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Offspring of Ricky (S44780/89) (5/30/1989-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Simonstorps Breezy Blaze:

Renarder's Obi-Kenobi (3/27/1993-) [FCI Grade 2]
Renarder's Jeune Fille (3/9/1994-7/1/1994)
Renarder's Belle Teille (3/9/1994-)
Renarder's Abbey-Cadabbey (3/27/1993-) [FCI Grade 2]
Renarder's Zick Zack (3/9/1994-)
LP Renarder's Upsy-Daisy (3/27/1993-) [FCI Grade 1]
Renarder's Topsy-Turvy (3/27/1993-) [FCI ua]
Renarder's Tin Trick (3/9/1994-11/1/1994)
Renarder's Sack Pack (3/9/1994-) [FCI ua]

Out of LP Drogstas Pamina:

Swinging Tails Hawker Hunter (6/6/1996-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Hawker Hart (6/6/1996-) [FCI ua]

Out of Drogstas Mio Pa Fairchilds:

Fairchilds Nikita (3/9/1993-) [FCI ua]
SE V-96 SE V-98 Fairchilds Nicholas (3/9/1993-) [FCI ua]
Fairchilds Nero (3/9/1993-) [FCI ua]
Fairchilds Nelson (3/9/1993-) [FCI ua]
Fairchilds Nelly (3/9/1993-) [FCI ua]
Fairchilds Nassla (3/9/1993-) [FCI ua]
Fairchilds Nadja (3/9/1993-) [FCI Grade 3]

Out of Swinging Tails Catalina:

Swinging Tails Super Cub (6/15/1998-) [FCI A]
Swinging Tails Sky Rider (6/15/1998-)
S VCH Swinging Tails Enola Gay (6/15/1998-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Douglas Dacota (6/15/1998-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Black Eagel (6/15/1998-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Ave Maria (6/15/1998-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Abro Vulkan (6/15/1998-) [FCI ua]

Out of Swinging Tails Caribou:

Swinging Tails Bristol Scout (6/11/1994-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Bristol Fighter (6/11/1994-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Bristol Bulldog (6/11/1994-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Bristol Belwidere (6/11/1994-)
S VCH Swinging Tails Bellansa Aircruiser (6/11/1994-) [FCI ua]
Swinging Tails Babyfalk (6/11/1994-)

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