Golden Retriever

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Offspring of BIS BISS GCHB GoldRox SunnyDreams Fire Starter MBISS SDHF OS (5/16/2017-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of CH Casey's Foxwoods Fame and Fortune:

Foxwoods Windfall (1/6/2022-)

Out of CH. Captivate's Give Me One Good Riesen:

Baypointe's In The Nick Of Time TKN VHMP (12/7/2021-)

Out of Bearabella's Super Marvel:

Bearabella's Shake, Rattle And Roll (1/18/2022-)

Out of CH GoldRox Igniting Change:

GoldRox Feel the Thunder (6/28/2021-)

Out of ElkCreek Hook Line and Sinker:

ElkCreek Catch A Falling Star (12/8/2021-)
ElkCreek The Early Bird Catches the Worm (12/8/2021-)

Out of CH Dogwoods Mercy-Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses CGC, TKN, DJ:

Grace N Dogwood Burnin' Holes In My Pockets (2/12/2022-)
Grace N Dogwood Liar Liar Pants On Fire (2/12/2022-)

Out of CH Pendery's Ewe've Got Street Smarts DJ:

Pendery’s I Will Always Love Ewe (2/14/2022-)

Out of Am CH Scion Sticky Situation:

Scion Light My Fire CGC (7/10/2021-)

Out of CH Casey's Bewitched:

Casey's Aim High at GoldRox BISS (10/17/2021-)

Out of Nordic Adventure to the Northern Lights:

Sonic XV (6/25/2019-)

Out of AmCH Golden Trip Maximus Fabulous Dorah:

CH Maximus Golden Trip Lord Of The Manor (10/11/2020-)
CH Maximus Catalina at Grandquest (10/11/2020-)

Out of BPIS CanCh Dalmore Luna Lovegood:

Nevani's Comin' In Hot (6/6/2021-)
Nevani's Hot Stuff (6/6/2021-)
Nevani's Hot Tamale (6/6/2021-)

Out of Goldiva's Love Potion No. 9 With Keystone:

Goldiva’s Golden Chalis with GoldRox (1/26/2021-)

Out of Am CH/Can CH Goldiva's Liquid Lunch:

Can CH Goldiva's Nantucket Figawi Wowie with GoldRox (7/6/2020-)
Goldiva's Savor The Black Pearl (7/6/2020-)
Goldiva's Sea Breeze With Goldrox (7/6/2020-)

Out of Gemini's & Hp Goldenz 2nd Amendment:

Gemini's Sedona Grace Wildfire CGCU CGCA (3/19/2020-)

Out of Crescent She's The One:

MBISS GCHB Crescent GoldRox Worth His Wait In Gold CGC TKN POA MBISS (2/18/2019-) [OFA GR-132247G25M-VPI]
Crescent Oh the Places You'll Go! (2/18/2019-) [OFA GR-133150F26F-VPI ]

Out of GCH CH Autumnwind's Lucy I'm Home:

Rose Gold's Some Kinda Onederful (7/23/2021-)

Out of Amica She Gives Me Butterflies CCA:

Arkgold Amica the Missing Piece CCA (10/1/2020-)

Out of Eclipse's Two Too Many At Monark RN, CA:

Monark's Can'T Wait To Be King At Still Waters (10/22/2019-)
Ch Monark's All Tangled Up In Max (10/22/2019-) [OFA GR-135227G24M-VPI]

Out of BISS, GCH. Casey's All Dolled Up:

GCH Casey's Here We Go Again (10/22/2020-)
Casey's Foxwoods Limitless (10/22/2020-)

Out of CH Dynasty's Soar Above The Sea DN CGC:

Dynasty's Rockin Robin (11/22/2020-)

Out of 24kt The Power Of Magic:

24kt In A League Of Her Own (1/6/2021-)
CH 24KT A Work Of Art (1/6/2021-)
24kt The Perfect Pour (1/6/2021-)
24KT Start A Fire (1/6/2021-)

Out of CH Loralei's American Girl BOSS:

Loralei GoldRox Wheels Up (2/29/2020-) [OFA GR-137082G25F-C-VPI ]
Loralei's Ready For Takeoff TKA VHMA VHMP (2/29/2020-)
Loralei's Hitchhiking To The Yellow Moon CGC (2/29/2020-)
Loralei's Somewhere With You BCAT (2/29/2020-)

Out of CH Passion's Play That Song CDX:

CH Passion's Knockin' Boots @ Emncee BISS (7/5/2020-)
Passion’s Drops Of Jupiter (7/5/2020-)
Passion’s Angel In Blue Jeans (7/5/2020-)
BPISS CH Passion's Knox Your Socks Off At Nolichucky CGC, TKN (7/5/2020-)
Passion's Luna Incendio (7/5/2020-)
Passion's Lilt Of Irish Laughter CGC TKI VHMA VHMP (1/24/2021-)
Passion's Fair Winds And Following Seas FDC THDN CGC TKI VHMA VHMP TDI STAR PUPPY (1/24/2021-)

Out of Forest Glen's Over The Waterfall CCA CGC:

Forest Glen's Fire Sign CCA CGC (4/7/2020-)
Forest Glen's Throw Caution To The Wind @ Cassimere (4/7/2020-)
Forest Glen's Calls the Wind Mariah (4/7/2020-)
Forest Glen's Grace Under Fire (4/7/2020-)
Forest Glen's Little Whirlwind (4/7/2020-)
Forest Glen Maker of Rain (4/7/2020-)
Forest Glen's Fire and Ice (4/7/2020-)
Forest Glen's Summer Rain (4/7/2020-)
Forest Glen's Earth Traveler (4/7/2020-)

Out of Am CH /Can CH Goldiva's Singing With The Saints At Poeticgold:

Goldiva's Madama Butterfly At Goldnview (4/23/2021-)
Goldiva's Tristan und Isolde @ GoldRox (4/23/2021-)

Out of CH Pendery's Something Quite Special:

Pendery N’ Dolce Vita’s Beach, Please! (5/10/2021-)
Pendery GoldRox Beaches Love Me BISS (5/10/2021-)

Out of CH Mud Lake She's Got Game BISS, BOSS:

Mud Lake I Want Some Mo (7/21/2020-)

Out of Hillside Marilyn Minnow:

Jasara N Keltic Playing With Fire (2/23/2020-) [OFA GR-136667F24F-C-VPI]
Jasara's Hearts on Fire @Providence (2/23/2020-)
Jasara's Fire and Desire @ Belmont (2/23/2020-) [OFA GR-137409G25F-P-VPI]

Out of GoldRox All Fired Up!:

GoldRox Pants on Fire (7/1/2019-)
GoldRox Hang Five (2/24/2021-)

Out of Champagne GoldRox Ruffing The Passer RN DS:

CH GoldRox Beach Don't Krill My Vibe (7/25/2019-) [OFA GR-134188G24F-VPI]
IntCH Goldrox Magik's Carp-Et Ride BN RA (7/25/2019-) [OFA GR-134535G25F-VPI ]
GoldRox First Mate CGC (7/1/2021-)

Out of Cloud 9's Making A Splash At Lakewood CD RN CA:

Lakewood's A Jolly Ole' Tale (8/14/2020-)
Lakewood's Angel In The Orioles Outfield

Out of U-CH Grindol's A Drop of Golden Sun CGC:

Cover's Never Imagined (12/27/2019-) [OFA GR-136241G25M-P-VPI]

Out of Leongolden Nuts About You At Epic:

Epic's She's Got Class BISS (11/11/2020-)

Out of Gower's Colorado Rocky Mountain High:

CH Gamechanger's High Caliber By Gower DS (1/22/2020-)

Out of GCH CH Captivate N Havoc Girl On Fire:

Golden Havoc 'Bout to Start a Wildfire (9/22/2020-)

Out of AM GCH/CAN CH Goldiva's Moonlight Margaritas with PoeticGold:

Goldiva's Blackjack wth GoldRox (12/18/2020-)

Out of Magik's Sandpiper:

Magik's I'm A Believer FDC (10/13/2019-)
Intl CH Magik Ripley's Believe It Or Not (10/30/2019-) [OFA GR-136257G27M-C-VPI]

Out of GCH CH Cobblestone's Flying By The Seat Of Her Pants OD:

CH Cobblestone's Devonshire Cream on Top RN BCAT CA CGC TKI (4/19/2019-) [OFA GR-133023G25F-VPI]
Cobblestone Memphis Girl @ Sunrunner (4/19/2019-) [OFA GR-132992F24F-NOPI]
GCH Cobblestone's Liverpool Lad SDHF (4/19/2019-) [OFA GR-133256G24M-VPI]
CH Cobblestone's Walkin' In Memphis (4/19/2019-)

Out of Alpine's Gemini 65 Fastback:

BISS CH Alpine's Gemini The Greatest Showman CGC (4/3/2019-) [OFA GR-132977G24M-VPI]
Alpine's Gemini Born To Be A Star (4/3/2019-) [OFA GR-133371G25F-VPI]

Out of GoldRox Cruisin' Thru Norway BISS DJ RATN:

GCH CH Goldrox Can't Help Falling In Love With ''Blue'' THDN CGC TKN (8/1/2019-) [OFA GR-134190G24M-VPI]

Out of Am CH Captivate's Falling Head Over Heels OD:

CH Captivate's Ring of Fire @ HiCountry (9/6/2019-) [OFA GR-135699G27F-VPI]
Captivate GoldRox Fire In the Sky (9/6/2019-) [OFA GR-134702F24F-VPI]
Captivate's Fire In The Hole (9/6/2019-) [OFA GR-134642G24F-NOPI]
Captivate's Setting The World On Fire (9/16/2019-)

Out of KaraGold's New Celebration:

KaraGold’s Bimini Shines Brightly (11/11/2019-)

Out of CH Mud Lake Verity Delta Queen:

Mud Lake Verity Big Nose Oscar Mike RI, BCAT, DS, HDN (2/12/2020-)

Out of GoldRox Where Dreams Come True CGC,TKN:

Kilowatt’s A Llama Art In The Museum At Goldengae (9/23/2019-)
Kilowatt’s Start The Parade (11/25/2020-)
Kilowatt’s Pass Me A Wing, Man (11/25/2020-)


Amica Providence NA NAJ CGC BCAT DM DSA DS (7/16/2019-) [OFA GR-134091G24M-VPI]
Amica Seirius Legacy RN (7/16/2019-)

Out of CH Tamarack N' Summerwind's Ain't Mis-Behavin:

Summerwind's One Singular Sensation (12/15/2020-)

Out of Am GCH CH Scion Celebrity Watch OD:

Scion Rumors Of Arson (3/29/2019-)
Scion Arson On The Rumor Mill (3/29/2019-)

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