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Offspring of Harbourlights Laddie Buck (9/22/1984-2000)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Harbourlights Perky Peppy:

N UCH N VCH Ravtassens Tonkawa (2/4/1989-) [FCI A]
Ravtassens Sioux (2/4/1989-)
Ravtassens Mohawk (2/4/1989-) [FCI ua]
Ravtassens Micmac (2/4/1989-) [FCI ua]
LP Ravtassens Kiowa (2/4/1989-) [FCI ua]
Ravtassens Dakota (2/4/1989-) [FCI ua]
Ravtassens Cheyenne (2/4/1989-)
Ravtassens Cherokee (2/4/1989-) [FCI ua]
Ravtassens Apache (2/4/1989-) [FCI ua]

Out of Harbourlights Nifty Nickie:

Rodahunds Saltstankta Nomi (9/10/1990-)
Rodahunds Saltstankta Noette (9/10/1990-10/11/2004) [FCI ua]
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nippertippa (9/10/1990-) [FCI ua]
Rodahunds Saltstankte Nimrod (9/10/1990-) [FCI ua]
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nimbus (9/10/1990-) [FCI ua]
Rodahunds Saltstankta Nickolina (9/10/1990-) [FCI ua]
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nezzie (9/10/1990-) [FCI ua]
LPI Rodahunds Saltstankta Naime Nouveau (9/10/1990-) [FCI ua]
Rodahunds Nimrod (9/10/1990-)
Rodahunds Nickolina (9/10/1990-)

Out of Fo Bi Tollers Patricia:

LP Teufelwalds Cornelia (11/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
Teufelwalds Cizzi (11/25/1990-)
Teufelwalds Cirus (11/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
Teufelwalds Cimba (11/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
N UCH Teufelwalds Cello (11/25/1990-) [FCI Grade 1]
Teufelwalds Ceasar (11/25/1990-) [FCI ua]
Teufelwalds Cato (11/25/1990-)

Out of Jalna's Oneka The One N Only:

Birdcherrys Autumn Rose (8/4/1989-) [FCI ua]
Birdcherrys Autumn Leaf Colour of Lyonhouse (8/4/1989-) [FCI ua]
Birdcherrys Autumn Gift to Nenniqa (8/4/1989-) [FCI Grade 2]
INT UCH KBH V-95 LP NORD UCH SE V-94 Birdcherrys Autumn Clear Air (8/4/1989-) [FCI ua]

Out of SE V-91 Birdcherrys Nova:

Drogstas Priamos (5/29/1989-) [FCI ua]
Drogstas Poseidon (5/29/1989-) [FCI Grade 2]
Drogstas Pomperipossa (5/29/1989-) [FCI ua]
Drogstas Pinnochio (5/29/1989-) [FCI ua]
LP Drogstas Perdita (5/29/1989-) [FCI ua]
SE UCH Drogstas Papageno (5/29/1989-) [FCI # (UA)]
Drogstas Pandora (5/29/1989-) [FCI ua]
LP Drogstas Pamina (5/29/1989-) [FCI ua]
Drogstas Pajazzo (5/29/1989-) [FCI ua]

Out of Birdcherrys Lady In Red:

S VCH River Duck's Gilbert (3/31/1990-) [FCI ua]
River Duck's Fabian (3/31/1990-) [FCI ua]
S UCH S VCH S LCH LP River Duck's Edward (3/31/1990-) [FCI ua]
River Duck's Douglas (3/31/1990-)
Tjh LP River Duck's Clarence (3/31/1990-) [FCI ua]
DKCH KBHV92-93 River Duck's Benjamin (3/31/1990-) [FCI B2]
River Duck's Alexander [FCI ua]

Out of Harbourlights Fundy Gal:

Harbourlights Dusty Red (6/16/1986-)
Harbourlights Lady Elizabeth (6/16/1986-)

Out of Bella Nova's Rubella:

Bella Nova's Carmen (3/29/1990-) [FCI Grade 1]
Bella Nova's Birk Borkason (3/29/1990-)
Bella Nova's Asterix (3/29/1990-) [FCI Grade 1]
Bella Nova's Heidi (3/29/1990-) [FCI ua]
Bella Nova's Garbo (3/29/1990-) [FCI ua]
Bella Nova's Figaro (3/29/1990-) [FCI ua]
Bella Nova's Evita (3/29/1990-) [FCI Grade 1]
Bella Nova's Dixie (3/29/1990-) [FCI ua]

Out of Rosewood Dancing Shoes:

Simonstorps Atlante (2/5/1990-) [FCI ua]
Simonstorps Athena (2/5/1990-) [FCI ua]
Simonstorps Artemis (2/5/1990-) [FCI ua]
Simonstorps Apollon (2/5/1990-) [FCI ua]
Simonstorps Andromeda (2/5/1990-) [FCI ua]
Simonstorps Afrodite (2/5/1990-) [FCI ua]

Out of Ravtassens Bellis:

River Duck's Magic Morgan (10/31/1993-) [FCI ua]
River Duck's Magic Molly (10/31/1993-) [FCI Grade 1]
River Duck's Magic Misty (10/31/1993-) [FCI ua]
River Duck's Magic Megan (10/31/1993-) [FCI Grade 2]
River Duck's Magic Mandy (10/31/1993-) [FCI ua]
River Duck's Magic Malte (10/31/1993-)

Out of Oldholbans Frances Mac of Lyonhouse:

Flottatjärn's Buck's Bella Bimba (7/30/1993-)
Flottatjarn's Buck's Browning (7/30/1993-) [FCI ua]
Flottatjarn's Buck's Birdie (7/30/1993-) [FCI ua]
Flottatjarn's Buck's Bilton (7/30/1993-)
TJH Flottatjarn's Buck's Billan (7/30/1993-) [FCI ua]
Flottatjarn's Buck's Bessie (7/30/1993-) [FCI ua]
Flottatjarn's Buck's Benji (7/30/1993-) [FCI ua]
LPI Flottatjarn's Buck's Bella Bimba (7/30/1993-) [FCI ua]
Flottatjarn's Buck's Baines (7/30/1993-) [FCI ua]

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