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Offspring of CAN/AKC/NSDTRC(US)CH AKC OTCH CAN MOTCH Westerlea's Sir Edmund UDX4 OM1 MH US/CAN WCX,VCX, ROMX (5/26/2001-8/22/2013)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of CH Chesagrove's Satin & Lace:

Chesagrove's Sir Mountain Eddie (3/28/2009-) [OFA DTR-1945G64M-VPI (Good)]

Out of AKC/NSDTR/Can CH Vermilion's Option Card CD US/Can WC ROMX:

Vermilion's Kalinda of EdTe (8/13/2010-) [FCI HD-A]
Vermilion's Kyra of Edte (8/13/2010-12/15/2011)
AKC CH Vermilion's Birdy Bar-Maid 4 Lakota BN (12/3/2009-) [OFA DTR-1647E34F-VPI (EXCELLENT)]
Vermilion's Bold Beautiful Maddie (12/3/2009-)
Vermilion's Bb Raia (12/3/2009-)
AKC/NSDTRC-US CH Vermilion's Bold Bid At Bodanna JH WC (12/3/2009-4/12/2017) [OFA DTR-1581G26F-VPI (Good)]
Vermilion's Born To Be W Bella Nova WC (12/3/2009-)
Vermilion's I Play To Win (12/3/2009-)
CH Vermilion's Born For Birds CD (12/3/2009-) [OFA DTR-1563G25F-VPI]
AKC/NSDTRC-US CH MACH Vermilion's Highpoint of EdTe CDX RN JH WCI MXB MJB OF (8/13/2010-) [OFA DTR-1650G26M-VPI (Good)]
Vermilion's Onepenny True North of EdTe JH, Can/US WCI (8/13/2010-)
Vermilion's Duck Commander of EdTe (8/13/2010-)
BIS Can GCH Vermilion's K2 at Tala of EdTe CGN (8/13/2010-) [OFA DTR-1961G51F-VPI (Good)]
Can GCH Vermilion's Agilefox of EdTe (8/13/2010-) [OFA DTR-1965G51F-VPI (Good)]

Out of CH Kilcreek's Theodora Beara CDX RN:

AKC/CAN/NSDTRC-US CH CAN OTCH Kilcreek's Sir Winston UDX, OM1, MH, US/CAN WCX, CAN UD, VCX (11/15/2003-3/14/2019) [OFA DTR-869G24M-Pl (Good)]
Kilcreek Kira Hime Of Newport (11/15/2003-)
Kilcreek's Raist (11/15/2003-)
Kilcreek's Northwest Red Jet (11/15/2003-)
Kilcreek's Vermilion Spirit (11/15/2003-) [OFA DTR-867E24M-PI]
Kilcreek's Ty De Branciforte (11/15/2003-)
AKC CH Kilcreek's Valley Echo RN, CDX, WC (11/15/2003-) [OFA DTR-912G28F-PI]

Out of Ch Westerlea's Kasomor Trio CDX WCX SH (Hunted):

Westerlea's Tolling Terri (4/18/2005-10/3/2013)
ATChC Westerlea's Lilly Genevieve (4/18/2005-)
Am/Can/NSDTRC-US CH Westerlea's Hey Now AKC MH, US/Can WCX, AKC CDX, Can CD (4/18/2005-12/14/2020) [OFA DTR-1050G26M-PI (Good. Also ]
Westerlea's Liberty Belle (4/18/2005-)
Westerlea Maximilian DeGrinch (4/18/2005-)
Westerlea's Rio Grande (4/18/2005-)

Out of Readyfor Artic Sun at Foxfire:

Foxfire's Cajun at Tidewater (1/11/2012-)
Foxfire's Temptress of the Holy Grail (1/11/2012-)
Foxfire's Bonnie Barker (2/9/2009-)
Foxfire Red Brix CD (2/9/2009-) [OFA DTR-1669G46M-VPI]
Foxfire Straight Shooter WC (8/10/2010-) [OFA DTR-1653G27M-VPI]
Foxfire's Miss Tally Jo (8/10/2010-)
Foxfire's I Luv Lucy BN RN (8/10/2010-)
Foxfire Skoter Brantley (1/11/2012-)
Foxfire Grand Slam (1/11/2012-)
Foxfire's Copper Penny (8/10/2010-)
Foxfire's Current Attraction (8/10/2010-)

Out of Canadian & AKC CH Beechwood's The Laugh of Kahn NF NAJ NA:

Beechwood's Rogue Wave (7/3/2019-)
Beechwood & Tinamou R Wing'n It (7/3/2019-)
Beechwood Comes Full Circle (7/3/2019-)
Beechwood's Biscuits and Banjos (11/18/2018-)
Beechwood's Gotta Wear Shades (11/18/2018-)

Out of AKC/UKC/NSDTRC-USA CH. Cumberland Pool of Jetstream CGC, WC:

AKC GCH. Jetstream's Under The Mistletoe (12/11/2008-)
Jetstream's Joy To The World (12/11/2008-)
Jetstream's Corduroy Christmas (12/11/2008-)
AKC CH Jetstream's Night Before Christmas RN CGC (12/11/2008-)
AKC CH. Jetstream's A Dickens' Tale CGC (12/11/2008-) [OFA GOOD]
Jetstream's Gift Of The Magi (12/11/2008-)
AKC GCH/UKC CH. Jetstream's Drummer Boy (12/11/2008-6/24/2011)

Out of Duckers Scotia Piper AKC/CKC WC:

'15 Crufts BoB, NBISS AKC/CKC GCH Multi Grp Winner TollerPride Gathering Storm CD AKC/CKC RN (3/10/2010-4/15/2020) [OFA DTR-1618G27M-VPI]
TollerPride Ali Mollydooker (3/10/2010-)
TollerPride Flynn Effect (3/10/2010-)
TollerPride Missy's Got Moxy (3/10/2010-)
AKC/CKC CH TollerPride Duchess of Halifax AKC/CD RA CKC/CD RE (3/10/2010-) [OFA DTR-1619G27F-VPI]

Out of Chesagrove's Spice Is Right:

Int Show Ch CIE, FR RO HR IT CH, EUW ('12), WW Chesagrove's Sweet Lullaby (2/11/2010-) [FCI B]

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