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Durch Dick und D?nn Distel

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Durch Dick und D?nn Distel
Durch Dick und D?nn Dachs
Durch Dick und D?nn D?ne Paddyson
Durch Dick und D?nn Dante
Durch Dick und D?nn Dobby
Durch Dick und DŁnn Dolle Deern Mette
Durch Dick und D?nn Dohle
FTAW Kayteens Star at Meadowlark
Kayteens Koala
Kayteens Scally
Kayteens Stitch
Kayteens Cody
FTCh Bedgebrook Excalibur
Bedgebrook Elk Mountain Of Mitheridge
Bedgebrook England Skipper
Bedgebrook Ebony
Bedgebrook Eestendah
Bedgebrook Elderberry
Bedgebrook Eider
Bedgebrook Elise
FTCh Hamford Zealot of Highsea's
Hamford Zoe
Hamford Zenith
Hamford Zack
Hamford Zane
Hamford Ziggy
Hamford Zulu
Hamford Zephur
FTW Muddymile Dunlin of Bedgebrook
FTW Muddymile Blackcap of Tasco
Muddymile Drongo
Muddymile Dabchick
Muddymile Dipper
Muddymile Dove
Muddymile Dunnock
Muddymile Diver Of Longcopse
FTCh Pryanduke Fenmarc Quest
Pryanduke Bella Begune
Pryanduke Classic Leader
Pryanduke Gallant Boy
Pryanduke Gemini Princess
Pryanduke Material Girl
Pryanduke Regal Rose
Pryanduke Gipsy Warrior
Pryanduke Santa Sophia
FTW Seasway Tramp
Seasway Bracken
Seasway Shadow
Seasway Spider
Merry Magnolia
Pretty Petunia
Cuddly Camelia
Heroic Hemlock
Captain Cardoon
Master Majoram
Mark Hush Magician
Arthur Of Apedale
Castle Bolton Captain
Angel Abelia
Just Jasmine's
Little Lonely Star
Westgill Wonder Lady
Woodale Bombadier
Lavender and Lace of Swanway
Durch Dick und DŁnn Alva
Durch Dick und DŁnn Anton
Durch Dick und D?nn Albert
Durch Dick und D?nn Ahoi K?pt'n A. J. Paul
Durch Dick und D?nn August
Durch Dick und D?nn Albus
Durch Dick und D?nn Alma
Durch Dick und D?nn Aenna
Durch Dick und D?nn Amsel
Durch Dick und D?nn Aspe
Lloris vom Keien Fenn
Logos vom Keien Fenn
Lennox vom Keien Fenn
Larry vom Keien Fenn
Lagopus-Uuno vom Keien Fenn
Luca vom Keien Fenn
Lino vom Keien Fenn
FTCh Larix vom Keien Fenn
Lucy vom Keien Fenn
Lieke vom Keien Fenn
FTCh Brindlebay Butler
FTW Brindlebay Brimstone of Beechbrook
Brindlebay Blush af Balbirnie
SE JCH Brindlebay Bonus
Brindlebay Ninja
Brindlebay Nora
Brindlebay Badger
Brindlebay Bewitched
Brindlebay Bliss
Brindlebay Nina
Brindlebay Tyler
FTW Brindlebay Tolley of Greenfox
Brindlebay Nathaniel Of Oysterbed
Brindlebay Noddy
Brindlebay Nelson
Brindlebay Nicky
Brindlebay Natalie Of Birdbrook
Brindlebay Nessie
Brindlebay Bounty
Brindlebay Bedazzle of Bedgebrook
Brindlebay Bluebell of Rhypyker
OFTAW Ginger vom Keien Fenn
Gneissi-Okko vom Keien Fenn
Gillmore vom Keien Fenn
Guste vom Keien Fenn
Gemma vom Keien Fenn
Gaya vom Keien Fenn
Questing Ballykeel Bramble
Questing Ballinteskin Cleo
Questing Ballsmill Bonnie
Questing Bellyonan Bolt
Questing Balyward Baron
Questing Bessbrook More
Questing Bellurgan Barrett
Questing Ballybinaby Bhanna
Questing Barleyfield Achille
FTW Chief Lightning Bolt
Flaming Maggie
FTW Oakleaf Warlord
Rosie Rhoda Of Lettergreen
Chorus Boy Sings
Emperor Royal
Flip Flop
Laughing Tine
Little Brazilien
Rock Of Eire
Rum King
Spanish Angel
ChTf & OFTW Haredale Orenda
Haredale Olwyn
Haredale Oran
Haredale Only Dottie
Haredale Oraya
Haredale Orisha
Haredale Orre

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