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Offspring of Birdcherrys Autumn Leaf Colour of Lyonhouse (8/4/1989-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lyonhouse Precious CDex:

Lyonhouse Jenny Stuart (6/24/1995-)
Lyonhouse Gelert Stuart (6/24/1995-)
Lyonhouse Fundy Stuart (6/24/1995-)
Lyonhouse Donald Stuart (6/24/1995-)
Lyonhouse Campbell Stuart (6/24/1995-)
Lyonhouse Baxter Stuart (6/24/1995-)

Out of Foxdown Fenn:

Foxdown Rust (8/111/1999-)
Foxdown Princess Leah (8/13/1999-)
Foxdown Noah (8/13/1999-)
Foxdown Lady Belle (8/13/1999-)
Foxdown Lady (9/19/1997-)
Foxdown Desdemona at Lipyeate (8/13/1999-) [FCI # (RH8+LH3=11)]
Foxdown Alfina of Reedrunner (8/13/1999-) [BVA 17/10/2002 (3:3)]
Foxdown Top O'The Hill (8/13/1999-)
Foxdown Sultan (9/19/1997-)

Out of Lyonhouse Elspeth Stuart:

Lyonhouse Bramble (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Bonny Stuart (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Bliss (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Benjamin (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Baxter (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Basil (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Baron (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Barley (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Bagpiper (10/9/1997-)
Lyonhouse Basil At Culmgillie (10/9/1997-)

Out of Acadian Jade of Foxdown:

Foxdown Pixie of Lyonhouse (7/19/1997-)
Foxdown Norma (8/7/1999-)
Foxdown Merry (7/19/1997-)
Foxdown Just William (8/7/1999-)
Foxdown Jessica (7/19/1997-)
Foxdown Jades Daughter (7/19/1997-)
Foxdown Cheerful Boy (8/7/1999-)
Foxdown Buddy (7/19/1997-)
Foxdown Boy Wonder (8/7/1999-)
Foxdown Bonnie (8/7/1999-)
Foxdown Blaze (8/7/1999-)
Foxdown Bertrum (7/19/1997-)
Foxdown Amber Nectar (8/7/1999-)
Foxdown Sunny Delight (8/7/1999-)
Foxdown Sandy (7/19/1997-)

Out of Acadian Apache Tears for Kymin:

Kymin Lutine Chime (12/5/1995-2/15/2011)
VDH Ch Lux Ch Kymin Lunar Frost (12/5/1995-6/10/2011) [A]
Kymin Lunar Bailiff (12/5/1995-11/15/2010)
AKC, NSDTRC, CAN, DK CH Kymin Lumber Jack JH WC (12/5/1995-4/4/2011) [OFA DTR-353E38M-T]
Kymin Loyal Legend (12/5/1995-9/15/1997)
Ch Kymin Laced Frost of Lyonhouse CD (12/5/1995-3/28/2014) [OFA DTR-301G24F-T]
Kymin Labatt Horizon (12/5/1995-12/1/2010)

Out of Aust Ch Winfren Vulpecula Kahli of Lyonhouse:

Lyonhouse Willmina Stuart (10/20/1995-)
Lyonhouse Fredrick Stuart (10/20/1995-)
Kirchoff Jackpot (4/30/1996-)
Aust Ch Kirchoff High Flyer (4/30/1996-3/1/1999)
Kirchoff Chances Are (4/30/1996-)
Aust Ch Kirchoff Aces High (4/30/1996-8/7/2012) [RH3/LH3]

Out of Winfren Vulpecula Centime of Lyonhouse:

Lyonhouse Country Walker (3/1/1998-)
Lyonhouse Country Squire (3/1/1998-)
Lyonhouse Country Cousin (3/1/1998-) [FCI # (C)]
Lyonhouse Connor Stuart (3/1/1998-)
Lyonhouse Charlie Stuart (3/1/1998-)
Lyonhouse Amelia Stuart (6/26/1996-)
Lyonhouse Albert Stuart (6/26/1996-)
Lyonhouse Ailie Stuart (6/26/1996-)
Lyonhouse Agatha Stuart (6/26/1996-)
Lyonhouse Acer Stuart (6/26/1996-)
Steady-Line's Ysoite (3/25/1999-)
Steady-Line's Yourdone (3/25/1999-)
Steady-Line's Yesindeed (3/25/1999-)
Steady-Line's Yengees (3/25/1999-)
Steady-Line's Yachtman (3/25/1999-)

Out of Winfren Vulpaqula Sky:

Hamish Mcfarlane (8/23/1995-)
Little River Ice (8/23/1995-)
Oba Islands Bertie (8/23/1995-)
Cape Wrath Mike (8/23/1995-)
Glengarry Forester (8/23/1995-)
Glencoe Jenny (8/23/1995-)
Cuillin Goldie (8/23/1995-)

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