Golden Retriever

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Tiffany & Co Artemis Gold

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Tiffany & Co Artemis Gold
Ronny Artemis Gold
Rafael Artemis Gold
Ralph Artemis Gold
Rosa Royal Artemis Gold
Rose Mathylda Artemis Gold
Rossie Nike Artemis Gold
Samantha Fox Artemis Gold
Santiago Calatrava Artemis Gold
Shakira Ripoll Artemis Gold
Stella Manuela Artemis Gold
Sarah Anna Bell Artemis Gold
Scarlett Johansson Artemis Gold
Sheldon Cooper Artemis Gold
Scott Oliver Artemis Gold
Tarapacá Tarra Artemis Gold
True Man Freddy Thor Artemis Gold
Timothy Dalton James Artemis Gold
Tosca Yessica Tammy Artemis Gold
Terrell Toyen Tabby Artemis Gold
Tim Walter Burton Artemis Gold
Terence Hill Jack Artemis Gold
CIB CHD (VDH) ClubD CH CHCZ CHSK Thevenet Pure Passion "U"
Int Ch, C.I.E. Vestafjell's Magic Elf
Vestafjell's Prince Charming
Vestafjell's Fairytale to Jako
NJV -14 Vestafjell's Once Upon A Time
Vestafjell's West Of The Moon
Vestafjell's West of The Mon
N UCH, SU(U)CH, SVCH, NV-07, NV-09 Jako's Nordic Charm
Jako's Never Ending Story
SE VCH SEU(u)CH DK(u)CH LW-08 Jako's Union For Dream Max
N UCH. SVCH Jako's Norwegian Dream
EW-15, NO(u)CH, SE(u)CH Fenwood Elles Belles NV-14, NORDv-14
Fenwood Ell Paco
Fenwood Ell Dorado
Eng Sh Ch Fenwood Ell Masterpiece at Bluewaters JW
Fenwood ELLE JW
Thevenet Hacer Dulce La Sal
NUCH, DKCH(S) DKV12 Thevenet Energia Positiva
Vice-JEW'12 , CH SwedenUA,MOL,RO , JCH UA, RUS Thevenet Pep's Team
INT CH Thevenet Frutica Picada
WW'14, Trialer, C.I.E, C.I.B, France, Finnish CH Thevenet Expansion By Sasha
VDH GER CH Thevenet Mitologia Griega
Ch Thevenet Piquenbauer
Thevenet Per Sempre Jove
Thevenet Beso Al Aire
Thevenet Eclipse De Cor
Remington Ringmaster
Remington Romancing The Gem Among Goldkitts
Remington Rhapsody In Blue At Graceleigh
Thevenet Vanidad Mistica
Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold ResCAC
Oliver Watterloo Jr. Artemis Gold *U*Universal dog
Ozzy Artemis Gold
CH CZ Ortis Artemis Gold *U* Universal dog
Octavianus Bellus Artemis Gold
Ch CZ Oryn Boddy Artemis Gold
Oro de Monty Artemis Gold
Pia Mia Perrez Artemis Gold
Patricia Victoria Artemis Gold
Pearson Emma Morgan Artemis Gold
Parton Donna Hope Artemis Gold
Paul William Walker Artemis Gold
Patricio Borghetti Artemis Gold
Phillip Reeve Power Artemis Gold
Pharel Twinter Artemis Gold
INTERCh, GRANDCh,ClubCh, JChCZ,ChCZ,ChD(VDH),ChSK Watterloo Misantos 5xNational Winner, Club Winner,BIS, 10x BOB
Westa Misantos Club Junior winner
CH CZ JCH CZ Wrangler Misantos ''U''
CZ CH Werra Misantos National Winner
Wendy Misantos
Wellington Misantos
Wizard Misantos
Wanderdog Misantos
Woodbyne Misantos
Wasabi Misantos
Issu Misantos Artemis Gold
Isis Artemis Gold 2X CAC, KV
ICh, Fr.Ch, German, VDH, Lux. Ch, Lux. JCh Inassicas Coriander
Inassicas Wild Tulip
JCh CZ, Ch CZ Brenda of Dream Team
Int.Ch, Ch CZ & SK & PL, JCh CZ BRUCE of Dream Team ''U'' Best Retriever of the Year
ICH CH JCH ,MultiCH. Brigitte of Dream Team
CH SK Barbie of Dream Team
Lindsay Lohan Artemis Gold
Liv Tyler Artemis Gold
Leonardo Di Caprio Artemis Gold
Lewis Hamilton Artemis Gold
Louis Amstrong Artemis Gold
Lucas Bernardini Artemis Gold
ChD (VDH) ChCZ, GRANDCh CZ, JChCZ Cheek To Cheek Don Quijote de la Mancha Junior BOB, BOB, National Winner
Cheek to Cheek Dona Isabel
Cheek to Cheek Dona Sofia
Cheek to Cheek Don Diego de la Vega
ChCZ Sequins Shakira *U*universal dog
Dt. Ch VDH Sequins Soraya
German/VDH Junior Champion Sequins Supremes

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