Golden Retriever

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Proof QA2 x Cayenne

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Proof QA2 x Cayenne
Bayside Go Ahead And Eat The Pudding WCX QA2
Bayside Belle Of The 'Burg MH WCX **
Bayside's Thunder And Lightning JH, WC
Baysides Arkansas Sammy SHR
Bayside Goldens Lord of The North Ripple
Bayside Riley Zipper Moravec
Bayside Goldens Heart Of A Lion
Smokingold Max Q Maverick MH WCX ** OS
Smokingold Takes The Cup SH
Where There's Smoke There's Fire MH ***
Smokingold's Take The Line
Smokingold's Rising Star UDX
Smokingold Vroom Vroom JH
FC AFC LaCrosse Max Q Jake JH OS FDHF
Lacrosse I Dare You OD
Redstar's Rockstar Of Lacrosse CD WCX **
Lacrosse's Comeback Kid Jake WCX ***
Timber Pond Harley Of LaCrosse
Lacrosse's Risin Ruby MH WCX **
Lacrosse Commander Cody JH
Redstar's LaCrosse Jade
Lacrosse's Running Brooke MH WCX ***OD
LaCrosse's Regal Elizabeth UDX OM1 RE MH NA
Lacrosse's Jokers Wild
Jersey's Copper of Lacrosse
Chancefield's Viking Raider
Lacrosse's Primo Gusto
Lacrosse's Hd Thoreau
Miss Mercedez Of Lacrosse
Blazinlakes Legally Blonde CDX RA JH NAJ WC OD
Blazinlake Jumpin' Jack Flash JH CD RN SAR-U1
Blazinlakes Clinical Diagnosis UD WCX
Blazinlakes Hell's Canyon Dam
Blazinlake's Olympic Fire
Golden Daze Spice Of Life NA NAJ
Shawnee Run's Speaker Volume
Blazinlake's Fifth Element WC
Semper Fi Bayside Athena CD JH CCA WCX
Cleveland's Swindling Bartholomew JH
Semper Fi Buz Off MH
Firemark's Prayer of Jabez *** OS
Firemark's Can You Say Hemi *** WCX
FC AFC Firemarks Elusive One WCX OD
Firemark's Jail Break MH
Firemark's Walks on Water SH **
FTW Firemark 'Pedal To The Metal' Shift
Master's Love Em or Leave Em **
Desert Skye's Cassiopeia
Donovans Bella
Alice II
Red Skye Dusty Myles
R E D-Dust Willy
Turbo Extreme's To Hot To Handle SH
Turbo Glenhaven Shoot For The Moon CD JH AD CCA
IAC Turbo Rifka It's Getting Hot In Here RI JH MXB MXJ XF T2B DJX DS RATI WC CCA VC ADHF
SHR Turbo WaDoYaCall Cheez DatsNot Urs
Turbo's Little Abby JH WC
Turbo Glenhaven Don't Ask Why Again SH **
Turbo's A True Friend of the Crown
Turbo's Secret Explosion at Old Oak MH
Turbo Glenhaven Hunter's Moon Rising
FC AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH OS FDHF
Hunters Moon Bodacious Gold
Hunter's Moon Shan's Brandywine
Waterfowler's Golden Bailey
Dixie's Bit O'Hunter's Moon
Glenhaven Baronet
AFC Glenhaven Devil's Advocate UDT MH WCX OS FDHF
Glenhaven Devil May Care UDT JH WCX
Glenhaven Eroica TD JH WCX
Honeywoods Glenhav'n Charmer CD JH WCX
Hunters Moon Tam O Shanter ** OD
Hunter's Moon Travel Charlie Am-Can ***
Hunters Moon Kkkkatie Foord MH ***
Hunters Moon Lady Trapps LKS
Hunter's Moon Nightcap MH **
FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS
AFC Wraith's Hunter's Moon Kirby MH WCX
Hunter's Moon Kestrel SH
Hunter's Moon Mighty McTavit ***
Hunter's Moon Sonoma Scout
Hunters Moon Stolichnaya
Hunter's Moon Holly
Ronakers Hunter's Moon Kate II
Wraith's HNTRS MN Mac Dhuibh
Hunters Moon Arctic Phelpsie
Quailoaks Hunter's Moon Kassi CD SH WCX
Hunters Moon Slam Duncan
Gypsy Darwin Anderson
Hunter's Moon Trick 'R Treat JH
Hunter's Moon Rugby SH
HRCH UH Topbrass Turbo Don't Ask Why CDX MH37 QA2 AD CCA WCX VCX OD
Topbrass After The Hurricane Here Comes The Sun SH NA NAJ
Topbrass Patriot at SEGDI
Topbrass Zany Zoey SH
Topbrass Jeeper Peepers Hes A Keeper UDX OM3 BN
Topbrass Final Proof MH WCX
Buckshot Beau's Bauer MH OS
Chief Bucks Wanblee Tonka MH WCX
Topbrass This Boots For Runnin OD
Real Gold's Push the Button
Real Gold Storm
Real Gold Black Night Nyx JH OD
HRCH StoneFlys Blue Quill MH CGC
Titus Andronicus of Laurelhurst ***
MACH Real Gold Maxie SH NW3 WCX ADHF ***
Real Gold With A Twist
Sugarwoods Lady in Red JH WCX CCA
Real Gold Explosion's Cooper WC
Real Gold's Balder MH WCX ***
Harmer's Kerry Piper, Real Gold Kellsea TD SAR-W
Real Golds Jewel Of Blue Ridge JH
Real Gold Road Scholar
Gohman's Yankee Cricket

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