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Offspring of MBISS GCHB CH Lakeside Memoir Of Gallivant CGC, TKN (11/30/2015-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)


GCHB Paloma's Not My First Rodeo at Firewater (3/4/2019-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Ridgeway's Bellatrix Lu:

Ridgeway's Scarlet (7/21/2020-)

Out of GCHS CH Chambrays Midnight Delta Lady CGC:

Chambray's Piper Calls the Tune (2/28/2021-)

Out of Bellbidgee PS I Love You:

Seafaeries Agatha

Out of CH Hylakes I Feel Pretty:

OKE God of the North (1/25/2023-)

Out of Marsals Hello Dollie Sr:

CH PTD Hylakes Marsals Black Lexus (10/21/2020-)
CH Hylakes Goliath (10/21/2020-) [OFA LR-267607G29M-P-VPI]

Out of Triton's Myra At Breckin:

Breckin Lovely Rita (5/9/2019-)

Out of Seal Cove's Forget Me Not:

Seal Cove's O My Darling (6/21/2019-) [OFA Good]

Out of ClearCreek Sprinkled with Stardust:

Pl.Jr.Ch Clearcreek Remember The Time
GCH Clearcreek Rock Paper Scissors at Gallivant (11/23/2021-) [OFA Good]

Out of Holiday At Hyspire Bella Mare:

Ch Hyspire Hylakes The Master Of Bella Mare (11/15/2020-) [A]

Out of AM Ch Dallen Atlantic Careful What You Wish For:

BISS MBOSS GCHB CH Rockycreek Trail Of Memories JH CGC TKN RN (6/2/2018-) [OFA good]

Out of Windwood's Enchanting Modea:

Windwood's Bellatrix Lestrange (7/5/2018-) [OFA LR-249089G25F-VPI]
Windwood's Maleficent (7/5/2018-) [OFA LR-249043G25F-VPI]
Windwood's Draco Malfoy DN (7/5/2018-) [OFA LR-249088E25M-VPI]

Out of GCH Paradocs Mehndi:

Paradocs AK Viola [OFA Excellent]
AK's Never Faraway From Paradocs (2/6/2021-)
AK's Paradocs India
CH Paradocs AK Martin (2/6/2021-) [Good]

Out of CH WaterOak's Agatha Christie:

CH WaterOak's Talking To The Moon (11/15/2018-) [OFA LR-251768E24M-VPI]

Out of Zinfndel's Connect Four:

Zinfndel's Connect The Dots (5/4/2017-)
AM. CH. Zinfndel's Consider The Source (5/4/2017-) [OFA Good]

Out of GCH Gallivant Drippin' In Finesse:

Gallivant Denim and Diamonds (5/6/2020-) [OFA Good]

Out of BISS GCH GhostStone HySpire Xoxo:

MBIS MBISS GCHG CH HySpire Ghoststone A Tough Nut To Crack (3/15/2020-) [OFA LR-262183G25M-P-VPI]

Out of Everland's Creme Brulee:

CH Everland's Greased Lightnin' (7/13/2017-) [OFA LR-241829G24M-VPI]
Everland's Greased Lightning

Out of Am GCH CH Atlantic's Nothin' But Lilies:

RBIS MBISS Am GCHG CH Atlanticís Thunder Road at Ghoststone (2/1/2019-) [OFA LR-253698G25M-VPI]

Out of BOSS CH Sher-Mi 3C Marzipan:

Sher-Mi 3C's Light Up The Night At Clearwater (8/20/2018-) [OFA LR-249231G24F-VPI]
Sher-Mi 3C Huntsdown Biscotti (8/20/2018-)

Out of AOM GCH BBPISS Madabout's Apple Of Our I:

CanCH Madaboutís Dancing In The Big Apple (11/18/2020-)

Out of CH Hoffmann's Button'D Tight:

Hoffmann's Mr Perfectly Fine (4/25/2021-)
Hoffmanns Let Go My Eggo

Out of The Princess Of Oz (Concha):

GRCH Maroma's Captain Cove (5/21/2017-) [A]

Out of GCH Lakeside Fairlane Darcee:

Lakeside No Words (10/23/2022-)

Out of Ch Piccadilly Hyspire Hidden Paradise:

AM Ch HySpire Sunnydaze Prerequisite at Tuscany (3/17/2018-)

Out of Can CH GoFetch Molasses Coady:

GCH CH GoFetch Gone Gallivanting (6/9/2017-) [OFA Good]
Am/Can GCH CH GoFetch Beaumont Hamel (4/14/2018-) [OFA Good ]
Am CH Gofetch Gallivant Iceberg Alley (6/9/2017-)

Out of CH. Fishpaw Lakeside Trolling The Shoreline:

Lakeside Offshore Tackle At Fishpaw (1/6/2017-)
Lakeside Ride The Tide

Out of CH Atlantic's As You Wish:

Atlantic's Grant a Wish (10/22/2017-)

Out of CanCH Eagertrieve Follow The Queen:

Eagertrieve's The Mockingjay

Out of Mocnys Incredibly Zany:


Out of CH Gallivant's Unica on Broadway:

Gallivant Broadway's The Parisian Woman (11/13/2017-) [OFA Excellent]
Gallivant Broadway's My Fair Lady (11/13/2017-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of JWW'15, JCH.CRO. Snoopy's Gang Element of Surprise Multi JBIS Winner, SLO Club Winner'16:

Fullcool Niagara (3/26/2018-) [FCI A]
ChFJ FullCool New Orleans (3/26/2018-) [FCI B/B]
JCH.CRO.BIH.RS. CH.CRO. Fullcool Norton (3/26/2018-) [FCI B]

Out of GCH CH SR Abhainn's Dancing in the Skye JH SHU:

GCH CH Skye's MacAskill with Abhainn CGC JH (9/25/2019-) [OFA LR-257984G24M-VPI]
GCHB CH Abhainn's Keeper of the Quaich JH (9/25/2019-)

Out of CH Clearcreek Chicka Chicka Boom Boom:

ClearCreek Bewitched (11/1/2017-) [OFA Good]
ClearCreek Marie Laveau

Out of GCH CH Chocorua Asquam Flying Fifinella:

Asquam Pistol Packin' Momma (3/27/2019-) [OFA LR-256275G27F-VPI]

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