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Offspring of BIS AM CAN CH Hawkeye of Great Pleasure (12/31/2008-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lilly Of Great Pleasure:

Oliver of Great Pleasure (5/29/2015-)
Our Ruby of Great Pleasure (5/29/2015-)
Oona of Great Pleasure (5/29/2015-)

Out of Iota of Great Pleasure:

Otto of Great Pleasure (4/28/2015-)
Odin of Great Pleasure (4/28/2015-)
Oakley Rose of Great Pleasure (4/28/2015-)
Orlanda Puck of Great Pleasure (4/28/2015-)
Oriane of Great Pleasure (4/28/2015-)

Out of Amazone From Cashel Vale:

Noud of Great Pleasure (9/11/2014-)
Nox Lex of Great Pleasure (9/11/2014-)
Nash of Great Pleasure (9/11/2014-)
Nylson Tommy of Great Pleasure (9/11/2014-)
Nova Phippa of Great Pleasure (9/11/2014-)

Out of Manusia's Bella-Dana:

Manusia's Eefke-Dana (4/25/2013-)
Manusia's Elena-Dana (4/25/2013-)
Manusia's Eliza-Dana (4/25/2013-)
Manusia's Elza-Dana (4/25/2013-)
Manusia's Emma-Dana (4/25/2013-)
Manusia's Eva-Dana (4/25/2013-)
Manusia's Evie-Dana (4/25/2013-)
Manusia's Dana-Pablo (8/14/2014-)
Manusia's Dana-Pepijn (8/14/2014-)
Manusia's Dana-Perla (8/14/2014-)
Manusia's Dana-Pia (8/14/2014-)
Manusia's Dana-Pippa (8/14/2014-)
Manusia's Dana-Pjotr (8/14/2014-)
Manusia's Dana-Pleuntje (8/14/2014-)
Manusia's Dana-Puck (8/14/2014-) [FCI HD/A]

Out of Manusia's Bella-Minke:

Kaptankirk of Great Pleasure (6/9/2011-)
Kenai of Great Pleasure (6/9/2011-)
Kas of Great Pleasure (6/9/2011-)
Kaatte of Great Pleasure (6/9/2011-)
Kathlyn of Great Pleasure (6/9/2011-)
Kena of Great Pleasure (6/9/2011-)

Out of Cadisha Golden House Imtoosexy:

Mackk of Great Pleasure (6/23/2013-)
Messi of Great Pleasure (6/23/2013-)
Mattis of Great Pleasure (6/23/2013-)
Menora of Great Pleasure (6/23/2013-)
Milla of Great Pleasure (6/23/2013-)
Miss of Great Pleasure (6/23/2013-)
Mulan of Great Pleasure (6/23/2013-)

Out of Manusia's Delay-Toula:

Manusia's Beautiful Luna-Toula (10/12/2013-)
Manusia's Precious Levi-Toula (10/12/2013-)
Manusia's Special Linus-Toula (10/12/2013-)
Manusia's Olaf-Toula (7/8/2011-)
Manusia's Oscar-Toula (7/8/2011-)
Manusia's Otje-Toula (7/8/2011-)
Manusia's Otto-Toula (7/8/2011-)

Out of Alliance de la Vie Happy:

Oonah of great pleasure (6/4/2015-) [FCI B]
Oskaar of Great Pleasure (6/4/2015-)
Orry of Great Pleasure (6/4/2015-)
Oby of Great Pleasure (6/4/2015-)
Olga-Polly of Great Pleasure (6/4/2015-)
Ofreya of Great Pleasure (6/4/2015-)
Ollivia of Great Pleasure (6/4/2015-)
Odalie of Great Pleasure (6/4/2015-)

Out of Heyoka's Red Flame for Anpaytoo Danu:

Heyoka's Red Flame for d'Taini white sox Gaia (10/16/2013-) [FCI DRC (B1)]

Out of CAN CH Tollchester Wish'ful Thinking:

Tollchester Fool In Love (4/1/2012-)
Tollchester's Pride Of Nadleh CGN (4/1/2012-) [OFA DTR-1897G24M-VPI]
CAN CH Tollchester Fool Proof (4/1/2012-10/9/2016) [OFA DTR-1931F27M-VPI (FAIR)]
Tollchester Fool's Gold (4/1/2012-)
Tollchester Pitty The Fool (4/1/2012-) [OFA DTR-1904G24F-VPI (GOOD)]
Tollchester's Fool For U (4/1/2012-)
Tollchester Aprils Fool (4/1/2012-)
Tollchester's Everybodys Fool (4/1/2012-)

Out of Can. CH. Roaneden's Backwoods Barbie:

Roaneden Topaz (11/21/2010-)
AKC GCH/NSDTRC CH/CKC CH SHR Roaneden's CDN Gem O'Fourwinds RE, BN, JH, WC, CGC, VC (11/21/2010-) [OFA DTR-1670G24F-VPI]
Roaneden's Fergus of Fundy (11/21/2010-)

Out of CH Tollchester Scarlet Pimpernell RA:

Stargazer Friends Of Tollchester (5/27/2012-)
Stargazer Explorer At Tollchester (5/27/2012-)
Stargazer Follows The North Star To Avalon (5/27/2012-)
Stargazer Zephyr (5/27/2012-)

Out of Kohinoor of Great Pleasure:

Nova Rio de Kreek of Great Pleasure (2/9/2014-)
Noah Jax of Great Pleasure (2/9/2014-)
Nougat of Great Pleasure (2/9/2014-)
Nora of Great Pleasure (2/9/2014-)
Nalu of Great Pleasure (2/9/2014-)
Nothing But Trouble of Great Pleasure (2014) (2/9/2014-)

Out of Elja of Great Pleasure:

Jiro of Great Pleasure (9/15/2010-)
Jackk of Great Pleasure (9/15/2010-)
Jasper of Great Pleasure (9/15/2010-)
Jamie of Great Pleasure (9/15/2010-)
Jagger of Great Pleasure (9/15/2010-)
Jippyayee of Great Pleasure (9/15/2010-)
Janne of Great Pleasure (LOSH1081588) (9/15/2010-)
Jin of Great Pleasure (9/15/2010-)
Jet of Great Pleasure (9/15/2010-)

Out of Chenna of Great Pleasure:

Jonna of Great Pleasure (3/4/2010-) [FCI HD/A]
Jimmy of Great Pleasure (3/4/2010-)
Jozebb of Great Pleasure (3/4/2010-)
Joyfellow of Great Pleasure (3/4/2010-)
Jenna of Great Pleasure (3/4/2010-)

Out of Whispering Reed's Guesswho:

Whispering Reed's Master Yoda (12/16/2013-)
Whispering Reed's Mercedes (12/16/2013-)
Whispering Reed's Mayra Dragon Flower (12/16/2013-)
Whispering Reed's Mali (12/16/2013-)
Whispering Reed's Ma Cara Lucia (12/16/2013-) [BVA 4-4 (FCI A)]

Out of Waycobah's Giishka:

Waycobah's Huyana (8/4/2013-)
Waycobah's Huata (8/4/2013-)
Waycobah's Hateya (8/4/2013-)
Waycobah's Honovi (8/4/2013-)
Waycobah's He-lush-ka (8/4/2013-)
Waycobah's Hok'ee (8/4/2013-)
Waycobah's Helki (8/4/2013-)
Waycobah's Hinto (8/4/2013-) [FCI SHSB (A/A)]

Out of Can Ch Tollwest Esprit De La Lune At JavaHill RN CGN:

JavaHill's Freedom For All (5/28/2012-)
JavaHill Celebrating Freedom (5/28/2012-)
JavaHill's Blue Freedom (5/28/2012-)
UJJ Can GCh JavaHill Tollwest's Taste Of Freedom CGN RAE CD AGN AGIJ NP ETD JJ-N CRNMCL CRNT (5/28/2012-12/15/2022) [OFA DTR-1913G24F-VPI (Good)]
JavaHill's Ticket To Freedom (5/28/2012-)

Out of Charming Star v. `t Dekkershof:

Isaacs Lake v.'t Dekkershof (11/22/2015-)
Oakleaf Lake v.'t Dekkershof (11/22/2015-)
Eagle Lake v.'t Dekkershof (11/22/2015-)
Belliveau Lake v.'t Dekkershof (11/22/2015-)
Spectagle Lake v.'t Dekkershof (11/22/2015-10/6/2017)

Out of Tollchester's Brightest Star:

Tollchester's Bright Flash (4/8/2012-)
Tollchester Bright Sparks (4/8/2012-)
Tollchester Bright Sunlight (4/8/2012-)
CAN GCH AM GCH INTCH Tollchester's Bright Eyes NW 1 WC RE RI CD PCD CGN (4/8/2012-) [OFA DTR-2055G38F-VPI (GOOD)]
Tollchester Bright Shimmer (4/8/2012-)
Tollchester Bright Glitter (4/8/2012-)

Out of Floraldans of Great Pleasure:

Nnelson of Great Pleasure (1/9/2014-)
Nelson of Great Pleasure (1/9/2014-)
Nealon of Great Pleasure (1/9/2014-)
Nova of Great Pleasure (1/9/2014-)

Out of Chantta of Great Pleasure:

Jojo of Great Pleasure (4/3/2010-) [FCI HD/A]
Jive of Great Pleasure (4/3/2010-)
Jaco of Great Pleasure (4/3/2010-)
Junnior of Great Pleasure (4/3/2010-)
Josca of Great Pleasure (4/3/2010-)
Janny of Great Pleasure (4/3/2010-8/8/2016)
Juttavita of Great Pleasure (4/3/2010-)
Joyce of Great Pleasure (4/3/2010-)

Out of Rhineferry's Lucky Star:

Rhineferry's Lady of the Loch (6/1/2013-)
Rhineferry's Rose of the Glen (6/1/2013-)
Rhineferry's Red Bonnet (6/1/2013-)
Rhineferry's Sassenach (6/1/2013-)
Rhineferry's Red Tartan (6/1/2013-)

Out of DE-VDH CH Alliance de la Vie Barkarole Belgisch Jeugdwinster '08 Bundessieger '09:

NL Grand Ch, NL/DE-VDH/BE/INT/Lux CH, NL/Lux Youth CH Desire of Red Glory Bundesjugendsieger '11 , Youthwinster '11, Winste (9/24/2010-) [FCI A]
Pride of Red Glory (9/24/2010-)
Unforgettable Fire of Red Glory (9/24/2010-) [A]
Hawkmoon of Red Glory (9/24/2010-10/21/2020)
Wild Honey of Red Glory (9/24/2010-) [A]
Twillight of Red Glory (9/24/2010-)
Luminous of Red Glory (9/24/2010-)
Sweetest Thing of Red Glory (9/24/2010-) [A]
Fortunate Son of Red Glory (9/24/2010-)
Vertigo of Red Glory CDD C-diploma, CDD B-diploma (9/24/2010-4/14/2013)
Magnificent of Red Glory (9/24/2010-)

Out of AKC CKC CH Tollchester California Dreamin Javahill:

Tollchester's Good Try (7/28/2012-)
Tollchester's Good Molly (7/28/2012-)
Tollchester's Good Jimmy (7/28/2012-)
Tollchester Good Grace (7/28/2012-)
Tollchester Good Brian (7/28/2012-)
Tollchester As Good As It Gets (7/28/2012-)
Tollchester Good Ric (7/28/2012-)
Tollchester Good Adam (7/28/2012-)
Tollchester GoodLook Bearhaven (7/28/2012-)

Out of Manusia's Gentle Lady-Savannah:

Gentle Lady Sabine Achteraf (5/30/2010-)
Gentle Lady Schandy Achteraf (5/30/2010-)
Gentle Lady Shadow Achteraf (5/30/2010-)
Gentle Lady Socko Achteraf (5/30/2010-)
Gentle Lady Spikey Achteraf (5/30/2010-)
Gentle Lady Spongebob Achteraf (5/30/2010-)
Gentle Lady Spootie Achteraf (5/30/2010-)
Gentle Lady Stacey Achteraf (5/30/2010-)

Out of Raindrops on Roses from Cashel Vale:

Blue Flag From Cashel Vale (1/5/2014-)
Fireweed From Cashel Vale (1/5/2014-)
Lady's Slipper From Cashel Vale (1/5/2014-)
Pacific Dogwood From Cashel Vale (1/5/2014-)
Pitcher From Cashel Vale (1/5/2014-)
Trillium From Cashel Vale (1/5/2014-)
Western Red Lily From Cashel Vale (1/5/2014-)
Charles De Mills From Cashel Vale (3/15/2015-)
Crimson Cascade From Cashel Vale (3/15/2015-)
Deep Secret From Cashel Vale (3/15/2015-)
Grand Prix From Cashel Vale (3/15/2015-)
Rambling Rosie From Cashel Vale (3/15/2015-)
Red Naomi From Cashel Vale (3/15/2015-)
Rom?o From Cashel Vale (3/15/2015-)

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