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Offspring of Can Ch Chin-Peek Kel's Happy Toby (7/24/1981-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Chin-Peek Missy Lady:

Chin-Peek Happy Zak (3/19/1984-)
Chin-Peek Miss Belle Taffie (3/19/1984-)
Chin-Peek Mis'wee Mac (4/6/1985-)

Out of Chin-Peek L'Tammy:

Chin-Peek Golden Amber (7/6/1986-)
Chin-Peek Lady-Belle (7/6/1986-)
Chin-Peek Mabell (7/6/1986-1999) [OFA DTR-70G35F-T]
Chin-Peek Red Bo Buster (3/18/1985-)

Out of Chin-Peek Kel's Kitty:

Chin-Peek Golden Happy Prince (7/16/1982-)
Chin-Peek Golden Kitt's Pat (3/8/1985-)
Chin-Peek Golden Rockett (4/28/1983-)
Chin-Peek Golden Sheeba (7/16/1982-) [OFA DTR-60G72F-T]
Chin-Peek Golden Sunnie Kel (4/28/1983-)
Chin-Peek Kel's Golden Duke (7/16/1982-)
Chin-Peek Kit's Bow (7/16/1982-)
Chin-Peek Kit's Princess (7/16/1982-)
Chin-Peek Kitt's Barney (7/3/1984-5/2000) [OFA DTR-68E57M-T]
Chin-Peek Kitty's Barny (7/16/1982-)
Chin-Peek L'Tammy (4/28/1983-)
Chin-Peek Missy Lady (4/28/1983-)
Chin-Peek Sun-shine Lad (4/28/1983-)

Out of Tollerbank Candy Rose:

Lijah Rose of Mocha Pikkinokka (6/26/1989-)

Out of Can Ch Tollcanada Alison CDX TD:

Can Ch Dobirstein's Johnny Canuk CDX (11/26/1990-) [OFA DTR-158G43M-T]
Dobirstein's Sandstorm Sally (11/26/1990-)
Dobirstein's Tundra (11/26/1990-)

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