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GOats vom Mitteldeich

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

GOats vom Mitteldeich (0/0)
Fiene vom Mitteldeich (0)
Finlay vom Mitteldeich (FCI 0/0, OCD shoulders clear)
Fleur vom Mitteldeich (0/0)
Flinke Limit vom Mitteldeich (0/0)
Flinker Carlson vom Mitteldeich (0)
Flinker Coco vom Mitteldeich (0)
Flinte vom Mitteldeich (0/0, OCD ankle joint)
Fritz Müller vom Mitteldeich (0)
Fritzi vom Mitteldeich (0)
Gentleman vom Mitteldeich (0/3 (OCD))
Gin Tonic vom Mitteldeich (3/0 (FCP))
Godspeed vom Mitteldeich (0/0)
Good Boy Bandet vom Mitteldeich (0/0)
Gentle Ridge vom Mitteldeich (0/0)
Gaston vom Mitteldeich (0/0)
Gamekeeper vom Mitteldeich (0/0)
FTCh Ferbury Lancelot Of Smithsteads (BVA 0)
Ferbury Lark
Ferbury Lavender (BVA 0)
Ferbury Lawrence
Ferbury Lettice (BVA 0)
Ferbury Lewis
Ferbury Lily
Ferbury Lincoln
Ferbury Loganberry
Ferbury Lovage
FTW Brockweir Blitz Of Smithsteads (0)
Brockweir Beacon Of Callowhill
Brockweir Black Olive (0)
Brockweir Bouncer At Millgreen (2)
Brockweir Banter
Brockweir Black Cherry
Brockweir Breese
Brockweir Blackthorn
FTCh Wingsham Tinder of Smithsteads (BVA 0/0)
Cheiftain Humphrey (3)
Inca Girl
Churchtown Leda
Dingbell Montague
Pasturegate Cuba
FTCh Brockweir Rosemary
Brockweir Rhyme
Brockweir Ranger
Brockweir Raven
Brockweir Ruby
Ferbury Jasmine
Ferbury Jupiter (0)
Ferbury Jacinta
Ferbury Jasper
Ferbury Jessica
Ferbury Jodie
Ferbury Juniper
Ferbury Just Willow
FTW Dealminster Dancer
Dealminster Domino
Hoffbank Ferdy
Hoffbank Flora (0)
Hoffbank Felicia
Ragweed's Apina (FCI 0/0)
Ragweed's Adell (0, OCD clear)
Ragweed's Abby (0, OCD shoulder clear)
FTW Ragweed's Aston of Fendawood (BVA 0)
Ragweed's A Triple A
Ragweed's Activitiy
Ragweed's Adder
Ragweed's Alice
Ragweed's Allrounder
Ragweed's April
FTCh Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood (BVA 0)
Delfleet Nugget Of Ettinsmoor
Delfleet Nickle At Kayteens
Delfleet Morning Star
Delfleet Nightingale
Delfleet Nuthatch
Delfleet Nettle At Naughtland
Delfleet Nymph
Delfleet Pike
Delfleet Night Jar (0)
Delfleet Blue Of Lundhill
Delfleet Paddy
Delfleet Peat
Delfleet Perfection
Delfleet Pilot
Delfleet Poacher
Delfleet Pride
FTW Delfleet Ptarmigan
FTCh Mediterian Blue
Ceader View
Beach Comba of Liddlesbrook (1)
Ebony Black as Night
Summer Satin
Mustard Spice
Ash Coppice
Hopefull Willow
Teak Street
Artic White
Delfleet Dawn Flush
Delfleet Dougal By Westernash
Delfleet Debonair
Delfleet Duke
Delfleet Dynamo
Delfleet Diva
Ragweed's Zed (0, OCD shoulder clear)
Ragweed's Zoe (0/0)
Ragweed's Zap (0/0)
Int FTCH Ragweed's Zolo (0, OCD shoulder clear)
Ragweed's Zabrina (0, OCD shoulder clear)
Ragweed's Zealot
Ragweed's Zippy
FTCh Fernshot Comet
Fernshot Dasher
Fernshot Rudolph Of Pryanduke
Fernshot Cupid
Fernshot Dancer
Fernshot Vixen
Fernshot Blitzen
Fernshot Prancer
Ragweed's Joplin (0-0)
Ragweed's Jade
Ragweed's Jazztide (0/0)
Ragweed's Janks (0-0)
Ragweed's J.Lubberland
Ragweed's Jordan
Ragweed's Jos
Ragweed's Jebbwill
Ragweed's Joule

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