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Offspring of GB FTCh Arcklebear Caribou (12/30/2016-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Gunnerspeg Athena:

Meadowlark Top Man Clark (4/18/2023-)

Out of Zandawns Purple Sedge:

Shakenhurst Ruarie (2019-)

Out of Forestfable Pastures New:

Pebblegrove Flake Of Ryford (2019-)

Out of Vilendal Rosie Vespa:

Krakenmac Roccos Excalibur (1/30/2021-)

Out of Mochuto Scarlet Tanager:

Rosalina Tourmaline (2019-)

Out of Mochuto Rumour Has It:

Mochuto Bite The Bullet (2019-)
Mochuto Easy Does It (2019-)
Mochuto So Far So Good (3/19/2019-) [BVA 5/5]
Mochuto Spill The Beans Of Kapilano (2019-) [3/3]
Mochuto Starburst (2019-)
Mochuto Storm In A Teacup (2019-)

Out of Mochuto Priya:

Mochuto Every Second Counts (2019-)
Mochuto Once Upon A Time (2019-)
Mochuto One Moment In Time (2019-)
Mochuto Only Time Will Tell (2019-)
Mochuto Quality Time (2019-)
Mochuto Question Time (2019-)
Mochuto Sign Of The Times (2019-)
Mochuto Take Your Time (2019-)
Mochuto Tick Tock (2019-)
Mochuto Time After Time (2019-)
Mochuto Time Flies (2019-)

Out of Zandawn Vanda:

Zandawns Curlew (2019-)
Zandawns Gallinule (2019-)
Zandawns Gilded Flicker (11/12/2019-) [A2/A2]
Zandawns Night Hawk (2019-)
Zandawns Petrel (2019-)
Zandawns Plover (2019-)
Zandawns Pocket (2019-)
Zandawns Sandpiper (2019-)

Out of Ruby Blush:

Watercoombe Echo (2019-)
Watercoombe Eddy (2019-)
Watercoombe Elsa (2019-)
Watercoombe Enzo (2019-)
Watercoombe Eric (2019-)
Watercoombe Ernie (2019-)
Watercoombe Eva (2019-)

Out of Belle Of Hertfordshire:


Out of Taifuunittaren May Day:

Taifuunittaren Farewell Big River (2/24/2021-) [FCI A/A]
Taifuunittaren Fortymile (2/24/2021-) [FCI A/A]
Taifuunittaren Fox River (2/24/2021-) [FCI A/A]
Taifuunittaren Sunshine Mountains (2/24/2021-) [FCI A/A]
Taifuunittaren Lorillard (2/24/2021-) [FCI B/B]
Taifuunittaren Rainy Pass (2/24/2021-) [FCI A/A]
Taifuunittaren Bathurst (2/24/2021-)

Out of Joy Of Cecily Hill:

Baby G. Corona vom Gänsesee (5/16/2020-) [C1/D1]
Barnaby vom Gänsesee (5/16/2020-) [A2/A2]
Bella Hannah vom Gänsesee (5/16/2020-)
Bonny Deutschland vom Gänsesee (5/16/2020-) [A1/A1]
Bosse vom Gänsesee (5/16/2020-)
Breido vom Gänsesee (5/16/2020-) [A2/A2]
Buddy vom Gänsesee (5/16/2020-) [A1/B2]

Out of Dual's Hope Proud To Be Called Plum:

Dual's Hope Think Different Think Pepsi (5/5/2020-) [0/2]

Out of Beaconbanks Gem of Cwmcarrog:


Out of Haguehall Adoration:

Kynigos Rae

Out of Let's go Pink von coffeemilk&sugar:

Springlike Abi (10/3/2021-)
Springlike Affectionate Ted (10/3/2021-) [A1/A1]
Springlike Anton (10/3/2021-)
Springlike Ari (10/3/2021-) [A2 / A2]
Springlike Aron (10/3/2021-) [A2/A2]
Springlike Arthen's River (10/3/2021-) [B1 / B1]

Out of OFTAW Arcklebear's Crested Ten:

Arcklebear Eurion (7/31/2020-)
Arcklebear Aubernpeak (7/31/2020-)
Arcklebear Island Hopper (7/31/2020-)
Arcklebear Kea (7/31/2020-) [5/6]
Arcklebear Might Max (7/31/2020-)
Arcklebear First Blood (7/31/2020-) [BVA 1/3]
Arcklebear Tigger (7/31/2020-) [2/2]
Arcklebear Coral (2022-)
Arcklebear Happiness (2022-)
Arcklebear Mellow (2022-)
Arcklebear Regis (2022-)
Arcklebear Streatley Crest (2022-)
Arcklebear Whisper (2022-)
Arcklebear Wolford (2022-)

Out of Hawksrigg Bonnibelle Of Kaliture:

Kaliture Bilberry (2019-)
Kaliture Borage (2019-)
Kaliture Burdock (2019-) [4/3]
Kaliture Dill (2019-)
Kaliture Fennel (2019-)
Kaliture Saffron (2019-)

Out of unknown dam:

Beggarbush north of Severncrest

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