Golden Retriever

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HR Ammo's Gaelic Storm I'm Having A Blast CDX BN GN JH TKN WC CCA

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

HR Ammo's Gaelic Storm I'm Having A Blast CDX BN GN JH TKN WC CCA
Ammo Huntin' Miss Lula Belle
Ammo's All About That Bass OA OAJ DJ CGC TKN
Ammo's Chena Red Renegade Jeep JH MX MXJ OF
Ammo Catch Of The Day MH
Ammo's Top-Notch Wing Woman
Ammo's Rhythm N' Brew CD JH WC CCA
Heads Up I'm Your Wingman MH WCX QA2
Heads Up Red Hot Honey JH WCI
Heads Up Mackenzie Gale CD BN RE
Heads Up Piper
Heads Up Rockets Red Baron JH MX MXJ MXB MJB T2B MXF
Heads Up Handy Man Hudson ** MH WCX
FC Firemark Rackem And Stackem Casey OS
Firemark's Stoli Made Me Woozy
Firemark Against the Wind WCX
HR Firemark We Have Ignition CDX SH WCX CGC
Firemark's Rug-ged Online
Firemark Life of Riley
Firemark Ballistic Bunny OA AXJ AXP MJP2 OF MFP
Firemarks Falcon JH
FC AFC LaCrosse Max Q Jake JH OS FDHF
Lacrosse Commander Cody JH
Redstar's Rockstar Of Lacrosse CD WCX **
LaCrosse's Regal Elizabeth UDX OM1 RE MH NA
Redstar's LaCrosse Jade
Lacrosse's Comeback Kid Jake WCX ***
Lacrosse I Dare You OD
Timber Pond Harley Of LaCrosse
Lacrosse's Jokers Wild
Jersey's Copper of Lacrosse
Chancefield's Viking Raider
Lacrosse's Primo Gusto
Lacrosse's Hd Thoreau
Miss Mercedez Of Lacrosse
Lacrosse's Risin Ruby MH WCX **
Lacrosse's Running Brooke MH WCX ***OD
Firemark Prepare for Takeoff UD MH WCX *** OD
Firemark Dudley
Firemarks Gator Growl
Wildheart Navajo Fire
Firemark's Mr. Maverick JH **
GMHR Can OTCH Firemark's Piece of Cake UDX MH WCX CCA VCX Am/Can ***
Firemark Cajun Bonfire MH ***
Firemark's Flamin' Phoenix MH
Heads Up Lock And Load Am JH/ Can MH WCX OD
Brassfire's Tombi UD SH OM1 ***
Brassfire's Its5oclocksomewhere ** MH WCX CCA
Brassfire Traveling Girl @ Millennium
Brassfire's Illegally Blonde At Shady Grove JH
Brassfire Here We Go Again JH
OTCH Brassfire's Target Cee Cee UDX2 OM5 RN OBHF
Brassfire's Annie Oakley
Brassfire's Hard Drive SH
Brassfire's Batten Down The Hatches UD SH TKI
Brassfire's Lord Have Mercy SH ***
Brassfire's Attitude Sail'N W/Capt'N Flash MH MAH WCX HTHF
OTCH Brassfire's Pedal2themetal MH TD WCI DD RATCH CZ8G SDO SD-CH VS Am. WC CCA
Brassfire Dashing Darling @ Arkgold SH WC CCA
Lakwoia's Copper Code WC ** OS / Can**
Kiowa's Proper Pete MH
Lakwoia's Mango Tango Fandango JH WC OD
SR Kiowa's Chief Medicine Man
HRCH Surefire Texas Fulltilt Boogie CDX MH WCX OD U-CD
Brassfire's Golikeajetta MH WCX OD
Brassfire's Full Throttle MH **
Brassfire Kelty JH
Phelan's Rockin Roxey JH
Brassfire's It's A Wrap MH
Brassfire's Ruby
GMOTCh Brassfire Bucky T Boomster
MACH Redwing's Gossip In The Grain MH MXS MJB NF WCX ADHF VCX CCA
Redwing's Upland Warrior
Redwing Summer Breez on The BigHorns
Redwing's Carolina Bock JH
Choctaw's Yukon Copper Penny MH MNH4 WCX ** OS HTHF
Choctaw's Copperbottom Jax
Choctaw's Kulta Polka
Choctaw's Sir Henry Of Zion
Buckshot's Yukon Bontonbeau MH MNH3 WCX **
Buckshots Bedrock Maggie
Buckshot's Up In Smoke
Buckshot's Dixie Chick
Buckshot's You've Got It Maid
Choctaw's Penny Lane JH
Choctaw Sweet Molly Malone
Waterfords Whispering Willow
Choctaw's Mustang Sally
Choctaw's Commander In Chief
Choctaw's Chief Palomino
Wilson (SN91560007)
Choctaw's Cutter Gold Flash JH WC
Mioak's Gangsta Girl MH
Mioaks Atticus Finch WCX
Mioak's All Riled Up
Mioaks Southbound Sammy JH
Mioak's Rain Or Shine
Mioak's Missippi Fritz MH
Mioaks Ivys Dexter SH
Mioak's Racing In The Rain MH ** OS
Mioaks Kracklin Zoe MH
Mioak's Mr Woody **
Rv Atr's Gangstaman MH *** OS
Atr Doc Holiday **
Mioaks Dutchmans Ivy *** OD
Annabelle Get Your Gun WC
Creek's PT Cruiser
Creek Brandy Old Fashion WCX
Creek's Picture Perfect

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