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Rosie X Chance

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Rosie X Chance
Swanavly By Chance
CH,JunCh,JunSpecialty Winner Swanavly By Design
ChSer Swanavly By Heart
Swanavly By Art
Swanavly By Dream
Swanavly By Surprise
Swanavly By Charm
CH Ser JCH Ser Swanavly Chardonnay Savoy
Ch Ser JCH Ser Swanavly Champagne Moet
IntCh,JCh,Ch Ser,Club Winner 2011, Swanavly Imperial Peridot
Swanavly Imperial Jade
Swanavly Imperial Amethyst
IntChSerCh Crufts Qualifiied 2016 Swanavly Imperial Emerald
ChSer JunCh Swanavly Imperial Garnet
SerCH Swanavly Ray of Charm JW
Swanavly Ray of Grace
Swanavly Ray of Style
SerCH Swanavly Ray of Passion
Int Ch Ro Ch Swanavly Ray of Love
Swanavly Ray of Sunshine
ChSr Swanavly Royal Scarlet
Ch Sr Swanavly Royal Carnelian
ChSr Swanavly Royal Vermilion
Ser Ch Swanavly Royal Crimson JW
ChSr Swanavly Royal Cardamon
ChSr Swanavly Royal Carmen
Ch Sr Swanavly Royal Persimonne
Swanavly Royal Alzarinne
ChSr, ChMac. Swanavly Royal Rosilla JCh
INT CH, FR/PT/LUX/DK/NORW/SWE CH Mitcharron Love Bug of Francosvaley
Mitcharron Love Affair with Arkathia
IntCh,SerCh,JCh,Jun Club W. '07, ClubWin '08,'09. Swanavly Nordic Breeze
Swanavly Nordic Memories
IntCh,SerCH, Club Winner '08,'09 Swanavly Nordic Sun
Bulg.Club Winner 08 Swanavly Nordic Pride
GER VDH CH. & CLUB CH. CRUFTS qualifiied 2016 Swanavly Nordic Venture
Swanavly Nordic Adventure
SerCH Swanavly Nordic Seal Ch Reproduction
PL Junior Club Winner'14, PL Junior Champion, PL Champion Trubliss SMARTY PANTS
Trubliss STAND BY ME
Int.Ch.Srb.Ch, CroCH,Jun.CH,Club Winner '07 Nunsbrook Peregrine Falcon Qualified for Crufts for Life
IL.CH Nunsbrook Goshawk
Nunsbrook Curlew JW
Nunsbrook Ptarmigan JW
Nunsbrook Linnit At Glentayne
Eng.Sh.Ch Marjamez Midnight Cowboy at Westervane JW
Marjamez Midas Touch
Marjamez Mission of Love at Whitehills
Eng. SH. CH. Marjamez Memories At Linchael
Marjamez Milli Vanilli
Nunsbrook Tanager JW
Nunsbrook Firecrest At Oakaren
Nunsbrook Willow Warbler At Rossend
CH Nunsbrook Desert Warbler
Nunsbrook Dusky Warbler
Soul Charisma Wag-A-Lot
RJCH RCH RCHCL Soul Charisma Winsome
Winnie of Soulcharisma
William of Soulcharisma
Wallace of Soulcharisma
Int. SH.CH., Multi CH., Club Winner 2011 Soulcharisma Wizzdom
Eng SH.CH. Camrose Time To Return JW
Camrose Time to Dream
Camrose Goldtreve Toffer
INT.CH Serb/Bulgarian Ch. Camrose Time for Tiffin (A.I.)
Camrose Time to Travel
Camrose Time to Tango
Camrose Time For Love
Camrose Time Traveller
Camrose Toffer's Bequest Of Rodos
Camrose Toffer's Return At Seamourne
Ch Ro, Int Ch, Club Winner 2008 Swanavly Silver Joy Club Winner Best Bitch 2006,;07,08
Swanavly Silver Jazzman
Int.Ch.& Scg Ch. Swanavly Silver Jasper
Int.Ch.,Cro Ch. & Scg Ch., Club Win.''05 Swanavly Silver Jade Crufts Qual for Life
Int.Ch.& SCG Ch. Swanavly Silver Jazz
SCG Ch. Swanavly Silver Jessy
Swanavly Silver Jenny
Swanavly Silver Josy

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