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Offspring of N DK NL LUX D VDH UCH Red-Tollers Van See (11/18/1995-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Vicky (DKK26137/94):

Red Dream's Sikka Van See (7/1/1998-)
Red Dream's Oliver Van See (7/1/1998-)
Red Dream's Lonie Van See (7/1/1998-)
Red Dream's Daisy Billa Van See (7/1/1998-)

Out of N UCH Red-Tollers Kobacavana:

Red-Tollers Baker Boy (6/4/1997-)
Red-Tollers B Blossom (6/4/1997-)
N UCH Red-Tollers B B Zorro (6/4/1997-) [FCI A]
German Champion Red-Tollers BB Silke (6/4/1997-2/25/2008) [FCI A]
Red-Tollers B B Phooy (6/4/1997-)
N UCH Red-Tollers B B Mocca (6/4/1997-) [FCI A]
Red-Tollers B B Lexi (6/4/1997-)

Out of Alliance de la Vie Bracken's Disney:

Alliance de la Vie Danish Wunja (5/15/1998-)
Alliance de la Vie Danish Spencer (5/15/1998-)
Alliance de la Vie Danish Red Kyra (5/15/1998-)
Alliance de la Vie Danish Max (5/15/1998-)
Alliance de la Vie Danish Floris (5/15/1998-)
Alliance de la Vie Danish Daisy (5/15/1998-)
Alliance de la Vie Danish Cinta (5/15/1998-)
Alliance de la Vie Danish Amber (5/15/1998-)

Out of Dutch Anabel Chevy Under The Red Sky:

Loving Toller's William Van See (6/8/1998-)
Loving Toller's Silas Zakeus (6/8/1998-)
Loving Toller's Shaman (8/6/1999-)
Loving Toller's Rhea Sapaya (8/6/1999-)
Loving Toller's Red Suliyana (8/6/1999-)
Loving Toller's Red Foxie (6/8/1998-)
Loving Toller's Red Bird Cherokee (6/8/1998-)
Loving Toller's Elegant Silas (6/8/1998-)
Loving Toller's Charming Femres (6/8/1998-)
Loving Toller's Cassie Casandra (8/6/1999-)
Loving Toller's Bilbo Van See (8/6/1999-)
Loving Toller's Amazing Tesla (6/8/1998-)

Out of LUX CH Bona-Dea Luwin v.d. Echtinger Grift:

Xtc of Great Pleasure (6/12/1998-)
Xfiles of Great Pleasure (6/12/1998-)
Xaropepper of Great Pleasure (6/12/1998-2002)
Xayiedes of Great Pleasure (6/12/1998-)

Out of Toller's Delight Under The Red Sky:

Toller's Delight Your Heartbreaker (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight You Are My Only (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight Sierra's Revenge (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight Magical Merlin (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight Lady of The Lake (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight Indiana Jones (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight Desert Storm (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight Cicerly's Choice (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight Chili Carisma (1/31/1999-)
Toller's Delight B'Fast At Tiffany (1/31/1999-)

Out of Toller's Delight Amazing Savannah:

Manusia's Scotty-Savannah (6/26/1999-)
Manusia's Lord-Savannah (6/26/1999-)
Manusia's Kaj-Savannah (6/26/1999-)
Manusia's Atuk-Savannah (6/26/1999-8/8/2011) [FCI # (HD/B)]

Out of Bright Luna Under The Red Sky:

Bol Tol Santana (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Roxanne (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Piloni (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Miss B. Haven (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Midnight Sun (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Jukka (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Fujara (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Buki Yamaz (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Big Mama (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Bifrost (6/23/1998-)
Bol Tol Banana (6/23/1998-)

Out of EW-2000 PL DRC-VDH LUX NL CH Chevy Fa-antastic Under The Red Sky:

LP1 LP2 LP3 Toller's Delight Power And Passion (8/10/1999-) [FCI A]
Toller's Delight Midnight Sunshine (8/10/1999-)
DK D VDH NL CH WW-02 DKW-02-03 Toller's Delight Midnight Blue (8/10/1999-) [FCI B]
Toller's Delight Latin Lover (8/10/1999-)
Toller's Delight Lady In Red (8/10/1999-)
Toller's Delight Dark Diamond (8/10/1999-)
Toller's Delight Chevy's Dream (8/10/1999-) [FCI A]
Toller's Delight Charming Collin (8/10/1999-3/16/2013) [FCI - (B)]

Out of NUCH Shaggy Toller's Bailey Bee-Q:

Red-Tollers Ducki Du (12/11/1997-) [FCI # (A - Excellent)]
NUCH Red-Toller's Duckman (12/11/1997-) [FCI # (HD/A)]
Red-Tollers Hollywood (12/11/1997-)
Red-Tollers Dunlop Gillie (12/11/1997-)
Red-Tollers Duck Scott (12/11/1997-)
Red-Tollers Dino (12/11/1997-)
Red-Tollers Dennis (12/11/1997-)
Red-Tollers Chanto (12/11/1997-)

Out of Lux. Youth Ch. Oona Topanga Under The Red Sky:

Twinkling Star Under The Red Sky (6/11/1998-)
Kaminka Kay Under The Red Sky (6/11/1998-7/4/2008)
Riverdance Kelvin Under The Red Sky (6/11/1998-8/13/2009)
Curious Canso Under The Red Sky (6/11/1998-)
Fantastic Flubber Under The Red Sky (6/11/1998-)

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