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Treewild's Max the Wild Thing

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Treewild's Max the Wild Thing
Treewild's Pippi Longstocking
Treewild's Ronia the Robber's Daughter
Treewild's Little Bear
Redborn Ultimate Tribute JH WCI
ATVCH Redborn Ultimate By Request J TJB(dk)
Redborn Ultimate Conqueror
Redborn Ultimate Danehaven
Redborn Ultimate Ferryman
Redborn Ultimate Survivor
Redborn Ultimate Fighter
Redborn Ultimate Triumph
Rhineferry's Little River Duck NiC
Rhineferry's Cinnamon Teal NiC
Rhineferry's Goldeneye Nic
Rhineferry's Indian Runner Nic
Rhineferry's Velvet Scoter Nic
The Rhineferry Tales of Rivers Gem
The Rhineferry Tales of Riverlands
The Rhineferry Tales of River Flow
The Rhineferry Tales of Magic River
The Rhineferry Tales of Layka River
The Rhineferry Tales of Kidour St?r
The Rhineferry Tales of River Dance
The Rhineferry Tales of Cloudy Sky
The Rhineferry Tales of Rainbow
The Rhineferry Tales of Gale
The Rhineferry Tales of Autumn
INTCH(u) DKCH SEU(u)CH DEVDHCH PLVCH DKVCH Springer Nova's Redborn Princess
Springer Nova's Hjalmsatosens Tyson
SEU(u)CH DKCH Springer Nova's Liam of Tuffno SEVCH RN LP1
LP1 Springer Nova's Casper of Tuffno
Springer Nova's Daisy of Tuffno
Springer Nova's Rica of Tuffno
Springer Nova's Wilma of Tuffno
Springer Nova's Cosmos of Tuffno
DKCH SEU(u)CH Tuldahl's Noah
Tuldahls Bella
Tuldahls Malou
Tuldahls Ronja
Tuldahls Smilla
Tuldahl's Freja
SEU(u)CH Springer Novas Cajo Tuffsson
SE VCH NO VCH Springer Nova's Tim Tuffsson
Springer Nova's Boss Tuffsson
Springer Nova's Findus Tuffsson
Springer Nova's Nellie Tuffsson
Springer Nova's Soya Tuffsson
Littleriver's Miss Rumphius
JCHRus Littleriver's Yarmouth Cooper
Littleriver's Voyage to Tokala
Littleriver's Hudson Queen CGC TKN RN WC
Littleriver's Molly Travelda
Littleriver's Yarmouth Skye CGN
QuinnCreek's Littleriver Ti
Can/Am Ch Westerlea The Nelson Touch Am WC JH Can WC
Can Ch Westerlea Summer Sunshine
Westerlea's Lady Daphne
Can.Ch. Westerlea Bright Bawbee JH WCI
NSDTRC AKC CH Littleriver's Quinn Creek Reba JH
Littleriver's Racey Reva
Littleriver's Brodie 2nd
Littleriver's Astro Gazer
Littleriver's Abby 2nd
Littleriver's Ana
Littleriver's Coper
Littleriver's Ginger Dog
Littleriver's Westhill Ladyfox
Littleriver's Daisy Lynn
Littleriver's Razz Ma Tazz
Littleriver's Lady Pentelope
Ch OTCh Littleriver's Tynee Dancer PCD RE WC, Am UD RE
Littleriver's Halle Bell
Littleriver's Jennifer
Littleriver's Crosby
Littleriver's Phoebee
Littleriver's Red Bell Dancer
Littleriver's Angel Dancer
Littleriver's So Hanna Souling
Littleriver's Starsonthe Water
Littleriver's Foxy D J
Littleriver's Zino
Littleriver's Julius Maximus
Littleriver's Salty Dog
Littleriver's Winnie Rene
Littleriver's Kirby
Littleriver's Kona
Littleriver's Nova Girl
Littleriver's Red Canuck
Littleriver's New Glaswegian
Littleriver's Happy Argus
Littleriver's Rubi
Ch Littleriver's Bryn
Littleriver's Bailey Tokadjian
Littleriver's Brigus
Olde Spice Voyage to Littleriver
Olde Spice Lighthouse Keeper RN
Littleriver's West Wind Sage
Littlerivers Desert New Star
CH Littleriver's Ruby Red Beekauz WC CD RN
Littleriver's Mort
Littleriver's Farrell
Littleriver's Emery
Littleriver's Siska
Littleriver's Miss Molly
Littleriver's Otis
Littleriver's Socks
Littleriver's Teela
Littleriver's Hamly Healer
Littleriver's Bailey Nowlan
Littleriver's Buffy
Littleriver's Mikey
Littleriver's Logan
CH Littlerivers Spice's Keepsake JH,WC
Littleriver's Image of Bounty
Littlerivers Ultimate Endeavour

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