Golden Retriever

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WySky Phil/Lexi

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

WySky Phil/Lexi
Red Prairie Grizzly's Yogi Bear (AKC SS28169006)
Wyoming Sky Timber It's Going Down DS TKA (AKC SS28169001)
Red Prairie Vanessa Morning Thistle (AKC SS28169008)
Red Prairie Sweeter Than Maple (AKC SS32710303)
SHR Red Prairie Hidden Pines Field of Dreams Hank JH (AKC SS28169003)
SHR Wyoming Sky Philippians Red Thistle JH DN CGC TKN VHMA (AKC SS08497407)
Miss Chievious Ginger (AKC SS15654610)
Mk's Justus For All (AKC SS08497402)
Talkabout Let It Be'Gin (AKC SS08497404)
Better Be An Ezra DCAT DS CGC CGCU TKN FITB (AKC SS15654607)
Master's Arizona Diamondback MH WCX (AKC SR72562102 (3-18))
Master's A Little Bit A Rebel SH WC (AKC SR72562101)
HRCH UH NMH GMH Master's Gng Marshland Man Of Action QFTR WCX CGN CCA (CKC 1120978)
Master's Dove Rapunzel Walker (AKC SR72562103)
Master's Zeke (AKC SR72562104)
Goldnguns Rough N Ready Rebel MH QA2 WCX (AKC SR45723201 (8-12))
Gold'NGuns Rollin Thunder Can JH WCI (CKC SG089172)
UH HRCH NMH GMH Gold'NGuns Snipers Sharpshooter Can MH WCX (CKC SG089169)
UH HRCH NMH GMH Gold'NGuns Goin' A Blue Streak Can QFTR WCX CDX (CKC SG089159)
Master's Lil Bit Of Sunglow SH WCX (AKC SR27121402 (8-12))
SHR Master's Red Desert Dynamite JH WC (AKC SR271214/05)
Master's Bucky Badger (AKC SR271214/03)
Master's Tequila Sunrise (AKC SR271214/04)
Master's Majestic Maxwell (AKC SR271214/01)
Master's Thistle Rock No April Fool (AKC SR92643803 (2-19))
UCI Nat & Int CH Heartland's Sofia (AKC SR92643807 (3-19))
Heartland's Miss Bianca (AKC SS09404004)
Thistle Rocks Sebastian Redmoon Rising SH (AKC SR92643804)
Thistle Rock's Dynamic Peaches And Cream (AKC SR96639501)
Thistle Rocks Let Freedom Ring (AKC SR96639510)
Thistle Rocks and Heartland's Fiona (AKC SR96639507)
Thistle Rocks Max Q Elusive Confederate MNR MH23 QA2 WCX *** (AKC SR76342805 (2-16))
Elusive Max Q Brixey WCX (AKC SR76342807)
Elm Wood's Wounded Bird ** (AKC SR76342801)
Jake N Lucy's Shooting Star *** (AKC SR71472801)
Darkstar's I'm It N' That's That (AKC SR76342804)
HR Shurshot Max-Q Femme Nikita MH WCX ** OD (AKC SR76342803)
Heron Hills Boss Man *** (AKC SR71472803)
Rockerin High Lord of Ulaidh (AKC SR76342806)
Pendragon's Genuine Risk JH WC** (AKC SR76342802)
To Be or Not To Be ** (AKC SR71472802)
Thistle Rocks Thunderstruck By Joy JH ** (AKC SR81585401 (7-16))
Montana Sky Lexington Red CGC TKN VHMA (AKC SS04695701)
Kenai-Sakari Miska
Little Miss Peyton Jax (AKC SS04695707)
Bright Lord Odin Storm Blessed Aka Blue Thunder (AKC SS04695708)
Jaxon Dillon Donahue CGC TKN VHMA (AKC SR84216302)
Louie Sparking Gold (AKC SR55239802)
Lucy Lou Hamilton (AKC SR69605903)
Sweet Summer Rosebud (AKC SR73506901 (9-14))
Lady Brynnlee De La Vega (AKC SR94256504)
Sage Mele (AKC SR94256508)
Sir Cooper Of Idaho (AKC SR84893203)
Winter Of Walter Family Goldens (AKC SR81491903 (8-15))
Kinley V Huntsman (AKC SR84264202)

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