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Offspring of Can/Lux/Akc CH Pikkinokka's Hoist the Colors (1/1/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Hellodolly of Great Pleasure:

Katinka of Great Pleasure (4/2/2011-)
Kaattje of Great Pleasure (4/2/2011-)
Kalypso of Great Pleasure (4/2/2011-)
Kelvin of Great Pleasure (4/2/2011-)
Kaiser of Great Pleasure (4/2/2011-)
Kaspar of Great Pleasure (4/2/2011-)
Lux CH Kiowa of Great Pleasure (4/2/2011-) [FCI A]

Out of Can CH Daintree's Diamond Wake:

Can CH Pikkinokka starcar for Impreza (7/19/2015-) [OFA DTR-2535G39M-VPI ]

Out of AKC Ch Avatar's Best Original Score Of Pikkinokka:

Pikkinokka's Reason For Treason (10/27/2014-) [OFA DTR-2239G25F-VPI]
Ch Pikkinokka's Avatar Topsail (10/27/2014-) [OFA DTR-2314G32M-VPI]

Out of Avatar Best Kept Secret of Pikkinokka:

Heimsenda Hylur (1/31/2016-)

Out of Daintree's Put a Spell on You:

Daintree's Biscuit's Little Bud (4/4/2019-)
Daintree's Be Outrageous (4/4/2019-)

Out of Hollyberry Douance Tollchester:

Tollchester Ahoy Pikkinokka (1/5/15-) [OFA DTR-2261G24F-VPI Good ]
Tollchester Holly's Jackie (1/5/15-)
Tollchester Holly's Sadie (1/5/15-)
Tollchester Holly's Frankie (1/5/15-)
Tollchester Blackberry Briar (1/5/15-)
Tollchester Alfie Chahal (1/5/15-)
Tollchester Holly's Jackson (1/5/15-)

Out of Southpaw's Ketch-A-Pikkinokka:

BPIS BPISS CH Pikkinokka’s Jolie Rouge (3/28/2013-) [OFA DTR-2096G31F-PI]
AKC CH Pikkinokka Avatar Sassy Sister (6/23/2012-) [OFA DTR-1955E28F-VPI]

Out of Fergie of Great Pleasure:

Kimmy of Great Pleasure (5/30/2011-)
Kenna of Great Pleasure (5/30/2011-)
Kiddy of Great Pleasure (5/30/2011-)
Kiangaz of Great Pleasure (5/30/2011-)
Kohinoor of Great Pleasure (5/30/2011-) [FCI HD/A]

Out of AKC GCH NSDTRC CH Hawks Nest Dixie Alley BN RA JH CA ATD VC WC CGC Can RN:

SHR AKC GCHB CKC GCH NSDTRC CH Hawks Nest Piper Archer Am RN BN CA CGC Can CGN (2/19/2014-) [OFA DTR-2225G31M-VPI]
NSDTRC/AKC CH Hawks Nest Surely You Jest BN RN VC ATD (2/19/2014-9/20/2020)

Out of GCH PortStar's River Hawk Roadster:

GCH PortStar's Rise Up Like A Phoenix DN (4/5/2014-) [OFA DTR-2512F53M-VPI]
Portstar's Little Bit Of Pixie Dust Nana (4/5/2014-)
CH PortStar's Flying Jimmy Finn (4/5/2014-) [OFA DTR-2167G24M-VPI]

Out of Am Can Ch Tikko's Eau De Pikkinokka:

Pikkinokka's Pirate Bunny (4/20/2014-)
AKC CH. Pikkinokka's Shiver Me Timbers (4/11/2013-) [OFA DTR-2228G41F-VPI]
Pikkinokka's Sir Frances Drake (4/11/2013-)
Pikkinokkas Red Pirate Roberts (4/11/2013-5/2015)
Ximinez Captains Lass (IID) (10/23/2014-)

Out of CAN AM CH Tollchester It's About Time AM RN:

Daintree's Rogue of Mere (2/25/2010-)
Daintree's Smugglers Cove (2/25/2010-)
Daintree's Lord of the Ring (2/25/2010-)
Daintree's Salish Seadog (2/25/2010-)
Daintree's Heart of Halifax (2/25/2010-)
Daintree's Flying Dutchman CGN (2/25/2010-)

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