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Asja + Ben

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Asja + Ben
CH, JCH RU Lorevy Orlanda
Lorevy Ontario
Lorevy Orange Toto
Lorevy Orfey
Lorevy Olis Opium
Lorevy Oliver Grey
JCH RU, CH RU Lorevy Oreira
Lorevy Ozornik Rony
CH Rus Bannockburn of Clan Buchanan
CH Ch Aberdeen of Clan Buchanan
CH MON Uley of Clan Buchanan
Tollard Royal of Clan Buchanan
CH.SP Billericay of Clan Buchanan
Decoymans Piper Goldeneye
Decoymans Piper Isobella
Decoymans Piper Jane
Decoymans Piper Amber
Decoymans Piper Catherine
CH PORT WW2001 Mouse Hunter's Star Danyael Meckur PAN
Mouse Hunter's Star Aniel Venus
Mouse Hunter's Star Gabriel Moon
Mouse Hunter's Star Mikael Sun
Mouse Hunter's Star Zadkeil Jupiter
CH MON Shaggy Toller's Kith N' Kin
Shaggy Toller's Kangaroo Kimmie
Shaggy Toller's Keystone Kenzo
Shaggy Toller's Kicking Kimba
Shaggy Toller's Killcreek King
Shaggy Toller's Kinky Killian
Shaggy Toller's Kiss Me Kate
Shaggy Toller's Kisserup Kikki
Shaggy Toller's Kissing Kinta
CH DAN ALL Red-Tollers Jazzy
Red-Tollers Jane
Red-Tollers Jason
Red-Tollers Jipper
Red-Tollers Jolly
Red-Tollers Jorry
CH DAN Bezzy (DKK18920/95)
Batman Red
INT CH, CH LT, CLUB, GrCH RU BEL UKR Littleriver's Anastasia
Littleriver's Gabriel
Littleriver's Shelby 2nd
Littleriver's Sunny
Littleriver's Good As It Gets
Littleriver's R E Lee
AKC/UKC CH Littleriver's Goddess Of Hunt CD RE AXJ AX VC CGC
Littleriver's Lightening Flash
Littleriver's True North
Littleriver's Amethyst
Littleriver's Scotia
Littleriver's Maple 2nd
Int'l/Am CH. Littleriver's Jena
Littleriver's Ellie
Littleriver's Camero
Littleriver's Sambro Light
Littleriver's Rango
Littleriver's Cadbury Tobler
Littleriver's Deacon Guthrie
Ch Littleriver's Really Belle
Ch Littleriver's Argus
Littleriver's Foxy Lady
Littleriver's Hamish
Littleriver's Lady
Littleriver's Lola
Littleriver's Maggie Mae
Littleriver's Maggie Rainbow
Littleriver's Maggy
Blaise of Littleriver
Littleriver's 2nd Emma
Littleriver's 2nd Sport
Littleriver's Blaise
Littleriver's Chelsea Bun
Littleriver's Clancy
Littleriver's Clementine Chase
Littleriver's Quetico's Kipper
Littleriver's Ranger
Littleriver's Rogan
Littleriver's Rusty Winston
Littleriver's Sandy of Medway
Littleriver's Scout
Littleriver's Second Max
Littleriver's Sheba
Littleriver's Spud Island Beau
Littleriver's Spudisland Casey
Can Ch Littleriver's Cassey
Myrtle of Littleriver
Scotia of Littleriver
Clae of Littleriver
Rover of Littleriver
Wally of Littleriver
Jib of Littleriver
Jock of Littleriver
Littleriver's Woode
Can Ch Littleriver's Yellowrose CD
Restigouch of Littleriver
Brooke Of Littleriver
Digby Of Littleriver
Audubon of Littleriver
Amber of Littleriver (VW748036)
Boots of Littleriver (CKC VW748041)
Littleriver's Gilhooley
Littleriver's Jenny
Tess Two of Littleriver
Tessa of Littleriver
Can Ch Hyflyer's Pearl
Kirby of Littleriver
Ducky of Littleriver
Pep of Littleriver
Lady of Littleriver
Rusti of Littleriver
Littleriver's Lady In Red
Littlriver's Shelby
Amber of Littleriver 2nd (EY302628)
Littleriver's Hectanooga
Littleriver's Sandy
Littleriver's Third Copper
Rust Tee of Littleriver
Anemone Of Great Pleasure
Akymo of Great Pleasure
Amoria of Great Pleasure
Aris of Great Pleasure
Aristo of Great Pleasure
Asko of Great Pleasure
Alizé of Great Pleasure
NL CAN D-VDH LUX SL CH INTUCH Decoymans Piper Bracken
Decoymans Piper Hazel
Decoymans Piper Heather
Decoymans Piper Holly
Decoymans Piper Ivy
Decoymans Piper Jasmine
Decoymans Piper Mellinda
Decoymans Piper Nadia
Decoymans Piper Natasha
Decoymans Carolina
Decoymans Gadwall
Decoymans Harlequin
Decoymans Mandarin
Decoymans Piper Ash
Decoymans Piper Nikita
Decoymans Piper Oak
Decoymans Piper of The Marsh
Decoymans Piper Pochard
Decoymans Piper Serena at Paludic
Decoymans Piper Teal
Decoymans Piper Wigeon
Xorbonne of Great Pleasure
Xamurai of Great Pleasure
Xantiago of Great Pleasure
Xantos of Great Pleasure
Xedos of Great Pleasure
Xossip of Great Pleasure

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