Golden Retriever

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Clever Forever Heartbreaker Henna

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Clever Forever Heartbreaker Henna
Clever Forever Heartbreaker Finley
Clever Forever Heartbreaker Rio
Clever Forever Heartbreaker Hobo
Clever Forever Heartbreaker Yari
Clever Forever Heartbreaker Bartholom?us
Clever Forever Heartbreaker Hurley
Clever Forever Heartbreaker Hope
Clever Forever Heartbreaker Ronja
Whispering Oaks Aranck
Whispering Oaks Amitola
Whipsering Oaks Adsila
Whispering Oaks Abequa
Whispering Oaks Adsila
Vassruggens Eirik R?de
SVCH Vassruggens Elder Ylving
Vassruggens Elin Strange
Vassruggens Embla Fraendi
Vassruggens Ejder Wynja
SVCH Vassruggens Edda Mannvit
TJH Vassruggens Eya Fjalla
NJCH SEJCH SETJH(RDH)CH Vassruggens Vade Brand
SVch Vassruggens Vinge Smali
SVch Vassruggens Viga-Glum
Vassruggens Vide Askepott
Vassruggens Veizla Gasting
Vassruggens Valve Skjalf
Vassruggens Vinda Mygdir
Gundogs Choice Cobra
Gundog's Choice Cuba
Gundog's Choice Classic
Gundog's Choice Cheyenne
Gundog's Choice Cheetha
Gundog's Choice Cocoa
Gundog?s Choice Cayman
Gundog's Choice Chevy
Gundog's Choice Chess
Curious Girl Power of Gold
Cookie Monster Power of Gold
Charming Guy Power of Gold
Cracker Jack Power of Gold
Clooney Power of Gold
Crimson Power of Gold
Cooper Power of Gold
Whispering Oaks Indian Fox
Whispering Oaks Indian Red
Adante Power of Gold
Aeghyr Power of Gold
Bee Stick to Power of Gold
Adanya Power of Gold
Arankah Power of Gold
Abbaio Power of Gold
Azizi Power of Gold
Aron Power of Gold
Aislinn Power of Gold
Anjin Power of Gold
Altin Power of Gold
Bee Bounceto Power of Gold
Bee Rap Up Power of Gold
Bee Splashto Power of Gold
Bee Nipper Power of Gold
Bee Happy Hebbuz Power of Gold
Bee Drollto Power of Gold
Bee Brave Power of Gold
Clever Forever Fullmoon Indra
Clever Forever Fullmoon Fitch
Clever Forever Fullmoon Tiger
Clever Forever Fullmoon Floyd
Clever Forever Fullmoon Bolle
Clever Forever Fullmoon Fergus
Clever Forever Fullmoon Shadow
Clever Forever Fullmoon Blaze
Clever Forever Fullmoon Suri-May
Clever Forever Fullmoon Elly
Clever Forever Fullmoon Frida
DK VCH Vesterlyng's Token Of Clyde
Vesterlyng's Claudy
Vesterlyng's Cosmo
Vesterlyng's Duke
Vesterlyng's Fighter
Vesterlyng's Mango
Vesterlyng's Marco
Vesterlyng's Odin
Vesterlyng's Tjalfe
Vesterlyng's Token Of Luna
Vesterlyng's Zeus
DK.BR.CH Clockburn Clooneen
Clockburn Clonevin
Clockburn Cloonouragh
Clockburn Coolcran
Clockburn Curcullen
Clockburn Killacorrane
Clockburn Craghderry
Respons Kramiga Kexnougat-Ten
Respons Kramiga Kamrat-Ten
Tigermilk A May
Tigermilk A Megan
Tigermilk A Miller
Tigermilk A MacCoy
Tigermilk A Molly
Tigermilk A Miss Lilly
Tigermilk A Meggie Mae
Tigermilk A Maddox
Airborne Goldwings Esprit
Airborne Goldwings Eaton
Airborne Goldwings Ennio-Andro
Airborne Goldwings Eika
Airborne Goldwings Elle
Airborne Goldwings Elliot
Airborne Goldwings Ella
Copper's Sparkling Cop It Sweet
Copper's Sparkling cute brave Willow
Copper's Sparkling Cheezel
Copper's Sparkling Dark Honey
Copper's Sparkling Dyirri-Dyrritch
Copper's Sparkling Deja Blue
Copper's Sparkling Dorak
Copper's Sparkling cute Spunky
Copper's Sparkling Dinky Arinya
Copper`s Sparkling Devils Marbel

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