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Am. Ch. Justmoor Terans Famous Amos OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. Ch. Justmoor Terans Famous Amos OS (AKC SR05951901)
Justmoor Stars at Chuckanut (CKC MS029647)
Am/Can CH Chuckanut Party Favour O Novel SDHF OS (AKC SN80494801 (6/01))
Can CH Madisons Stack The Deck OS (CKC EN300697)
Can. CH Madisons Matthew For Verdoro (CKC AY053705)
CanCH Collinterra's Madison Rose
Can CH Madisons Briar Scout (CKC AY-058700)
Can. CH Verdoro's Justice For All Can OS (CKC XQ870102)
Can CH Verdoro's Shadow Of A Doubt Can CD WCX (CKC XQ870108)
Verdoro's Truth Will Triumph Can CD (CKC XQ870103)
Can. CH Collinterra's Brazen Callie Can OD (CKC XA860348)
Collinterra's I'm Your Babe (CKC UU679039)
Can. Ch Collinterra's Heavy Chevy (CKC UU679024)
Can CH Chuckanut Justmoor Tequila (CKC 1058809)
Chuckanuts Abelard Dawn (AKC SN235463/04)
Chuckanut's Limited Edition (AKC SN235463/08)
Chuckanut's Southern Cross (AKC SN23546301)
Chuckanut Mufasha 'Moose' (AKC SN23546303)
Chuckanuts Wild Rose (AKC SN23546307)
BIS BISS Am/Can CH Chuckanut's In The Mood OS (AKC SN05971501 (4-95))
CH Chuckanut's Mighty Warrior OS (AKC SN05971502 (8-95))
CanCH Chuckanut's Bound For Blue (AKC SN059715/04)
CanCH Chuckanut's Who's Sorry Now (AKC SN059715/05)
CanCH Keane's King Of Swing (AKC SN059715/03)
Haagen-Dazs Cookies N Cream (AKC SN05971507)
Am/Can Ch Chuckanuts Foxy Lady (AKC SM90456802)
Chuckanuts Purple Haze (AKC SM904568/03)
Chuckanut's Samantha (AKC SM904568/08)
Can Ch Chuckanut Thru The Looking Brass (AKC SN33149806)
Am Ch Chuckanut's National Brasstime OD (AKC SN33149805)
BISS Am/Can CH Chuckanut's Brasstime TD JH NA NAJ WC VCX OS SDHF Can TD JH WC OS (AKC SN33149802)
Am CH Chuckanuts Kiss My Brass (AKC SN33149801)
Ch. Chuckanut's Sonoran Brass (AKC SN33149803)
BIS BISS Am. CH Sassafras Batterys Not Incld OS SDHF (AKC SF352162)
Sassafras Lou Golden Bear (AKC SM55492601)
Sassafras Uptown Girl (AKC SF352161)
BIS BISS Am. Can. CH Asterling's Jamaica Verdict OS SDHF (AKC SD241054 (12-82))
CH Asterling Lanai Lalenia CD OD (AKC SD209273 (4-85))
Ch. Asterling's Tahiti Sweetie SDHF (AKC SD-277179)
Am. CH Asterling Sandy Isle Sunrise (AKC SD173437)
Am. CH Asterling Nantucket Skybird (AKC SD228655)
Asterling's Manhatten (AKC SD266619)
Asterling Zanzibar (AKC SD234974)
Am. CH Sassafras' Jumpin Jilli-Bean (AKC SE195589)
Am. CH. Sassafras Deacon Of Wildwood (AKC SE171690)
Am/Can CH Kinshas Flower of the Field Am/Can OD Can SDHF (CKC 1035666)
CH Kindred Peppercreek Suspense OS (AKC SE738750)
Am. CH. Kindred's Sun River Esprit OD (AKC SE-856625)
Am. CH Kachina Doc's Irish Cream (AKC SE-742429)
Rosewood Pretty Penny (AKC SE767796)
Am/Can CH Kinshas Luv-A-Lot OD (AKC SD920795)
Can CH Kinsha Shogun Of Camalire OS (CKC 1003715)
Kinshas True Trucker
CH Kinsha JT Cinnamon Bear (AKC SD932147)
CH Kinsha Chrysalis Woolly Bear (AKC SD922600)
CH Kinsha Great Gold Bear (AKC SE190052)

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