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Offspring of Harbourlights Golden Nubbins (5/1/1991-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of West Wind Ariel:

Miss Sallie White Cap (6/19/1997-)
West Wind Sophie (12/6/1995-)
West Wind James River Travler AX AXJ (12/6/1995-)
West Wind's Dakota (12/6/1995-10/8/2004)
West Wind Gypsy Doodle (12/6/1995-) [OFA DTR-387G43F-T]
West Wind's Western Storm (12/6/1995-)
Jalapa's Western Zephyr (6/19/1997-)
Jalapa's Samson-Harbourlight (6/19/1997-)

Out of Alapips Foxy Rosita:

Alapips Smedley Punkin (7/7/1996-)
Alapips Scotia Sky Cruiser (7/7/1996-)
Alapips Rusty Toller (7/7/1996-)
Alapips River City Ruby (7/7/1996-)
Alapips Lonestar Paloma (7/7/1996-)
Alapips Lonestar Bailey (7/7/1996-)
Alapips Classy Sassy AX AXJ (7/7/1996-)

Out of Ivanna's Hope for West Wind:

West Wind's Golden Mist (5/24/1994-)
West Wind Todd (5/24/1994-)
West Wind Taffy (5/24/1994-)
West Wind Peaches (4/30/1996-)
West Wind Logan Hinson (4/30/1996-)
West Wind Kirchoff (5/24/1994-)
West Wind Gretl (5/24/1994-)
West Wind Duchess Ferguson (4/30/1996-) [OFA DTR-340F29F]
West Wind Colby Jack (4/30/1996-)
West Wind Captain Bligh (5/24/1994-)
West Wind Capercaillie (5/24/1994-)
West Wind Blustery Girl (5/24/1994-)
West Wind Balaena (5/24/1994-) [OVC AA7727]
West Wind Alfie (5/24/1994-5/26/2009)

Out of Harbourlights Glory of Jalapa:

Jalapa's Richard The Lion (9/11/1995-) [OFA DTR-290G24M]
Jalapa's Prince Tigger (9/11/1997-)
Jalapa's Jocko (9/11/1995-)
Jalapa's Hanna (9/11/1995-)
Jalapa's H. Super Nova (9/11/1995-)
Jalapa's Golden Dixie (9/11/1995-)
Jalapa's Brandywine (9/11/1997-3/15/2006)

Out of Harbourlights Foxy Amber:

Harbourlights Gater Two (7/4/1992-)

Out of Harbourlights Erna of Jalapa:

Jalapa's Traveler for Sproul (4/18/1996-)
Jalapa's Tequila Straight Up (4/18/1996-)
Harbourlights Lady Jenna (4/18/1996-)
Harbourlightsstylinsammy Boy (4/18/1996-)
Harbourlights Boku Rouge (4/18/1996-)

Out of Westerlea's Hope of Jalapa:

SR Jalapa's Scotia Ketriel WC CD (11/2/1994-)
Jalapa's Rustic Gold (2/16/1997-)
Jalapa's Remington (2/16/1997-)
Jalapa's Putt Putt (12/21/1995-)
UACHX Jalapa's Kalikimaka Hana Lua CD MX MXJ MXP2 MJP2 NFP AGN OAC OGC OJC FDCH (12/21/1995-)
Jalapa's Joe (2/16/1997-)
Jalapa's Jinglebells (11/2/1994-) [OFA DTR-309G40F]
Jalapa's Jeb of Sproul (10/16/1993-)
Jalapa's Jackson Park (12/21/1995-)
Jalapa's Hunter (10/16/1993-)
Jalapa's Cassie (2/16/1997-)
Jalapa's Bonny Belle of Hope (12/21/1995-)
Sir Maxwell Smart (12/21/1995-)
Jalapa's Rumba (2/16/1997-)

Out of Sproul's Bonnie Lassie:

Jalapa's Amber (6/1/1993-)
Jalapa's Ally (2/26/1994-) [OFA DTR-230F24F]
Jalapa's Harbourlight Otelia (6/1/1993-)
Jalapa's West Wind Anchor (2/26/1994-)
Jalapa's Spike (6/3/1995-)
Jalapa's Shelbey (10/20/1994-)
Jalapa's Sasha Sierra (8/3/1996-)
Jalapa's Ranger (10/20/1994-) [OFA DTR-298F37M]
Jalapa's Princess' Foxy Gent WC (6/1/1993-)
Jalapa's Ms. Bailee (6/1/1993-)
Jalapa's Frederick (6/1/1993-)
Jalapa's Fire Walker (6/3/1995-)
Jalapa's Doc (6/1/1993-)
Jalapa's Catherine (6/1/1993-)
Jalapa's Casey Rose (8/3/1996-)
Jalapa's Captain (6/1/1993-)
Jalapa's Calhoun (2/26/1994-)
O'Neill's Tessa Bear (8/3/1996-)

Out of Lonestars Blazin Mena:

Alapips Scotia Texana (3/10/1996-)
Alapips Lonestar Piper MX MXJ CGC AAD ASA PS3 PD3 NCC NAC (3/10/1996-8/23/2010)
Alapips Lonestar Koby (3/10/1996-)
Alapips Kid's Guardian Angel (3/10/1996-)
Alapips Good Boy (3/10/1996-)
MEX CH WW-99 Alapips Canadian Cowgirl (3/10/1996-)

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