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Offspring of C.I.E WVW-15-16 POHJ MVA DK MVA SE MVA(N) NO MVA LT Decoymans Piper Deep Secret (10/8/2006-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Niittylehdon Krisse:

Irwlend Ameleya (7/12/2008-)

Out of Toll Free Belives in Naomi Campbell:

Thanksgiving at Sunrise Aramis (11/10/2014-)

Out of Grezagords Unelma Säleikkö:

Grezagords Öinen Lumous (6/21/2012-)
Grezagords Öinen Kulkija (6/21/2012-)
Grezagords Öinen Kuiskaus (6/21/2012-)
Grezagords Öinen Kiusaus (6/21/2012-)
Grezagords Öljysheikki (6/21/2012-)
Grezagords Öljykeisari (6/21/2012-)
Grezagords Ökyrikas (6/21/2012-)
Grezagords Ökyisäntä (6/21/2012-)
Grezagords Öinen Kaunis Tähti (6/21/2013-)
C.I.E. LT CH EEJV-13 BALTV-14 Grezagords Öinen Salaisuus (6/21/2012-) [FCI C/C (C/C)]

Out of C.I.E SE MVA(N) LV MVA LT MVA RU MVA PMV-05 BALTV Decoymans Piper Roxane:

Grezagords Rollipeikko (12/26/2007-)
Grezagords Ristorappaaja (12/26/2007-)
Grezagords Rastaletti (12/26/2007-)
LTW-13 Grezagords Ronjaryovari (12/26/2007-) [FCI B/B]
Grezagords Ritariroi (12/26/2007-)
Grezagords R-A-K-A-S (12/26/2007-2016)

Out of INT CH, CH LT, CLUB, GrCH RU BEL UKR Littleriver's Anastasia:

Lorevy Tsunami Light (11/15/2011-) [FCI A (A)]
Jn Ch Rus, Ch Rus, Ch RKF Lorevy Tsaritsa Tamara 3 CACIB (11/15/2011-) [FCI A]
Lorevy Cent (11/15/2011-)
Lorevy Cessilia (11/15/2011-)
JCH RU J EW Lorevy Caca Monica (11/15/2011-)
Lorevy Tsar (11/15/2011-)

Out of Redforesthunter Killaloe:

Exc.ÅK Plac.3 VG.ÅK Exc.ÅK Plac.1 CK.4 BTK R.CERT Incadescent Ronja LP1, Brugsprøve, Workingtest (9/4/2016-) [FCI B]

Out of Toller's Delight Blue Velvet:

Toller's Delight Special Delivery (8/4/2014-) [A/A]


Lorevy Everest (8/26/2016-)
Lorevy Edelweiss (8/26/2016-)
Lorevy Exceptional Wyrran (8/26/2016-)
Lorevy Exclusive for Heavenly Creatures (8/26/2016-)
Lorevy Elvis (8/24/2016-)

Out of JCH RUS AZE SK CH RUS AZE Lorevy Debora:

Lorevy Cheerful Smile (5/7/2016-)
Lorevy Chilly Pepper (5/7/2016-)
Lorevy Chin Chin (5/7/2016-)
Lorevy Cherry (5/7/2016-)

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