K9data.comNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Offspring of Jalna's Zealous Zephyr (8/27/1986-6/1997)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Flyingtollers Chitty Bonita:

Flyingtollers Adeline Love (12/2/1989-)
Flyingtollers Vicki (12/2/1989-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Foxy (S12494/90) (12/2/1989-)
Flyingtollers Lady (12/2/1989-)
Flyingtollers Sacko (12/2/1989-)

Out of Flyingtollers Anna:

Flyingtollers Ronja (S63205/94) (10/3/1993-) [FCI ua]

Out of Flyingtoller (S01184/85):

Flyingtollers Zazza (2/25/1989-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Ida (S25142/89) (2/25/1989-)
Flyingtollers Nirka (2/25/1989-)
N UCH Flyingtollers Teddy (2/25/1989-) [FCI A]
Flyingtollers Ronja (S25141/89) (2/25/1989-)
Flyingtollers Renate (2/25/1989-)

Out of Fo Bi Tollers Patricia:

Teufelwalds Atuff (10/13/1989-) [FCI ua]
LP Teufelwalds Aslak (10/13/1989-) [FCI ua]
Teufelwalds Askott (10/13/1989-) [FCI ua]
Teufelwalds Anusch (10/13/1989-) [FCI ua]
Teufelwalds Anock (10/13/1989-) [FCI ua]

Out of Fo Bi Tollers Adelina:

Listaskogens Butch (7/25/1988-) [FCI ua]
Listaskogens Buck (7/25/1988-)
Listaskogens Bruno (7/25/1988-)
Listaskogens Brumel (7/25/1988-)
Listaskogens Bill (7/25/1988-)
Listaskogens Betty (7/25/1988-) [FCI ua]
Listaskogens Bent (7/25/1988-) [FCI ua]
Dolly (S62482/89) (10/1/1989-)
Dandy (10/1/1989-)
Dizzy (10/1/1989-)
Dick (S62480/89) (10/1/1989-) [FCI ua]

Out of Nuch Sunlit Florence Caya:

Sunlit Trym (4/21/1996-)
Sunlit Torry (4/21/1996-)
Sunlit Tore By Zealous Zephyr (4/21/1996-) [FCI A]
Sunlit Tom (4/21/1996-)
Sunlit Tim Ludde (4/21/1996-)
N UCH Sunlit Terry (4/21/1996-) [FCI A]
Sunlit Teo (4/21/1996-)
Sunlit Tara By Zealous Zephyr (4/21/1996-) [FCI A]

Out of Vittmossasens Dolli:

Vittmossasens Bjorne (4/3/1990-)
Vittmossasens Billy (4/3/1990-) [FCI ua]
Vittmossasens Bianka (4/3/1990-)
Vittmossasens Betty (4/3/1990-)
Vittmossasens Benita (4/3/1990-) [FCI ua]
Vittmossasens Basse (4/3/1990-) [FCI ua]

Out of Vittmossasens Bella:

Flyingtollers Noblessa Lou (5/8/1988-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Nicolina Pia (5/8/1988-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Nicke Lilltroll (5/8/1988-)
Flyingtollers Nicholas Kid (5/8/1988-) [FCI ua]
LP SLCH SL(elit)CH Tjh Flyingtollers Nettan Fia (5/8/1988-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Natalie Ina (5/8/1988-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Nanuschka Isa (5/8/1988-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Nadja Milou (5/8/1988-) [FCI ua]

Out of Vittmossasens Asta:

Bella Nova's Bellona (6/25/1988-)
Bella Nova's Amphiba (6/25/1988-) [FCI ua]
Bella Nova's Amoena (6/25/1988-) [FCI ua]
Bella Nova's Adonis (6/25/1988-)
Bella Nova's Rubella (6/25/1988-) [FCI ua]
Bella Nova's Pusilla (6/25/1988-) [FCI ua]
Bella Nova's Lobo (6/25/1988-)
Bella Nova's Lady (6/25/1988-) [FCI ua]

Out of Vittmossasens Ammy:

Andkarrets Candy (1/3/1990-)
Andkarrets Cindy (1/3/1990-)
Andkarrets Cindra (1/3/1990-) [FCI ua]
Andkarrets Chirac (1/3/1990-)
Andkarrets Cilla (1/3/1990-) [FCI ua]

Out of Vittmossasens Aila:

Cesar (S61021/89) (9/18/1989-) [FCI ua]
Listaskogens Anton (5/7/1988-)
Listaskogens Ante (5/7/1988-)
Listaskogens Albin (5/7/1988-)
Listaskogens Akita (5/7/1988-) [FCI ua]
Listaskogens Abba (5/7/1988-) [FCI ua]
Calle (9/18/1989-)
Cilla (9/18/1989-)

Out of Drogstas Mio Pa Fairchilds:

SU(u)CH Fairchilds Qurage (8/8/1994-) [FCI ua]
Fairchilds Quincy Jones (8/8/1994-)
Fairchilds Quick Step (8/8/1994-)
Fairchilds Quick Pay (8/8/1994-) [FCI ua]
Fairchilds Queen Of Renard (8/8/1994-) [FCI ua]
Fairchilds Que Sera Sera (8/8/1994-) [FCI ua]

Out of Fraisy (S01183/85):

Flyingtollers Foxy (S18671/90) (1/13/1990-)
Flyingtollers Palle (1/13/1990-)
Flyingtollers Petra (1/13/1990-) [FCI ua]

Out of Colliers' Mapleleaf Ambassador:

Kanadickens Friendly Manitoba (1/18/1994-) [FCI ua]
S VCH Kanadickens Beautiful B C (1/18/1994-) [FCI ua]
Kanadickens Wild Rose Alberta (1/18/1994-)
Kanadickens Mr Ohlsson I Presume (1/18/1994-) [FCI ua]

Out of N UCH Flyingtollers Florette Mary:

Sunlit Audrey Florette (6/21/1996-)
Sunlit Assiduous Connie (6/21/1996-)
N UCH Sunlit Another Florist (6/21/1990-) [FCI A]
Sunlit Another Design (6/21/1996-)

Out of Flyingtollers Dreana:

Petrinidalens Don D'john (9/27/1989-)
Petrinidalens Dolly Parton (9/27/1989-) [FCI ua]
Petrinidalens Dessie Day (9/27/1989-) [FCI ua]
LP Petrinidalens Cliff Clifton (3/10/1989-)
Petrinidalens Cherry Cherri (3/10/1989-)

Out of Flyingtollers Mary:

Alex (S40891/89) (5/11/1989-) [FCI ua]
Albin (5/11/1989-)
Acke (S40892/89) (5/11/1989-)
Alva (S40893/89) (5/11/1989-)
LP Alma (S40894/89) (5/11/1989-) [FCI ua]

Out of Flyingtollers Lucinda Marlen:

Afrodite (S13851/90) (12/23/1989-)
Aramis (S13854/90) (12/23/1989-)
Angelica (S13852/90) (12/23/1989-)
Antonia (S13850/90) (12/23/1989-) [FCI ua]
Athena (S13853/90) (12/23/1989-) [FCI ua]

Out of Flyingtollers Lady Prinsess:

Flyingtollers Charlie (5/26/1990-)
Flyingtollers Veronica (5/26/1990-)
Flyingtollers Felicia (S43491/90) (5/26/1990-)
Flyingtollers Conielle (5/26/1990-)
Flyingtollers Musse (5/26/1990-)
Flyingtollers Mister Oliwer (5/26/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Ludde (5/26/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Pinoccio (5/26/1990-)

Out of Tiffi (S26272/88):

Maruttas Red Toulouse (3/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
LP S LCH Maruttas Red Ronja (3/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
Maruttas Red Rocky (2/28/1991-)
Maruttas Red Rainbow (2/28/1991-)
Maruttas Red Oliver (3/25/1990-)
Maruttas Red Noisette (2/28/1991-)
Maruttas Red Mirette (2/28/1991-) [FCI ua]
Maruttas Red Lorette (2/28/1991-)
Maruttas Red Hunter (3/25/1990-)
Maruttas Red Gangster (2/28/1991-)
Maruttas Red Duchess (3/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
Maruttas Red Dodger (3/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
Maruttas Red Cindy (3/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
Maruttas Red Benjie (2/28/1991-) [FCI ua]

Out of Tanja (S26274/88):

Rusksands Amira (5/15/1990-)
Rusksands Amerosa (5/15/1990-) [FCI A]
LPI LPII Rusksands Amadeus (5/15/1990-7/15/2000) [FCI ua]
Rusksands Ali Baba (5/15/1990-) [FCI C]
Rusksands Alexandra (5/15/1990-) [FCI A]

Out of Vittmossasens Ramona:

Andkarrets Beata (4/21/1989-)
Andkarrets Bessy (4/21/1989-)
Andkarrets Benita (4/21/1989-)
Andkarrets Boy (4/21/1989-)
Andkarrets Betty (4/21/1989-) [FCI ua]
Andkarrets Bess (4/21/1989-) [FCI ua]
Andkarrets Bella (4/21/1989-) [FCI ua]

Out of Vittmossasens Raina:

Flyingtollers Von Rocky (4/20/1990-)
Flyingtollers Jesper (S35868/90) (4/20/1990-)
Flyingtollers Hubert (4/20/1990-)
Flyingtollers Fanny (4/20/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Eja (4/20/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Doggy (3/10/1989-)
Flyingtollers Dacke (3/10/1989-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Cyrus (3/10/1989-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Lufsen (3/10/1989-)
Flyingtollers Lady Hedenhos (4/20/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Sessan (3/10/1989-)
Flyingtollers Rosina (4/20/1990-)

Out of Vittmossasens Molly:

Flyingtollers Katja (10/19/1990-) [FCI A]
Flyingtollers Nicholas (10/19/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Michael (10/19/1990-)
Flyingtollers Percy (10/19/1990-)

Out of Ardunacres Sandy Wonderful:

Fo Bi Tollers Vilhelmina (8/11/1988-) [FCI ua]
Fo Bi Tollers Mitzi (8/11/1988-)
Fo Bi Tollers Florence (8/11/1988-)
Fo Bi Tollers Apollo (8/11/1988-) [FCI ua]

Out of Flyingtollers Tanja:

Flyingtollers Arja (7/13/1990-) [FCI A]
Flyingtollers Zambra (7/13/1990-) [FCI A]
Flyingtollers Knutte (3/25/1989-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Jons (7/13/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Hardy (7/13/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Frida (S28083/89) (3/25/1989-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Elsa (3/25/1989-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Dick (7/13/1990-)
Flyingtollers Moa (7/13/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Lukas (S28082/89) (3/25/1989-)
Flyingtollers Lina (3/25/1989-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Sverre (7/13/1990-)
Flyingtollers Sissi (7/13/1990-) [FCI ua]

Out of Flyingtollers Spring Melody:

Petrinidalens Fracka Fredde (4/1/1990-)
Petrinidalens Fina Fellini (4/1/1990-)
LP Petrinidalens Filurifax (4/1/1990-) [FCI ua]
Petrinidalens Fiffiga Fia (4/1/1990-)
Petrinidalens Frille Fridell (4/1/1990-)
Petrinidalens Frasiga Frallan (4/1/1990-) [FCI ua]

Out of Flyingtollers Silvana Nova:

Flyingtollers Benjamin (7/7/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Alexandra (7/7/1990-)
Flyingtollers Alexander (7/7/1990-)
Flyingtollers Trixie (7/7/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Jolanta (7/7/1990-)
Flyingtollers Cliff Rickard (7/7/1990-)
Flyingtollers Lizette (7/7/1990-) [FCI ua]
Flyingtollers Roxette (7/7/1990-)

Out of Flyingtollers Sanna Gia:

Bergforsens Alfonso (3/9/1990-)
Bergforsens Alfons (3/9/1990-)
Bergforsens Alfa (3/9/1990-) [FCI Grade 2]

Out of Flyingtollers Ronja (S67653/85):

Bamse (S66120/90) (9/28/1990-)
Chabo (S44783/89) (5/30/1989-)
Bonny (S44782/89) (5/30/1989-) [FCI ua]
Tobias (S44784/89) (5/30/1989-)
Jeppe (S66123/90) (9/28/1990-)
Putte (S44781/89) (5/30/1989-) [FCI ua]
Ricky (S44780/89) (5/30/1989-) [FCI ua]
Tooby (S66121/90) (9/28/1990-)
Rosalynelady (S44785/89) (5/30/1989-)
Nadja (S66124/90) (9/28/1990-)
Oliver (S66122/90) (9/28/1990-)

Out of Flyingtollers Ronja (S18528/87):

Molly (S56219/89) (8/22/1989-)
Lady (S56217/89) (8/22/1989-)
Lady (S48887/88) (7/13/1988-)
Rocky (S56216/89) (8/22/1989-) [FCI ua]
King (S48881/88) (7/13/1988-)
Dolly (S56220/89) (8/22/1989-)
Terry (S48886/88) (7/13/1988-)
Sally (S56218/89) (8/22/1989-) [FCI Grade 3]
Tobby (S56215/89) (8/22/1989-)
Atlas (S48883/88) (7/13/1988-)
Zorro (S48884/88) (7/13/1988-) [FCI ua]
Zita (S48885/88) (7/13/1988-) [FCI ua]
Athos (S48882/88) (7/13/1988-) [FCI ua]

Out of N UCH Flyingtollers Princess Merry:

Sunlit Belinda (3/7/1989-) [FCI A]
Sunlit Bee Jessica (3/7/1989-) [FCI D]
Sunlit Beatrice Sirkka (3/7/1989-) [FCI A]

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