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Offspring of Kishkahdina's Return To Eden (4/10/1990-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By Hyflyer's Greryn Bear WCX:

Kishkahdina's Well I Reckon (2/18/1992-)
Kishkahdina's Tango (2/18/1992-)
Kishkahdina's Rusty Barter (2/18/1992-)
Kishkahdina's Elmer Ozzie (2/18/1992-)
Kishkahdina's Bart (2/18/1992-)
Can Ch Hyflyer's Marshal Dylan (2/18/1992-)
Lucy of Kishkahdina (2/18/1992-)

By Winfren Vulpecula Ben WC:

Kishkahdina Holly (1/12/1994-)
Kishkahdina Highland Piper (6/26/1994-)
Kishkahdina Elmira (3/24/1995-7/22/2011) [FCI # (HD/B)]
Kishkahdina Darby (3/24/1995-)
Kishkahdina Corky (6/26/1994-)
Kishkahdina Arnold (6/26/1994-)
Kishkahdina's Brandy Rose (1/12/1994-)
Kishkahdina Toby (6/26/1994-)
Kishkahdina Spin Drift (6/26/1994-)
Kishkahdina Sonja (1/12/1994-)
Kishkahdina Scugog Weatherby (3/24/1995-)
Kishkahdina Scotty (3/24/1995-)
Kishkahdina Remmington's Digby (3/24/1995-)
Kishkahdina Reggie (3/24/1995-)
Kishkahdina Quincy (1/12/1994-)
Kishkahdina Pumpkin Pie Licksy (6/26/1994-)
Kishkahdina Outagami Hope (1/12/1994-2007)
Kishkahdina Mulmur's Choice (1/12/1994-)
Kishkahdina Leia (3/24/1995-)
Kishkahdina K C (6/26/1994-)
Noble of Kishkahdina (1/12/1994-)

By Can Ch Colliers' Deke of Earl CD:

Can Ch Kishkahdina Awfully Young (9/19/1992-)
Kishkahdina Woody (9/19/1992-)
Kishkahdina Wooden Nickel (9/19/1992-)
Kishkahdina Tollhaven Talker (9/19/1992-)
Kishkahdina Oaken Cooper (9/19/1992-)
Kishkahdina Mischief Maker (9/19/1992-)
Kishkahdina Maple Grove Chloe (9/19/1992-)

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