K9data.comNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Offspring of Lyonhouse Ewan Stuart (12/22/1990-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Flyingtollers Beata:

Sunlit Gambling Girl (9/9/1992-)
Sunlit Garrulous Kej (9/9/1992-)
Nuch Sunlit Glory Garret (9/9/1992-)
Sunlit Graceful Nicko (9/9/1993-)
Sunlit Gracious Gaia (9/9/1993-)

Out of Flyingtollers Zambra:

Sunlit Halifax Baloo
Sunlit Harley Wigwam
Sunlit Hasty Hambo
Sunlit Hera Tia
Sunlit Herbert Donald
Sunlit Hurricane Tonni
Sunlit Iceman Buck
Sunlit Iris Pedita
Sunlit Isabel Taradiddle
Sunlit Iwan Schaco

Out of Nuch Sunlit Country Fame:

Skogfossen's Beauty Quiet Queen (6/3/1993-)
Skogfossen's Bianca (6/3/1993-)
Skogfossen's Bonnie (6/3/1993-)
Skogfossen's Brasse (6/3/1993-)
Skogfossen's To Be Loved (6/3/1993-)

Out of Sunlit Charmin:

Laugtun's Caisy (12/7/1994-)
Laugtun's Camila (5/1/1993-)
Laugtun's Carmen (5/1/1993-)
Laugtun's Catalina (5/1/1993-)
Laugtun's Charlotte (5/1/1993-)
Laugtun's Lady Charmin (5/1/1993-)
Laugtun's Rosita (12/7/1992-)
Laugtun's Tinka (12/7/1994-)

Out of N UCH Flyingtollers Florette Mary:

Sunlit Fancy Florette (7/3/1992-)
Sunlit Flora Maybee A Queen (7/3/1992-)
Nuch Sunlit Florence Caya (7/3/1992-)
Sunlit Flying Fox (7/3/1992-)
Sunlit Fun O'The Fair (7/3/1992-)

Out of N UCH Flyingtollers Contessa Anne:

Red-Tollers Kacib (5/6/1993-)
Red-Tollers Keekee Biba (5/6/1993-)
Nuch NV-99 Red-Tollers Killemanjaro (5/6/1993-)
Red-Tollers Kimo (5/6/1993-)
Red-Tollers Kissy Daniella (5/6/1993-)
Red-Tollers Kitty's Cans (5/6/1993-)
N UCH Red-Tollers Kobacavana (5/6/1993-)
Red-Tollers Kober Mc Call (5/6/1993-)

Out of Bella Nova's Amoena:

Lertass Calle Schewen (5/9/1992-)
Lertass Fritiof Andersson (5/9/1992-) [FCI ua]
Lertass Maj Pa Malo (5/9/1992-) [FCI ua]
Lertass Ronnerdal (5/9/1992-)
Lertass Rosa Pa Bal (5/9/1992-)

Out of Lertass Selma Smultron:

Lertass Victoria (2/18/1994-)
Lertass Covent Garden (2/18/1994-) [FCI ua]
SE VCH Lertass Earl's Court (2/18/1994-) [FCI ua]
Lertass Marble Arch (2/18/1994-)
Lertass Olympia (2/18/1994-)
Lertass Paddington (2/18/1994-)
Lertass Piccadilly (2/18/1994-)
Lertass Pimlico (2/18/1994-)

Out of N UCH Flyingtollers Sandy:

Sunlit Edith Ewans
Sunlit Edvard Stuart
Sunlit Eliza Ewans
Sunlit Ellie Ewans
Sunlit Elsa Ewans
Sunlit Enya Tootsie Ewans
Sunlit Ewan Stuart Jr
Nuch Sunlit James Junior (8/8/1993-)
Sunlit Janet Jason (8/8/1993-)
Sunlit Jenny Jersey (8/8/1993-)
Sunlit Jimmy Joker (8/8/1993-)
Sunlit Joyful Jesper (8/8/1993-)
Sunlit Judy Jill (8/8/1993-)
Sunlit Jumbo Jens (8/8/1993-)
Sunlit Just Jek (8/8/1993-)

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