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Chef's Special Lollipop

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Chef's Special Lollipop
Chef's Special Jawbreaker
Chef's Special Chokotoff
Chef's Special Look O Look
Chef's Special Toffifee
Chef's Special Bubblicious
Chef's Special Marshmallow
Chef's Special After Eight
Chef's Special Celebrations
Chef's Special Jelly Bean
Chef's Special Fruit-Tella
Chef's Special Chupa Chups
Dutch Ch, Dutch Jr Ch & Lux. Jr Ch Vestafjell's Quite Knight Clubwinner 2022 & Crufts Qualification 2019
Vestafjell's Quantum Of Solace
Vestafjells quite night
N UCH Vestafjell's Queen Of Hearts
Vestafjell's Quantum Of Emotion
Jako's Tell Me A Story
N UCH. Jakos Take My Breath Away
VWW.20.EW'16.EJW'15.SPA.INT.PT.GBZ CH/ ES,PT JCH, PPW-15, PMW-15 Jako's Tribute To Lar De Casanova PAN
Jako's Treat Me Kindly
INT.Ch, 3xBISS, JChRus, JChClub, ChRus, ChClub, ChRKF, GrandCh, ChBlr, GrandChBlr, ChAz, GrChAz Jako's Together Keep Love
Jako's Touch the Astral Sky
Es.Pt.GI.Int.Ch.JCH.Pt.Gr.Pt.Ch.PPW13.PW14. Legolas Revolucion de Lar De Casanova
Ocean Warrior De Lar De Casanova with Motlaisa
Int.Spa.Port.Gbr.Ch.V- EWJ?13. Spa / Port/ Gbz /.JCh. Trinity Ilusion De Lar De Casanova JCh.CER/1st in Yearling Class at Crufts 2014
Legolas Revolution de Lar De Casanova
Ciclope only you de lar de casanova
NORDJV-10 N UCH Jako's Hope For The Future
Jako's Here I come
Jako's Hurricane
EW-15, NO(u)CH, SE(u)CH Fenwood Elles Belles NV-14, NORDv-14
Fenwood Ell Paco
Fenwood Ell Dorado
Eng Sh Ch Fenwood Ell Masterpiece at Bluewaters JW
Fenwood ELLE JW
Eng.Sh.Ch. , Lux. Ch. Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell JW
Zampanzar Milky Way
Zampanzar As You Wish
Spain CH. Zampanzar Baby Love
Ch. Spain + C.I.E. Zampanzar Smooth Melody
Gr. Sh. CH. Zampanzar New Heaven
Eng Sh Ch. Ramchaine Green Glow By Fenwood JW
Ramchaine Green Glint
Ramchaine Green Glaze
International Sh Ch / Dutch / German / VDH / Danish Ch. Ramchaine Green Glitter
Ramchaine Green Glitz
Chef's Special Cookies and Cream
Chef's Special Cookie Dough
Chef's Special Surprise Cookie
Chef's Special Fortune Cookie
Chef's Special Caramel Salt Cookie
Chef's Special Vanilla Bean Cookie
C.I.E., DUTCH CH, N UCH, VDH CH, GERMAN CLUB CH, LUX JCH, LUX CH Festival's Slumdog Millionaire
Festival's Secret Millionaire
Festival's Sleep Like A Millionaire
Festival's Spend A Million Dollar
Festival's She's A Millionaire
C.I.E. SE U(U)CH N UCH Thornywait Gift To Floprym NV'11
Thornywait Euphoria with Roxali
Thornywait Lady In My Life
Thornywait Who Is It
Inassicas Solea
Inassicas Sunbeam
Inassicas Sacramento
Inassicas Superman
SE U(U)CH Inassicas Satellit
Inassicas Samantha
Potpouri v.d. Gouden Spetters
Playboy v.d. Gouden Spetters
Picasso v.d. Gouden Spetters
Petit Prince v.d. Gouden Spetters
Perfect Look v.d. Gouden Spetters
Playing Kid v.d. Gouden Spetters
Pitstop v.d. Gouden Spetters
Paradise v.d. Gouden Spetters
Powerpop v.d. Gouden Spetters
Plenty of Love v.d. Gouden Spetters
P'ZZAZZ One Of These Nights
P'ZZAZZ New Kid in Town
P'ZZAZZ Hotel California
P'ZZAZZ Tequila Sunrise
P'ZZAZZ Dooling Datton
P'ZZAZZ Brutally Handsome
P'ZZAZZ Take It To The Limit
P'ZZAZZ Love Will Keep Us Alive
P'ZZAZZ Life Has Been Good
P'ZZAZZ The Best Of My Love
Sweet as Candy v.d. Gouden Spetters

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