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Offspring of Harbourlights Salty Dog WC (4/4/1993-8/3/2006)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Kare's Redland Robin:

Redland's Nifty Gryphon (2/4/2004-)
Redland's Naughty Digby Ladd (2/4/2004-)
Redland's Nova Scotia Clancy (2/4/2004-)
Redland's North Of Dixie (2/4/2004-2/2017) [OVC Clear]
Redland's Nice 'N Salty Chipper (2/4/2004-)
Redland's Nor'Easter (2/4/2004-)
Redland's Neon Red Pepper (2/4/2004-)

Out of Westerlea Superstar At Berdia WC JH:

Berdia Chester (2/29/1996-)
Berdia Dawson The Red Heart (2/29/1996-)
AUS BIS Gr Ch, Can CH Berdia True Blue to Kirchoff Can WC, NRD (2/29/1996-8/20/2008)
Berdia Yukon Boomer (2/29/1996-)
Berdia's Tango WC (2/29/1996-)

Out of Can Ch Elvebredds Blazing to Bernache:

Can Ch Bernache Harbourmaster At Kare CD WC (6/30/1995-) [OVC VV0531]
Can Ch Bernaches Anne of Green Gables (6/30/1995-) [OVC BB0341]
Bernache's Dudley Douright (6/30/1995-)
Bernache's Northern Lights (6/30/1995-)
Bernache's Pumpkin Adanac (6/30/1995-)
Bernache's Queen Beaver Tail (6/30/1995-)
Bernache's Rustic Rebel (6/30/1995-)
Can Ch Bernache's Seawren at Berdia CD WC (6/30/1995-2/2001)

Out of Can Ch Kylador's Barkentine Bailee:

Kylador's Petite Coquille (8/2/1997-)
Kylador's Philosophical Fred (8/2/1997-4/21/2011)
Kylador's Picture Perfect (8/2/1997-8/10/2010)
Kylador's Playful Piper (8/2/1997-7/23/2011)
Kylador's Prisms Autumn Brydge (8/2/1997-)

Out of CAN CH Kare's Atlantic Pryde CD:

Kare's Salty Marsh (11/20/1996-)
Ch Kare's Shady Lady CD WC JH (11/20/1996-)
Ch Kare's Sprite (11/20/1996-)
Kare's Tusket (11/20/1996-)
Kare's Hubbards O'Riley (11/20/1996-)
Chedabucto's Doris Day of Kare (11/20/1996-)

Out of CH Foxgrove's Sea Spray MH CD US/Can WCX:

Foxgrove's Red Storm Rising MH WCX (2/23/2003-7/1/2016) [OFA DTR-860G32M-PI]

Out of Can Ch Hyflyer's Foxwatson Wheeler CD:

Foxwatson Canyan Cann (9/5/2000-)
Foxwatson Kacey Deprofio Jones (9/5/2000-)
Foxwatson Scotia Mae (9/5/2000-)
Foxwatson's Chesley Rusty (9/5/2000-)
Foxwatson's Jumping Jack Flash (9/5/2000-) [OFA DTR-611G25M-PI]
Foxwatson's Leaping Lily Young (9/5/2000-)

Out of Can Ch Foxgrove's On Your Mark WCX CD JH:

NSDTRC Ch Foxgrove's Bouncing Tigger CD SH US/Can WCI (5/26/1997-2/19/2011) [OFA DTR-400G28M-T]

Out of Ch Foxgrove Set Sail for Ruaview CD WC:

Seabright's Brox (1/27/2001-)
Seabright's Dock Hollywood (1/27/2001-)
Seabright's Dusty's Grand Laddy (1/27/2001-)
Seabright's Reilly Bowness (1/27/2001-)
Seabright's Sailrocket (1/27/2001-)
Seabright's Winston Bradley (1/27/2001-)

Out of Harbourlights Cinniman Twist:

Redland's A Lazy Daisy (7/12/1998-3/24/2006) [OVC 006279]
Redland's Acadian Jess (7/12/1998-7/3/2009)
Redland's Alotof Moxie (7/12/1998-5/2012) [OVC 006280]
Redland's Alpine Hoover (7/12/1998-)
Redland's Another Darwin (7/12/1998-2007)
Redland's Atlantic Chilco (7/12/1998-2007)
Redland's Best Friend Prancer (9/4/1999-4/27/2008)
Redland's Boathouse Keeper CD (9/4/1999-7/2013)
Redland's Boreas Sailor (9/4/1999-)
Redland's Breakwater Bogey (9/4/1999-2009)
Redland's Butterscotch Twist (9/4/1999-11/20/2011) [OFA DTR-582G32F-PI]
Redland's Darling Sophie (9/11/2000-4/14/2014)
Redland's Dash'n Murray Mahone (9/11/2000-4/11/2011)
Redland's Dazzling Amber (9/11/2000-)
Redland's Delightful Sadie (9/11/2000-)
Redland's Denvert Red (9/11/2000-)
Redland's Deputy Gander (9/11/2000-7/31/2010)
Redland's Der Goes Emma (9/11/2000-)
Redland's Diamond In The Ruff (9/11/2000-8/24/2011)
Redland's Dot 'N Dash WC CDX FDX SATChC (9/11/2000-10/14/2008)
Redland's Dyno Mike (9/11/2000-2015)
Redland's Bayshore Piper (9/4/1999-)
Redland's Bluenose Bosun (9/4/1999-7/22/2012)
Redland's Only Oscar (2/4/2004-) [OVC #0031527]
Redland's Oceanside Olivia WC (5/16/2004-7/2015) [OVC 0030860]

Out of Redland's Extra Ginger WC:

Redland's Pegasus Decoy MH WCX WC(US),CD (5/28/2004-10/22/2018) [OVC Clear]
Redland's Prince Remington (5/28/2004-)
Redland's Piper Of The Hilands (5/28/2004-2010)
Redland's Proud Piper (5/28/2004-)
Redland's Penny Arcade WC (5/28/2004-7/2014) [OVC Clear]
Redland's Poco Dhube (5/28/2004-)

Out of NSDTRC CH Lennoxlove's Cayuga Shandy CD WC ROM:

ARBA CH Lennoxlove Whitecliff Tory NSDTRC/AKC CD (3/21/1997-) [OFA DTR-364G25F-T]
Ch/NSDTRC SR Lennoxlove's Chewbacca CDX RN WC (3/21/1997-8/14/2012) [OFA DTR-359G24M-T]
MACH2 ADCH Lennoxlove's Red River Tango UD RAE JH WC Can CD U-CDX VCX (3/21/1997-8/4/2011)
Lennoxlove's Sweet Sidney (3/21/1997-)
Donegals Duffy of Lennoxlove (3/21/1997-)

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