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A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Seven Wonders From Toller Secrets
Silver Springs From Toller Secrets
Man Of The World From Toller Secrets
Peace Keeper From Toller Secrets
Trouble From Toller Secrets
Rhiamon From Toller Secrets
Gypsy From Toller Secrets
Sara From Toller Secrets
Say You Love Me From Toller Secrets
Multi Ch Trindy's Finnish Miracle
Trindy's Promised You A Miracle
Trindy's Hope For A Miracle
Trindy's Miracle Man
Trindy's Endless Miracle
Trindy's Just Like A Miracle
Shaggy Toller's King Size Dove
Shaggy Toller's King Size Teal
Shaggy Toller's King Size Eagle
Star Wars King Kong
S VCH Star Wars King Louie
Star Wars Queen Amidala
S VCH Star Wars Queen Millennia
Star Wars Queen Velvet
Cinnstars Redhead Aquila
CH Salsipuedes of Cinnstar
Cinnstar Mistral at Firestar
Cinnstars Dust in the Wind
Cinnstar Dixie
CH Cinnstars Chaos Theory RN AX OAJ
Cinnstar Crystal Spirit FDX, ONYX, USDAA: PD-1 PS-1 PI Gamblers, CGC
Trindy's Real Glamour Girl
SE VCH Honey Creek's Real Madrid
Honey Creek's Valencia
Honey Creek's Barcelona
Honey Creek's Real Zaragoza
Honey Creek's Sevilla
Trindy's Yes I'm Red Gag
FI & SE & EE & NO & NORDIC CH LV & RU JCH FIW-14 Trindy's Yes I'm Red
Trindy's Yes Please
Trindy's Yes Sir
Trindy's Yes For Sure
Trindy's Yes I Do
Trindy's Yes I Hope
Maxcellent Abby
Maxcellent Kirabo
Maxcellent Barakat
Maxcellent Bogdan
Maxcellent Devdan
Maxcellent Eudora
Maxcellent Godiva
Maxcellent Matea
Maxcellent Mehrdad
Maxcellent Pandora
Maxcellent Shai
Maxcellent Aibo
Maxcellent Alex
Maxcellent Amor
Maxcellent Amy
Maxcellent Andor
Maxcellent Arak
Maxcellent Ascar
Maxcellent Axel
Maxcellent Ayla
Maxcellent Fernando
Maxcellent Voulez-Vous
Maxcellent Gime Gime Gime
Maxcellent Waterloo
Maxcellent Dancing Queen
Maxcellent Chiquitita
Maxcellent Mama Mia
Maxcellent I Have A Dream
Bran Targaryen Fire
Balerion Targaryen Fire
Benjen Targaryen Fire
Big Richard Targaryen Fire
PL J CH, PL CH Lauvstuas Olympic Orion Ayrdust KT I
Lauvstuas Olga Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Olaya Sirka Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Ollie Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Olympic Maestro Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Oliver Scott Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Olympic Buster Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Oleo Ayrdust
CZ Ch Finie Rose Sexy Rexy
DCh-VDH, DCh-DRC, CZ-Ch Foxy Fox Sexy Rexy C.I.B.
Angie Chodske Stesti
JCH CZ Anabell Chodske stesti
Archie Chodske stesti
Arnie Chodske stesti
Aurelius Chodske stesti
Attila Chodske stesti
Attis Chodske stesti
Ammy Chodske stesti
Annie Chodske stesti
Aggi Chodske stesti
Club Junior Winner, J CH CZ, CH MNE, CH SM, CH AZ Kalmegess' Canadian Ranger
Kalmegess' Hold The Torch High
Kalmegess' Medal Of Honour
Kalmegess' Northern Lights
Kalmegess' King Of Prussia
Kalmegess' Lest We Forget
Kalmegess' One To Remember
Kalmegess Flower of the Forest CGN
Connie z Dejzyna Dvora
Cedrik z Dejzyna Dvora
Clark z Dejzyna Dvora
Cesar z Dejzyna Dvora
Cyrus z Dejzyna Dvora
Claris z Dejzyna Dvora
Caria z Dejzyna Dvora
Clea z Dejzyna Dvora
Casey z Dejzyna Dvora
Clif z Dejzyna Dvora
Casper z Dejzyna Dvora

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